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  1. Same with pets or other things like that. I was even picturing a dance venue with some tricked out avatars where people could go dance when they didn't have a partner. Or make a game of it with a group. I see lots of possibilities really. All those people that have their alt as their partner could be talking to them lol.
  2. By the way ... would love to go see your bartenders @Thecla
  3. Personally I think they can be very funny when applied here in secondlife. We had a chatbot set up on an adult sim once. Had her logged in on Radegast on a fairly hot avi. She'd welcome people to the club. And it was fun to watch them try to pick her up. It could go on for a very, very long time. Some would understand quickly what they were talking too.. sometimes it seemed they just liked the back and forth. Some never seemed to get it. Some would get frustrated hehe. I was so intrigued by the concept ... probably cause I love sci-fi themes that I spent many hours trying to give one a more focused personality to one program. I wanted to set up an alt for myself to use it for amusement within the family. You can draw your own conclusions there... I eventually gave up cause I think I'm allergic to tedious hard work lol. I still have it sitting there on my desktop unfinished (sigh). *I did want to add we weren't trying to trick people with this... she said she was a bot on introduction... can't help it that people don't listen*
  4. It isn't that hard to have a reset folder with your character. You can go pick up demo's completely invisible with just an alpha layer on. You don't even have to "see" yourself in another way by doing that. It's a good trick too to reduce lag and just move around invisible if you don't want to be some fantasy creature or robot.. or other sort of puppet. There is no excuse to not be able to shop at that one store. I do think however some stores will have to rethink what land they chose to sell on in the future. It might be best for more to move to moderate land if it' is feasible to keep their customer base happy. You might want to contact that store and put in a suggestion. Suggestions are often heard depending on how they are worded.
  5. This is how I do it too. I try to be aware of general .. always. My bf thinks I'm overkill on it. In moderate I don't worry as much anymore. But I don't usually go past some level of sheer and short skirts. Not into the phat stuff or other devices, rolls and bulges. I personally find them gross. I'm not going to wear lingerie normally unless I'm at a lingerie event because it's not day wear. I use to try to treat it Moderate more like PG but over time lightened up some when it sunk in that it wasn't PG. It makes it easier not to have have to change. It's funny I just went to Vision... a clothing store. They have lots of sheer stuff in ads and they are on general land. I was kind of surprised they weren't on moderate.
  6. I admit, I decided to dress like a stripper today. Going to shop in the moderate regions. It's funny when a tantrum post brings out the reactionary opposite. Wait, gotta adjust things to be a little more sheer.. there, that's better.
  7. I had a woman avatar wander into my house sometime this week. She... was very malformed, so I assumed she was a troll but just talked to her nicely. Personally I don't care if people come into my house as long as it's not at a bad time 😆. Can always eject and ban if needed. Anyway we talked on and off for awhile. She kept saying your so nice... then finally left. I'm guessing it's because I didn't start screaming at her for daring to wander in? They just want to get under your skin and don't usually bother me, they can be pretty funny to me at times. Guess it depends on how malicious they seem?
  8. Guess it's time to hangout with more popcorn as the rehashing begins. I'd say I'd hate to see another thread about this but it's just too facinating. Just going to put in here that the alpha layer cuts are an absolute no go now. It was brought up at the Community Roundtable. They weren't throwing it around as talk. It's not going to be allowed as any sort of modesty layer period. I do take exception to the ranting that it's all "adults" fault. It takes two to tango and do sexualized *****. Looks like they decided to clean up.
  9. Mobile is just another way in. Doesn't mean they aren't going to get on the PC when they get home for a better experience. Hook 'em by any means necessary.
  10. To me it comes across as we cannot live in a vacuum. Second life needs new membership or it's going to continue to limp along and eventually die. We can sell it or we can make it work. They have to work with outside companies that don't want to be associated with scandal or really bad press. Bad press is fast now especially over things that they are changing the TOS for. They and we have to clean up our act to move forward. They seem to want to progress to get this rating thing in order... have more structured rules about maturity ratings and a place for everyone. It does sound like a slow clean up and reorganization is coming in regards to maturity rating stuff. Personally I'm good with moving with the times. I'd rather people that know about how second life really is be in charge of the clean up. Am I completely sold on we have your best interests at heart? I never am in any situation where I'm paying for a service.. but yeah I feel pretty good about it. He sold it well.
  11. Yes the Linden's spoke in voice .. didn't text it out at all.
  12. I do feel there will be some changes coming for the more adult side... and I'm not saying it's a bad thing at all. Basically get it in the right places. So maybe that will be the next roll out?
  13. That was a really, real talk and open talk about how they see it and how it's going to be. I liked the be smart about it yourself.. be responsible kind of message that Oberwolf came back to again and again. I liked them basically saying this is how Second Life lasts and continues. It's how it has to be. There was a lot of info expanded on in this talk ... the modesty layer thing is still not completely clear other than nope... alpha cuts can't be used. Looks like BDSM community like Daddy/babygirl are still fine as long as everyone is adult presenting.. just as it was before.
  14. Oh so this is the hot new topic! Let me practice *clears throat* "How dare you!" I kind of thought that statement the OP talked about just meant things are going to progress. Personally I hope they clean up G rated areas a little more. Like adults should go to general regions with undies on and stuff. I might have just said that to seem on topic...
  15. I didn't vote on this yet if it's in the other thread but the lighting makes a difference too. The skin on the bottom picture looks ... older to me and more realistic. The shading on the face does it. The top picture looks nearly perfectly smooth and brighter and more cartoonish.
