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  1. Pet peeve for the week: low level of detail models which drop flat surfaces down to one triangle, leaving a huge hole in the object. Looks awful and doesn't reduce LI.
  2. Very nice. Especially the map with Bellissaria. So many maps in-world now need updating. ("Heterocera" is spelled wrong.)
  3. The checkbox is there, but it's not connected to anything in Firestorm 6.3.2. See JIRA.
  4. animats


    I'm hoping for a new continent. Bellessaria is big enough already. Preferably located where it will connect more mainland continents.
  5. Someone has probably done this, but an animated cloak or cape to go with the hair would be nice. Standard anime "person standing in wind" cliche.
  6. I've had that happen a few times. There's nothing useful in Firestorm's log when that happens. It's not unusual to get that after spending time in a very busy sim and then trying to teleport out. Someday I should build Firestorm from source again, run it under the debugger, and find the problem.
  7. I've kind of gotten out of that. There are basically two problems. There's a really serious bug server-side which causes avatars and vehicles to become disconnected at region crossing failures. LL has been unable to fix this for over five years. There are some things that can be done by users and in vehicles to make it happen less. The most important fix is to slow down or stop near a region corner where two region boundaries are crossed in succession. Many newer SL vehicles have this. Some older ones, too. It used to be kind of a secret how to do this, but since I started writing about it, now most better builders put a workaround in their vehicles.There are a number of vehicle builders along a stretch of road through Burns and Neumogen in Heterocera who get all this stuff right. Still, expect about one failure per hour of travel across many regions. It's been better since the entire grid was restarted two weeks ago, though. Then there are the visual problems at region crossings - going into the air and into the ground. That's because there's a second or two during sim to sim handoff when the viewer isn't getting any updates and is guessing what happens next. The viewer's guesser isn't very good. It's made worse by a sim side bug which seems to produce wrong values for the last update before a region crossing. I put a fix into Firestorm to not guess at all, just freeze the vehicle in place during the sim crossing. Bikers liked it because there's no bogus movement, sailors hated it because it's so abrupt. LL put a similar fix in their viewer, which is halfway between a hard stop and full prediction. This spread the misery around - nobody really likes it, but you don't go flying as far into the air at a region crossing. I've thought about working on this again, but am off on other things now. If someone from a third party viewer wants to talk to me about this, IM me. If you want to have a good driving experience, run Firestorm 6.2.4 (not a later version), open Preferences->Move and View->Movement, and set "Movement at region crossing": "Stop". Then go to Burns, walk down to the road, and find a vehicle shop with a demo rezzer. Rez some vehicle. Drive around Robin Loop, turning left at all Linden road junctions. Make one loop slowly to learn the route (there's a steep hill to take slowly and a T-intersection with a cliff behind it), then go around fast. Don't worry about region crossings. It's a pleasant drive in a good looking area.
  8. The move_end event is useful for getting control when the KFM operation completes.
  9. Keyframed motion is good for this. Notes: Keyframed motion works on an entire link set, not individual child prims. Keyframe motion remains smooth even in overloaded sims. Other methods get jerky when script execution is below 100%. Forward and reverse keyframed motion is not entirely accurate or reliable. After completion, you have to check to see if you' arrived at the desired destination. There will be some error. Larger error in overloaded sims. You can do simultaneous translation and rotation with keyframed motion, but they won't sync perfectly. I tried to build a spiral escalator once, which required a screw-type motion, and it almost worked. Every few seconds there was a jerk when rotation and translation happened out of sync. That may not be a problem for a garage-type lift, unless the motion has to be synchronized exactly. Normalize your quaternions. Don't use llRotateBetween to make precise quaternions; it's buggy. See the wiki.
  10. In chat with support...
  11. What's current thinking on male mesh avatars? An RP sim I sometimes visit is requiring mesh avis now. I like my classic avatar. What can I get in mesh that's reasonably close to this, is compatible with enough clothing, and isn't insanely complex?
  12. You may have run into the number of lights limit. You can only have eight lights active at a time, and two are reserved for the sun and the moon. Only the nearest lights emit light. "Nearest" can include lights downstairs or outside, and lights which are very dim. Find all the nearby lights and turn some of the others off, and things may improve. In SL, "looks lit", "glows", and "emits light which lights other objects" are completely separate. You can have large numbers of things which look lit (this is called "full bright"), some number of things which glow, but only a few which light other objects. It looks like your sign has "looks lit" and "glows" turned on, but isn't lighting other objects.
