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  1. Definitely over 40. Artist. Enjoy building and prefer to be alone when I am doing it. Not looking for acqintences. Would enjoy sharing my artist side with another artist who knows the "vocabulary"... especially visual language. I am not a newbie... been here over 10 years.
  2. I can't get in to tp.... it is recent but persistent
  3. CANNOT GET IN.... asks, over and over... for me to sign in... then... NOTHING vahalla is the land my home is on...
  4. I have been building for many years. Recently, I decided to put a new build on my land. After several days I began to get a notice and at the same time, I was unable to build. This is the notice: "Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region." I searched for something that might be causing this by removing items that had recently been put into the build. Eventually, i ended up removing the entire build. I still get the notice. I have some other builds up in the sky but they have been there for many months... MANY months... without this problem. I do n
  5. my land is set so that anyone can build on it my alt has permission to build, move and rez anything when alt tries to rez... message says that she cannot rez or build WHY
  6. i have a premium account and i cannot find where to do a ticket either...usually have to spend about half hour to an hour and it makes me angry
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