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About Me

Found 1 result

  1. One a Upon A time I had a Rez day In October 2007 that now makes me 10 years old here. Been back in here about two years after numerous health issues. But I am finding SL to be very depressing to what it was from 2009. The technology has improved somewhat, except from Grids in oceans making flying or sailing large vehicles still a nightmare. I used to have 56 friends, most of which were from urban Combat sims, Like NOR (Remembrance 12 sims). Since LL joined the teen grid, Most urban combat groups closed down very quickly because teens would not take orders on Role Play rules or be respectful to admins, which was none negotiable. Most of my Friends have long gone, Im lucky out of 12 I have left to see 4 Online during an 8 hour period. United Kingdom Time. In those days I was a manager of a German Shemale Club, that boasted full houses 4 out of 7 days every evening till 11pm (CET) Although German was spoken most new some English, I met many lovely people of all genders, and the dancers looked up to me as , not only their friend & confidant , but their manager to help them become better dancers and use Emotes carefully. I don't see that same close community over the last 2 years? All I seem to see is clubs, where everyone is scared to speak, or interact with each other, I also see insane rules, made by High Born owners, that If your not using an expensive avatar, or two many scripts they kick you from the sim!?? How is that supposed to help new residents learn , who don't know what a classic, mesh, Slink, Catwa body is yet ?, Im at a loss to understand their mind set, that would turn away a resident just because they may still be in noob clothing. They seem to forget everyone was a noob at one stage, and that must hurt the amount of new traffic that comes into SL. Who do not have Mentors to help them anymore, they will leave & find something else, that has empathy with them. I just finished a L$16,000 Game Of Thrones rp and adult attraction, using only the very best textures,and modified ballroom The most expensive drapes, carpets, Dragon Wine Goblet Trays, medieval Top end interactive adult Furniture you wont find in your average sex Hole dirty establishment, Lots Of Banners, so members can talk or banter about the houses they support. Additionally there is 5 Fiery topped dance poles, a VEA hi grade Widescreen where I screen great video from my own content I stream from StreamHoster, which I also pay a monthly fee. It has 4 themed sky rooms in corners of the sim, It has its own "Castle Hill", with the walk of Atonement audio built into the cobbles. In days gone by, I used to have to go on a waiting list to be considered to be a dancer, now I find myself having to pay out 1000L a week on recruitment boards in world to take on 5 dancers, which I still haven't filled, so I cant really open until I have at least three dancers. 2000L$ a week goes into the classified ad for it, but, me and Missandei don't see a soul all day long. Its really heartbreaking to to think you took all those hours / weeks on building, researching on Google history making textures and audio sounds to .wav. Paying the image uploads, paying the land Tier & make a unique attraction, inspired by "Littlefingers" premises, from GoT, yet residents seem apathetic to exploring new interesting places & groups. (uninterested, indifferent, unconcerned, unmoved, unresponsive, impassive, passive, detached, uninvolved, disinterested, unfeeling, unemotional, emotionless, dispassionate, lukewarm, cool, uncaring, half-hearted, lackadaisical, non-committal) What has happened to the community spirit that was once strong in SL? No one I speak to now ever send a friends request, that's of course If I actually find people in the daytime to talk to. has everybody forgotten how to have an intelligent conversation? Even market place vendors only come down to sort out a problem with an item, and leave in the middle of me talking to them, that's just plain rude, and can you imagine that in a real store. Why are residents so detached from each other,? emotionless, disinterested? We in the UK love The game of Thrones and will do anything to keep it alive with topics and being able to enter the World as an avatar, being in a place built by fans for fans? Is the use of none Human bots to blame? is it society as a whole?, who just expects them to pamper their needs, without so much as A good word. I remember back when I was a Minister, (and still am), I was asked to marry 5 couples over a period within the communities of the urban combat community. Its an honour to be asked tomarry couples in pretty surroundings, and work with the people involved and getting together and writing down settings and doing rehearsals. I don't think the average resident actually knows how much work and real money goes into creating things just for them. I still find day times extremely Lonely As a retired person, I dont get out much because of disabilities, In the days of 2009, I could rely on a good day of convos and interaction with laughter and sometimes attachments. Today, to me SL has become the Tower of "faceless men of Bravos". I do know its more expensive for UK residents to pay for items and especially land, because our country is locked in a battle with Europe, and the once High rate of GBP to the US$ remains stubbornly low, with land costing a third more than before Brexit. I really dont Know What to do now? I got over the abuse years ago of being Transgendered, that doesnt bother me now, But the lack of connection between people socially is alarming. This is a social platform, but it seems more and more residents are unmoved, indifferent, and for the most part I would call most of them walking Dead. I wonder even more, if this platform is only being used by well off Americans who can afford mainland prices and not even cough. For us Europeans, are hands on finances have been curtailed by sky high petrol, energy bills, huge traveling costs and out of control real life rents and Council taxes, leave a lot of us with little real disposable income. I like to visit malls and shopping in world, but, contrary to 2009, I dont see a single other soul while Im there. Does anybody else think SL has become detached from its prime directive? That was to make a diverse unique living world, but with a social media platform that was state of the art. These days , I find 30 groups dedicated to GoT on Facebook which everyone is full or interactive people I enjoy talking about plots and the Seven Kingdoms. Here There is no such desire, if anything, SL seems so dead, the Playstore's walking Dead no mans land game I play has more social interaction within my guild, than I have in 7 days being still in Second Life. I really don't know what people want here anymore, most of them look like zombies, wandering aimlessly around, looking like lost sheep. Once, residents went about together or in groups to stores and Jazz clubs, How can one ever get an attraction going, with the Apathetic attitudes of residents, who seem to have the IQ of a "Wildling!" ..At least "White Walkers" have a purpose and a goal, but many here seem to be almost afraid to be seen? Send Your crows with a scroll if you want to reply, But I doubt I will get any apart from the usual Trolls who only have one line of text in their vocabulary
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