  13. Not having audio in and out from Firestorm is a separate problem from not having voice chat.
  14. I have that problem, and others have reported it too. Local chat is fine, voice calls no.
  15. I've had my best few days ever with region crossings. I've been all the way around Bellessaria in a boat. I've flown a helicopter from the west coast of Bellessaria all the way north across Sansara to Denby for a meeting and back. I've driven one of my motorcycles fast around Satori for an hour, at speeds up to 120KPH. Zero region crossing failures. Oz and Simon insist they haven't changed anything or deployed a new version of the sim code. But, last week, every sim on the grid was rebooted to undo a bad change. Things immediately got much better. What are others seeing? Maybe we just need more frequent sim restarts on a regular basis. LL supposedly restarts sims about once every 3 weeks to a month. That may be too infrequent.
  16. Yes. Some boats, and Kelly Shergood's helicopters, have scripts which do that. Passengers can move from one station to another. It's a common feature on large sailboats, so one or two people can do the whole crewing job. When you're seated, the avatar is a child prim, and can be moved relative to the parent via LSL.
  17. I don't think this will kill Second Life. It's an opportunity for Linden Lab. Second Life has been ignored by mainstream media for years. Now, after years in the wilderness, virtual worlds are getting attention again. Whether Linden Lab management can seize the opportunity remains to be seen.
  18. Here's my wish list for the uploader: Remove the requirement that all LODs must have the same textures. Just limit the total number of textures. Then you can have low levels of detail that have baked images of the higher levels. Like, flatten out the details of clothing and replace with an image and normals. The SL file format can represent this, because it does so when you auto-generate a lower level of detail. Beq Janus has the details. Make linkset uploading work right. This random order thing is silly. Make texture uploading with mesh uploads work right. That seems to be broken. (New) allow uploading all the levels of detail and physics in one file. Use the same center for all of them, so they align; don't resize and recenter each LOD on its own bounding box. Limit the bounding box of the lower levels of detail and the physics model to the size of the top level, plus a tolerance, to prevent griefing. (New) if you upload the same texture with the same creator and owner, reuse the UUID and don't charge for the upload. (Technically, this can be done easily by creating the UUID from a hash of the content and metadata.) This eliminates the cost penalty for uploading textures with meshes. If possible, don't charge mesh upload charges for uploading the same mesh with new textures, so you can re-color in Blender or Maya and re-upload at lower cost and overhead. Make fatpacks in Blender and Maya, with baked lower LODs. Goal: You build it in Blender or Maya, and when it looks right, you upload the whole thing, and it looks the same in-world. This will encourage making better LOD models in Blender/Maya, because the uploading process will be less fussy. Blender and Maya have better LOD tools than the uploader, and can do things the uploader can't, like bake detail into a texture and normal map.
  19. See what Tim Sweeney has been saying at game conferences for three years. He wants to build the Metaverse. He sounds like Philip Rosedale in the early days. Sweeney is the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company with a good track record, an impressive game engine, many good people, and several hundred million users. Also a personal net worth of about $7 billion. When that's the potential competition, it's a good idea to pay attention.
  20. Only a very small percentage of parcels have aggressive security bots. Zero-time eject bots are rare, but really annoying. Applying the Belli bot rules to all mainland would impact maybe a few hundred parcels. Again, if you want total isolation, there are landlords which offer it. Look for those areas of the grid that look like checkerboards. A non-continent. You can't see other regions. You can't walk to other regions. You can't hear other regions. There are landlords who will rent you parcels in areas like this. If you want total isolation, SL offers it. Mainland is for people who want neighbors.
  21. That's what it turned out to be. The object is a football that gets "kicked". I was thinking the original poster wanted to push around an object that's already in world, as in a pool table game.
  22. Uploading of linksets is so broken that you can upload the same .dae file twice and get different link order. It really is random. If you're uploading in Firestorm, there are messages in the Firestorm.log file showing which lower LOD models matched which higher LOD models. Unfortunately, you don't get those messages in the user interface, just in the log file. The uploader badly needs attention. It should be possible to create one .dae file with all the LODs and links and have it upload properly. Worth looking at now that Blender 2.8 is out, with a saner user interface and "collections".
  23. "Fortnite is a game. But please ask that question again in 12 months." — Tim Sweeney (@TimSweeneyEpic) December 26, 2019 The point here is that the big guys are moving towards SL's niche. This is both an opportunity and a threat for Linden Lab management.
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