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  1. See how to use a Timer. Basic concept in LSL: you do a little something to change your objects and exit. The world simulator then does lots of other things. Then you get another event, and another chance to change your objects a little. This repeats. There are scripting classes available at Oxbridge Caledon.
  2. Probably right. Unfortunately, there's no parcel flag for "has ban line" or something like PARCEL_FLAG_ALLOW_ALL_ACCESS. You can tell if "Allow group" is checked, but not if "Anyone can visit" is checked. I see how this happened. In 2017, Grumpity Linden wrote: "UI for both Estate and Parcel access management is confusing. We’re making changes to make it less confusing. The weirdness where you check “Public access” and “Group access” and end up with group ONLY unless you also check “PIOF” and then you get group + public w/PIOF … that will not stand." So the check was changed to make "Anyone can visit" override "Allow group access". Before that change was made, if PARCEL_FLAG_USE_ACCESS_GROUP was set, it meant that there were ban lines. So the check was changed to make "Anyone can visit" override "Allow group access". That put the LSL API out of sync with the UI - you can no longer reliably tell from LSL if there's a ban line. You can read a parcel's ban list in the viewer, but not from LSL. I don't want the whole list, anyway. I'd just like to be able to query "can this UUID enter this parcel?" before entering with a vehicle. The sim's default action if the vehicle can get in but an avatar on it cannot is to let the vehicle in, then eject the avatar. That sucks. Filed a JIRA.
  3. Yes. Also, it's useful when printing arbitrary strings for debug purposes to enclose them in quote marks. If it came in from the web, there are lots of other things that can go wrong. Strings that aren't UTF-8. Malformed UTF-8. Line breaks which are CR LF. Anything that comes in from the web must be sanitized before use.
  4. We could have Cubicle Continent - little parcels with ban lines on both sides, so no one can get in and no one can get out. Audio and looking restricted to the parcel. No object entry, even for any unused land. Almost like owning your own region, but smaller. If LL offered an additional checkbox for "show nothing outside parcel", then cubicle owners would see empty ocean. Of course, that's what Sansar is - a bunch of disconnected regions connected only by a directory site. That's also what OpenSim is. Those didn't work out.
  5. I'm working on scripts that make boats bounce off restricted areas, rather than getting stuck or ejected. The easy cases work. Some of the hard ones I'm still figuring out. Questions: Parcel modes: "Anyone can visit" and "Allow group " are checked, and but there's a nonempty list under "Always allowed". An avatar not on the access list or the ban list can enter. llGetParcelFlags shows set PARCEL_FLAG_USE_ACCESS_GROUP set, PARCEL_FLAG_USE_ACCESS_LIST off. Access isn't limited to the group. That combination of checkboxes is not really meaningful. Is there any way to check for "Anyone can visit" from LSL? Parcels that really use an access list and have "Anyone can visit" turned off do show PARCEL_FLAG_USE_ACCESS_LIST set. But there's no way in LSL to check an avatar against the ban list. Is that right? Being on the ban lists blocks both owned objects and avatars, I think. Not sure about this. Anyone know for sure? llGetParcelFlags won't reach across region boundaries. (Very annoying when a no-script area is against a region boundary.) Any way around this? All these cases can be found in Joiner, where restricted water invisibly adjoins protected water.
  6. Go read Irana Pei's blog, "Living in a Modem World". That should give you enough information to fill up your essay. Second Life has been well covered by others. Given your timetable, you don't have enough time to collect new data. Read the literature and summarize.
  7. Too many connections". Forum overload. Servers down, unusual interest in forums, or DDOS attack? Of course, the grid status page says everything is up, we are very happy here.
  8. I meant new areas with larger 1024m^2 home parcels. Existing Linden homes are on the old 512m^2 parcels. Premium users could upgrade if they wanted; many won't bother.
  9. That would take a major overhaul in the viewer, which has multiple sims in view and (mostly) works in world coordinates.
