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  1. Or you use the outworldz one click installer https://outworldz.com/Outworldz_installer/
  2. IIRC the free accounts started on 06/06/06 (fittingly).
  3. If you plan to do things that benefit from using multiple cores (like video encoding), the Ryzen has more cores (8 vs 6). The Intel might run SL slightly better because it has better single thread performance.
  4. I think@Cristiano Midnight is one of the oldest farts still running around (with a walker ;-)) - going back to beta SL. I do have some 2003 vintage people on my friends list and they show up online from time to time.
  5. If you are in EU and want to compete with other landlords, create a formal business entity, apply for a VAT registration number and deal with the VAT in your accounting etc. Run a business like a business. If you want to just have a private sim for yourself, rent it from the existing landlords and pay in L$ - L$ purchases don't have VAT applied.
  6. What interests me is what streaming tech do you need on the server side for the new stuff (for example if you have your own server)? Before the recent update you had to use the ancient darwin streaming system which works so poorly. What's supported now? DASH? HLS? I can't find any details.
  7. Yes both the LL viewer and the new FS version have the updated chromium browser that supports streaming. At least I've been able to watch a youtube livestream on a media prim (dunno if that's a sufficient test).
  8. Yes whoever thought "we have a 2D control surface so let's use the 'depth' axis of the trackballs for something" deserves a golden UI design raspberry award (and ideally won't be allowed to touch UIs again).
  9. @Beq Janus are your fixes for normals - rendering inworld and the debug metadata display - in this version?
  10. I miss Starax's wand and a grid that can support such creativity (it was a sad day when LL broke it, thanks Andrew "Throttle" Linden!).
  11. Speaking of performance - is it still the case after uplift that a busy sim can reduce/lag the performance of other sims running on the same server? Is each sim running now on a separate virtual machine or are they sharing resources like before? @Oz Linden @Mazidox Linden
  12. Yes I can confirm that for me the connections to the aws hosted sims have about 30-40ms bigger latency compared to the old sims (similar numbers to what OP posted). I'm in central Europe. Our loses are Asia's wins *shrug*
  13. It's not only possible but was already in the works over a decade ago http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Puppeteering We don't have it because LL management doesn't see the value of avatars actually interacting with each other or the environment.
  14. There have been some reports (and I have seen it myself on one sim that migrated to aws) that the same set of scripts take up more milliseconds of the frame time on the aws sims compared to non-cloud. So my question is - is the scripts run % and script events/s higher on your migrated sim compared to previously or just more stable?
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