  16. I like the new rules so "A". It gives adult land owners breathing room. I've had adult land .. basically owned co-jointly because we made decisions together and I deeded my land to the group. We had an adult club theme that didn't allow children per the rules we dropped on people that landed. Now and then I'd have to police that despite the rules. It was never a fun task. I doubt the new TOS will take away that task completely but it will take the pressure off of the land owner about the fighting about or worrying whether the note and rules are being followed. Now children simply aren't allowed on land where adult dress... undress or activities can be expected in general. It's simple and makes sense. There is no excuse to be there and they are the one that will get in trouble for being there... not the land owner who can rely on the adult rating now be reliably "adult". I also had a general distaste for seeing children on adult land anywhere. Even if I didn't run into it often. I tend to dress with some level of transparency to my clothes at times and prefer to stay in adult or moderate regions in general. This new TOS cements that preference for me. To me owning moderate land makes sense for people that want to own areas where there can be a mingling of how people present age wise to me. No breathing room given. Up to the land owner to enforce rules.
  17. If you do have a club nearby ... and live on or even run your own venue on adult mainland... you will get across the region IM's for hook ups. If I was just trying to give the place traffic by hanging out I'd get a number or come back to them after being afk. Sometimes it was funny to respond to them if I did out of mischief... not gonna lie, but it does get old if you are at one place often. Of course I had surrounding me all sorts of kinks I didn't appreciate and people don't seem to read profiles when they are casting the net. There was a spanking place nearby, a weird death/sex place (I had women always IMing from there weirdly), and a butt.. umm lovers place. Yeah. If you have your own private regions it would be better. My prior answer still stands though if you aren't a sex related place I don't see any reason to go A rated.
  18. I'm always excited for the Shop and Hop but .. that 's a month away. Bargains and credits and trying not to pick up too many gifts.. yes please. Going slightly off topic I noticed it is going to be G rated or Adult rated. Wasn't it Moderate rated and sometimes Adult rated before? I do wonder about the "spicy side" reveal but not holding my breath that it will be anything good. Hope so? Will be nice when mirrors can work.. hopefully the next Firestorm Update or soon. But it will be some work to get stuff set up.. I don't like doing lights in houses but the bf does so win for him I guess? I hope the outcome is good. I have COVID (pity me!) so this week has been rough.. but I managed to turn it into some inventory clean up time and I'm satisfied I got some shoveling and folders cleaned up. Well, In between pissing off some forum members with comments I suppose 😝. Also Bay City was a nice place to walk around so on Sunday they are having a 16th Anniversary Parade and some other events.. will try to see that if I feel up to it doing that. People watching is the best fallback sl pastime.
  19. The skin reshapes your avatars face ... the area between your eyes and your jaw and cheek area are completely changed. It's not only the makeup doing the work with that skin. Although you look very pretty in it ... the younger looking face does also. Based on your face I wouldn't "card" you if I had that responsibility at a venue. In the skin pictured here.
  20. I've seen @Arielle Popstar pictures and the thought of her being underage wouldn't cross my mind. With @Kaia Sachin yeah it would. I wouldn't AR her based on looks just actions or indications in her profile. I can understand her hesitation in wearing certain clothes.
  21. Favorite outfit 1 from Lunar I have a lot but won't spam pictures. All the wrong colors right? I wear this outfit out shopping ... the top can be set very sheer. I doubt I'll get an AR if I do I'm not worried at all. If some venue wanted to ban me for wearing pink that's their right. I don't need to tip there.
  22. What a 20+ year old can't wear cute lingerie... a fur lined transparent top..., towels that slip down and jeans or velveteen shorts... also lots and lots of jackets. Granted I don't really like the hood with the ears... it messes up my hair. Maybe your idea of an adult wouldn't wear them. Mine does.
  23. I have lot's of clothes from Lunar... my avatar is 5'8 I think.. might be 5'6? I'm not worried in the least. I have clothes from many of these types of stores. Granted the pictures in the ads where I buy from might have slightly anime looking faces but overwhelmingly they are on voluptous bodies I wouldn't single them out as underage unless they stated they were.. since we all know a 16 year old can look cuvry . Not extremely likely but it can happen.
  24. I almost always accept. Usually it's places I visit that might benefit from it more of a sight-seeing type of thing. I enabled one for a salon that put blowdryers and stuff in peoples hands if they enabled it. I haven't seen them used in a bad way ever. If I got into a predicament I can log or teleport out and disable. Not worried.
  25. I'm not shy to talk about this subject at all.. the real life parts of it. I have to take classes on subjects like human trafficking and domestic violence pretty regularly. I've had to report things I came across in real life. That is real life though and this is online. If you do some studying up you will find that people can be groomed online even adults can, they can be recruited.. they can become victims or partners or buyers and the list go on. People make connections online that can lead to more. Whether the TOS changes have been made to make them look better or for most substantial reasons I don't know. Either way the changes have been made and it is what it is. I personally think it helps by sending a message that it won't be tolerated here. It might cut off one more easy open avenue available for actual predators. I'm not sure how to respond to the anime part. Yes avatars that dress like this or act like are usually looked at as underage. There's not going to be a whole lot of give on that perception. So for your hobby in sl it's a wait and see. As to my sense of humor if that was directed at me. I have a pretty wicked one actually. I just like to make sure of the people I'm joking around. I wouldn't joke about a lot of subjects in a general forum.
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