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  1. I was referring specifically to Klytyna's suggestion that I'm a 'Type-with-yo0ur-thumbs dumb-phone user' because I don't know how to post generic screenshots that have been processed offline into art onto MySecondlife, and Zeta Vandyke's focused, direct personal attack on me based specifically on my use of flickr as a networking tool, and to the subsequent attacks on me based on my reaction to the personal attacks. It was my mistake to forget to turn notifications from this forum off so I could forget the whole matter while pursuing options outside the LL company umbrella, but that has now been rectified. I was sincere in my thanks--the experience was instructive, and has had some effect on my interest in using SL as an artistic platform as a whole, and has certainly provided some actual insight into why this forum has the reputation it does. So, sincerely--thanks.
  2. I did say if the concept were addressed seriously. Hosting thumbnails is not an issue, hosting the artwork that keeps many of us spending money here is.
  3. To all concerned: As a longtime Second Life and Flickr user, I have seen over the past few years what an amazing presence Second Life users have on Flickr, and the massive volume of Second Life images hosted there. From untouched Second Life screenshots directly uploaded, to carefully detailed art pieces originating from a screenshot, nearly all of that work is unique to this grid and the people who call it home. I have met many amazing Second Life image-makers through the networking resource that Flickr used to be, and have watched the community of those creators raked over the coals by everything from feed and forum trolls to Flickr mismanagement, all while struggling with the continuing deficiencies in the Flickr platform and it's utter unsuitability for the unique needs of the Second Life imaging community (and in some corners, open hostility toward the Second Life community as a whole). I myself would very gladly, were it an option, agree to the addition of some monthly amount to my Premium fees for Second Life, to facilitate my access to a Linden Lab-operated image hosting service. I cannot imagine, particularly in the current state of affairs for Second Life image-makers trying to use Flickr, that there would be any trouble securing wide-spread support for such a service. For many, certainly including me, the ability to create quality artistic imagery within the Second Life universe is one solid reason why the service is so loved and appreciated, as that quality of outlet, along with the ability to create 'living' 3D art for the viewer to experience inworld in unique ways, is unprecedented. If Linden Lab--or a dedicated agent--were to host the images we make on the grid on a platform intended for it, for a modest fee with possibly a limited free-level service and possibly a discount (or inclusion with the subscription) for premium users with the further possibility of commercial accounts for advertisers, or any other possible side-sources for cost offset, I for one cannot fathom failure of that effort to improve the environment for Second Life photographers, who are certainly the majority of active users (nearly everyone takes screenshots). Bloggers spend more on clothes than anyone in Second Life, surely. Imagine keeping the exposure, the connections, the financial benefits of the vast majority of Second Life image creation in the company. If at some point in the future the concept is addressed seriously, please sign me up at once. Submitted humbly and very earnestly, Dee Wells.
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