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  1. Make them smaller. Beyond about 45m object radius you get no LI reducing benefit from medium/low/lowest LOD levels so it's all about how much geometry you have in the highest LOD.
  2. "Revenue from purchases is split between the developer and the Roblox Corporation 30-70, in favor of Roblox Corp." Why exactly would any (SL) content creator want to do business in Roblox? That split makes even Apple/Google/Steam look generous.
  3. Hasn't the very recent Firestorm improved that? The release notes say "Texture previews opened from inventory will now load much faster" which implies some changes to the texture loading prioritization. Maybe @Beq Janus can tell us.
  4. I'm inclined to believe it was there from the beginning? The tradition of putting 1024 textures on doorknobs is as old as I can remember.
  5. The only time I've managed to click "through" something was when the something was 100% alpha in the point of the touch (which rather defeats the porpoise of visible glass cover). Why should phantom setting/physics shape have any effect on this? The script that reacts to the touch is on the server but it's the viewer figuring out which object/face you're touching.
  6. Last Christmas I gave you my lag... (no I don't care that y'all are now stuck with that song in your head)
  7. Is it even correct to call such people "creator"? More like destroyer
  8. So the situation where a very busy region can impact the performance of other regions running on the same server is still happening in AWS? Any plans to move each region to its own AWS instance?
  9. @Egon Takeda @NicoleCreates you can buy them directly from LL see this thread
  10. a 768x1024px texture will upload as 512x1024px to SL
  11. In the wastelands (search for "The Wastelands" region) we have plenty of desert. Too much maybe... the sand really gets everywhere. (I'm a resident, feel free to IM me with questions).
  12. I'm not seeing this. I made a subdivided plane (with enough geometry so that the lod generator can do some decimating) with 8 different materials in Blender and the lowest the reducer goes to is 8 triangles. Using the latest Firestorm.
  13. Why does disabling the water rendering change the skies as well? Water is rendered even when you're up 3000m in the air and can't see it so it used to be a performance optimization to turn off water rendering in skyboxes. But now with EEP it messes up the lighting completely in most cases.
  14. You can control the camera using a script. This way you can set it up at a precise angle/direction etc and have it be locked while the av is moving. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetCameraParams
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