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  1. As for the texture sizes - a typical laptop/computer display has around 2 megapixels* - a 1024x1024 texture is 1 megapixel by itself. So unless you zoom in close enough so that the texture fills at least half of your screen it's impossible to see all the details anyway. Many objects in SL have textures that are too large for no visible benefit. Texture reuse also seems to be more rare with people baking things in blender etc, while it was very common in the prim days. *4K displays have around 8 megapixels but I have no experience with running SL in 4k
  2. If you see more faces listed on the same line it means the same texture is applied to all those faces. The ctrl-alt-shift-t output only counts diffuse textures, not normal or specular textures. So I suspect your shirt also uses 2 normal textures, for 4 textures total. I have not found a good tool to get the info about those. It would be nice if the inspect tool could drill down to face level (it can do individual links in a link set).
  3. Select an object/face in edit mode and hit ctrl-shift-alt-t (requires developer menu active - it's under Rendering -> Selected Texture Info Basis), you'll get result in the chat window like: Texture info for: (Object name) 1024x1024 opaque on face 0 note that the reported texture size can change (increase) if the texture is still loading.
  4. Why not? You have 3 separate meshes, each with its own download weight. They still stream (and LOD) independently even if linked together. If anything this is nice "cheat"/bonus of LI accounting for linked meshes.
  5. What does Firestorm report as object radius on the Object tab? Same number for all 3 meshes? If so then I don't understand why the download weight is different. Edit: or maybe I do - even at the same size the single mesh is sending more data per lod level than either of the smaller meshes, so that would make its download weight larger.
  6. Reading http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Download_Weight it makes sense that the single mesh has a bigger download weight - it's bigger, so its LOD model bytes are streamed to avatars in a larger area than the smaller split meshes. 1.6 download weight = 2LI vs 0.3 + 0.6 download weight = 1LI
  7. Can you post the LI breakdown for each? And how does the LI change when you resize the objects (bigger or smaller)?
  8. Once upon a time we were hoping to get this http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Puppeteering I'm not sure if the code still lurks around somewhere.
  9. What about the rendering bugs introduced in the LL EEP viewer (e.g. specular maps) - are those fixed in the FS version? Or will be before the release?
  10. And those listed sandboxes are for premium accounts only. I don't know how that makes sense on the beta grid, given the lack of alternatives.
  11. I'm keen to try this viewer. Is there a way to disable the youtube video that plays on the login screen (for whatever reason)?
  12. I'd like to create some realistic looking 3D flames (for torches, fireplaces etc) that appear to move back and forth or change size. I figure there ought to be some clever tricks with the mesh construction or with UV mapping to utilize SL texture animations to achieve this effect. Any ideas?
  13. How does one deal with UV mapping for multiple LOD level if you want to create the LOD models yourself instead of using the uploader? You can't have different textures for different LOD levels, right?
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