  10. It doesn't work because of very specific bugs. Vehicles are a part of SL and are supposed to work. They're just broken. SL is probably a few hundred lines of code changes away from region crossings that work reliably. It's a tough few hundred lines. There's a message protocol bug. Two Lindens are working on this. The "teleporting everywhere" thing is real, but many of the roleplay sims don't allow teleports, for realism. Many new users want a more game-like experience. SL isn't a game in itself, but many people build games within it. Even LL does that, although not very well. Having more game-like experiences on offer for new users is important. Some people want that structure. It beats dumping them out in a new user area full of loud griefers.
  11. That's the most important point. Open the object they messed with using "Edit", and look in the "General" tab. There are checkboxes near the bottom: Anyone Move ☑ Copy ☑ Make sure those are NOT checked. If Move is checked, anyone can move that object. Un-check it if it's on.
  12. Sim crossing problems act as a pervasive drag on large scale activities in SL. Here are a few of them. Today, Drivers of SL had a three hour drive/quest. Dozens of drivers crossed hundreds of sim boundaries. I had two half-unsits in 3 hours. That's about typical. Everything we can do script side and viewer side can't get us below about one fail per hour. We can do a lot to make crossings smoother, but that sim-side bug where avatar and vehicle part company remains the big problem. Only LL can fix that, and they don't know how yet. Today, the first responder groups in SL had a trade show. Fire engines, ambulances, rescue helicopters, and associated equipment were on show. Most are very realistic, with many functional features. One of the helicopter designers showing there gave me a ride a few weeks ago. She's a helicopter pilot in real life, and her helicopters are as realistic as she can make them. They take training and real piloting skills to fly. Yet they can be crashed by a sim crossing bug. People make realistic air ambulance runs in those things. Sim crossing failures discourage dedicated users from doing things like that. This is a killer for large scale roleplay. I mentioned in another topic that many new users expect to be given a quest, or something to do, when they enter Second Life. One of the shorter Drivers of SL scenarios would be great for that. They have an excellent HUD system which guides users from waypoint to waypoint, gives them tasks to do, gives them items, checks their progress, and keeps the quest going. Newer HUD versions use experience tokens and are quite effective. The quest falls apart on a failed region crossing. The user has to log out and log back in. They probably won't be near a rez point, so they can't create a new vehicle. Immersion is broken. That makes this unusable as something to help new users get started - we'd lose about half of them with a half-hour quest. It's hard to think of any other online technology with a mean time before failure of less than an hour. Fifteen years ago, yes. Maybe ten years ago. Not today. The quality of the experience just is not good enough to retain new users. LL needs to get their act together, and fast.
  13. There's a trade show going on right now for first responders in Second Life. Everything from turnout gear to fire trucks. 16-17 June. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Grunion/24/175/31 (I have no connection with this; a vehicle maker told me about it.)
  14. I've found that situation. It comes from a dysfunctional combination of permission settings. If avatars are not allowed to enter, but object entry is allowed, the vehicle gets in and carries the avatar in. Then the avatar gets detected and ejected. Then the vehicle gets returned. I found some water-bordered parcels in Fritts set that way - avatars blocked by ban lines, object entry allowed to anyone, and, strangely, anyone can build. So you can build on land you can't enter. There's also a rock in the middle of open water with scripts disabled, for no visible reason. Both of these parcels have friendly messages, so I suspect this is just people checking the wrong checkboxes. This area messed up a Drivers of SL drive recently. Some permission combos should be prohibited by the system. Turning on a ban line probably ought to also turn object entry off. That would avoid confusion.
  15. Yes. Once you get far from water and roads on the continents, you find abandoned land with nothing on it. What are you going to do with 1024 m^2 in the hills of Corsica? There's nothing to do there. Nothing happens around you. Now look at all those tiny islands near the Blake Sea. People buy those and build on them, and watch the sailboats go by. What could go between the continents is Linden Homes, the 1024 m^2 generation. Now that premium members get 1024 m^2, Linden Homes A, B, and C are obsolete. "Live the lifestyle of the rich and famous." That sells in SL. Get a 1024 m^2 house on the water with your premium membership. Go for about 30 homes per sim, with lots of water and roads, like some of the better estates. Put in a commercial area once in a while for retail and entertainment, and some water-only sims as filler. Maybe that's the pitch to make to LL - now that premium users get more tier, LL needs to provide them with bigger and better homes.
