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  1. If you were honest you'd admit It's just a rant out of saltiness. I mean, if I were making good revenue with a sales strategy that others view as too close to gambling (rightfully) and somebody took that away from me I'd probably be salty, too. Everyone is salty when revenue is taken away from them. How about you just adapt?
  2. If people claim that sellers are going to make less money after this change then it's only because they're not forcing people to buy products that they don't want.
  3. Have you ever considered trying to answer her question without accusing them (without proof or anything) of using pirated software? Just wondering.
  4. So this question occurred to me during a Concierge meeting, particularly when it came to the question that gets asked over and over again, if the requirement for a Homestead to own a full region will be lifted at any point of time. The answer given (and I'm recalling this from memory as best as I can, I don't have it in writing and I please be corrected if I recall anything wrongly) was that people just wouldn't have fun with the lower prim limit and a Homestead was meant to be connected to a full region. And this made me really shake my head because I think residents who are curious about homesteads have a fair idea of what they can expect from a 5k prim limit ("You think you do, but you don't" - A few people will know what I mean with that unrelated quote.) When focus changed to if/when land prices could be lowered, it was said in a subclause that some people heavily complained last time Linden lowered their land prices. And sure it makes sense. Everyone who could afford a homestead but cannot afford a full region depends on renting a homestead from a third party. I wonder if the big players actively approach Linden and make sure that this requirement is kept in place. Any other opinions?
  5. Not according to my experience. In my SL cloud people are definitely not at the point where they can't wear "nice jewelry". Of course this is subjective because nobody has the data, so I'm saying this based on what I see and on what feedback I get. (And yes I know that there are even people who rarely leave their sim because their computer is this weak that their viewer would just crash)
  6. I'm making up a wild example as comparison. A company that saves all passwords as plaintext should not be asking "well how many passwords have been stolen in the past?" before they decide to change their behaviour.
  7. Hi! I'm trying to understand the texture console and have a few questions: CRE - Wiki says "Texture needs to be created." Does this mean the texture has not been downloaded yet and does not yet exist as file on the disk? DEU - Wiki doesn't mention this state. What is this? How can I determine the bottleneck? I'm using a RAM Drive as cache location. I mostly see CRE and DEU states. Are there any values to tweak? Is it a single thread that downloads the textures or multiple? Is the amount of threads configurable? Would appreciate if anyone could help me out here!
  8. I've got a question regarding the texture console, I'm not too familiar with it. After setting ImagePipelineUseHTTP and HttpPipelining back to true in Firestorm and relogging I still see some occasional NET states in the texture console. Should that be the case? As far as I undertand the Wiki page says NET indicates UDP. In the screenshot you can see the NET state in the middle, and HTP states on the bottom.
  9. I'm not sure why you're quoting me in this as if I had something different. I explained why and when immersion is lost, and I made clear that many people will choose convenience over immersion.
  10. I don't think it's fair to call "immersion" silly and putting it only in a context of merchants trying to sell you stuff. You do perceive a world in a completely different way when you have to travel long distances. I want to compare it to World of Warcraft where, in the beginnings, you could not fly and there were fewer teleports than today. The world was perceived as huge compared to today where the world is actually way, way bigger but you can reach every spot superfast. Today you will have lots of people crying when there is a new expansion and they cannot fly for the first few months. This is mostly due to the fact that it's not about the world anymore, not about experiencing the world anymore, but people are under a pressure, all of the time, to complete their missions in the fastest time possible in order to not fall behind. So in the end it's the point of view from where you're looking at it. I can see enough non silly reasons to increase immersion, while there, of course, are also enough arguments against it.
  11. For sure. In Gor you have the added complexity that there are pretty much many combat arenas (if a sim may be called this way), owned by different people, connected to each other. "What does my audience want?" becomes a "What does my group want?" and combat becomes politics. The perfect example for politics was, what I had mentioned before, the progression from arrows hitting in a splash radius to hitting directly. Which wasn't done because it's more realistic but because it gave more combat related groups more advantages.
  12. It's a very complicated topic. There are 3 big issues that immediately come to my mind when it's about making a weapon more realistic / more challenging to use. 1) Don't forget that there are a lot of users from outside of the US. When you make a weapon more difficult to use, for example, instead of the projectile being registered in a splash radius it needs to hit directly, it's getting fun and challenging for someone with a latency of 50ms. But for someone with a latency of 200ms it's getting ridiculous in comparison, especially when you put those 2 players against each other. 2) There are often multiple weapon types involved. Making one weapon more realistic/challenging could mean literally nerfing it. Combat may be shifting towards other weapon types instead, creating a new meta. Which can be good or bad. 3) The more challenging you make a weapon, the more predetermined roles will be. Someone with a bad computer, with a bad latency, with a bad aim is more likely to lose against other players. In my opinion the gap between the best skilled and the worst skilled players shouldn't be made as big as possible if this combat is still based in a roleplay scenario.
  13. The thread starter mentioned Gor which can be pretty competitive when it comes to combat. I don't think anyone would enjoy finding out that there is randomness added to their bows while other bows are more precise. You could argue that it might make sense if everyone were using a bit of randomness in their scripts. But there would also be arguments against it. A can of worms.
  14. What are head/body combinations that don't come with a visible neck seam, and where you also do not need a neck fix that is still slightly visible? I'm currently wearing Maitreya + Catwa HDPro Queen, don't have a seam, don't wear a neck fix. What other combinations are there?
  15. It would drastically change the perceived size of SL. You would actually get to experience how far it is from one point to the other. You would feel way more immersed. It would actually matter where you live. If someone wanted to visit you right now, you pass them the LM, or TP them, and they wouldn't even need to look at the map. They don't know where you live. However, the map would be the main utility in a world without teleports. Would users actually want this? It's a very romantic illusion to think that people would want this. Just look at certain games with large worlds, MMORPGS, and you will find that users always prefer convenience over anything else.
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