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  1. Oh hey there! Its quite perfectly fine i'm sure we'll eventually meet each other soon. Thats really nice of Wu too!
  2. I'm usually around this timezone but i normally just park over at a friends SIM while I do other things tabbing out of the computer and chatting lol. You should check the search where all the events are happening instead. Either way, feel free to add me. C:
  3. I already do, thanks for the info. Its just that this is a thread for making friends too so i figured why not make a thread as well and meet more people through forums as well. ♥
  4. I sent you a message back and added you as well. c: Good to know there are other gaming buddies.
  5. Hi viewer, I'm currently looking for someone who could introduce me on how meshing works in SL, in world. I would honestly just like to work first on little things (whatever is the easiest, i don't know if its furniture, houses, or clothes) and then gradually excel more in other complicated things. I always liked 3d, it was something i really wanted to do when i first started playing 3d games. So if you can understand that same drive, feeling, and passion then I guess you would know that i want to be on that same boat as you currently are or once did. Hear me out: • I've already
  6. Haha what a way to be straight forward. And yay! You're the first person to actually be interested on being my friend. I'll be messaging you in world.
  7. Hey Everyone, Here's me, the friendly, polite, maybe somewhat geeky person. I'm looking for friends as I barely don't have any friends since my return to Second Life. All my interests are listed on the tags and if you're into any of those then cool! I'm sure we can get along as well.We can always get to know more through IM's. Some information about me: Gender: Female Age: 25 (turning 26 in a few days) Location: Southeast Asia Just send me an IM or message me here to add you or whatsoever. Thanks for reading ♥
  8. I'm asian and had my crazy fan days for anime too lol. But nowadays i'm more into asian music, kpop, kdrama, cpop, jpop, etc. c: Hit me up if any of you would like to make friends, I just got back on SL so having friends would be good. ♥
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