  16. I went to see "Incredibles 2" last night. In addition to being a fun movie, it's full of 1950s objects that would be fun to model in SL. The motel looks like something you'd find in SL.
  17. Yes, that's what it is. They set up a ban line around their property to keep outsiders out, but it doesn't keep the zombies in. I thought it was entertaining. Like the Rodents of Unusual Size in New Babbage, which work about the same way. If you drive by fast, they don't get to you. I stopped to look, and they started chasing me, slowly. They blanked out at the next region crossing. I suppose that technically it's a TOS violation, but I'm not bothered about it. (I report nuisance problems about once a week. I've reported holes in roads, encroachments, griefing objects, and giant rotating floating glowing FOR SALE signs. The zombies are amusing and mostly harmless, and not worth reporting.)
  18. Imagine SketchUp in-world, or at least in-viewer. SketchUp is a constructive solid geometry system, kind of like prims on steroids. You can build a good house in SketchUp. At the end of building, a mesh needs to come out for use in SL, but the CSG model would be kept somewhere for later editing. Asking people to learn Blender is just too much.
  19. "Attract" may not be the problem. LL still claims 10,000 signups a day. Most of them never show up in-world. Yes, some are alts, but who needs that many new alts? Smoothing the onboarding process might be enough to turn the slow loss of users into a slow gain. A big question is, where does SL lose those new users? How many ever launch a viewer? How many make it through the tutorial? How many find something to do in SL? Where's the biggest lossage? I've talked to some of the Firestorm new user gateway people and some of the Oxbridge Caledon people about this. What keeps coming up is that many new users expect to be told what to do. One Caledon staffer says people think he's an NPC who gives out quests. The group on the forums is atypical. Most of the people on here are creators of one form or another. They're comfortable starting with a blank sheet of paper or a blank screen and creating something. They came here and were not lost in an open world which has no built in goals or plot. This is not typical of the general population. Most people need more structure. That structure should be available for those who want it. People need comfortable roles into which they can fit. LL has tried to do this, with things like the Horizons Experience (boring) and the new user areas where users can earn Lindens (overrun by griefers). I don't know what will work, but the way you find out is by trying things and monitoring the results. SL's web site, if you're not logged in, says "Have an adventure - Become a Creator - Make money". New users can do the first, but won't find a good adventure easily. Becoming a creator is hard. "OK, first you have to learn Blender." Making money in Second Life is tough, too. The new user who expects any of those will be disappointed. The initial pitch to new users needs to change.
  20. So far, I'm not seeing those problems. I have the code in a bike. I've run into ban lines head-on. I've hit them from a shallow angle. I've hit them at high speed. I've been pushed into them by NPC zombies. Haven't been stuck or unseated yet.
  21. Zombie attack Someone has set up a zombie attack in Heterocera. It's very well done, if you like zombie attacks. There are many different animated, scripted characters. They're not phantoms; they've pushed my bike off a Linden road and into a ban line. They're slow; I could get away. It's quite well done.
  22. Ban line recovery in action I put the code for this into a bike, and drove into some ban lines. First tests were successful. Hit the ban line, got warning messages. Can't go forward, but can back out. Looks like it's going to work. This ban line is on the outside of a sharp turn at a blind intersection on a major road in Heterocera. I've hit it twice by accident in the past. There are more cases to test. Ban lines on region boundaries may be a problem. More later on that. Our bikes will have this, of course. It should not be hard for power boats that can back up. For sailboats, it's going to be more complicated, but possible. Any solution for aircraft probably won't look realistic.
  23. So who do you get to be the horse? Teagle horses are avatars; you need someone behind them. Is that a paid job, too?
  24. It's possible, with suitable script coding, to bounce off a collision with a ban line or no-entry parcel. It's easy to script this. Someone must have discovered this long ago. Why isn't it a feature of most boats? Am I missing something here? This seems exactly what's needed for those tight waterways where invisible parcel keep-out areas extend past the shoreline. As a demo, I put this in the classic Linden beach ball, and I've been testing it by bouncing it off the boundaries of hostile parcels. So far, it hasn't gotten stuck. I do mostly motorcycles, and I'll be putting this in our bikes. Someone from the boating community is welcome to do this for boats.
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