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  1. Homestead For Rent SIM: Bikini Atoll Style: your choice Coventant: your choice Price/7days: 6999L$ Price via Skrill: 115 USD/Month Prims: 5000 Questions: NC or IM to Holger Gilruth http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bikini Atoll/168/166/30
  2. Holger Gilruth

    Club Betreiber gesucht

    99% der Clubs halten keine 6 Monate durch und sind total langweilig und leer
  3. Holger Gilruth

    linden dollar

    1. Passwort ändern wenn du es nicht warst 2. Neu einstellen
  4. Holger Gilruth


    Für Leute die wo es noch nicht geht gibt es hier einen Beitrag: https://telekomhilft.telekom.de/t5/Telefonie-Internet/Providerprobleme/m-p/3381209/highlight/false#M982584
  5. Holger Gilruth


    Hallo Hermione, anscheinend ist es auf Telekom beschränkt, aber es soll auch schon geholfen haben die Login Sim zu ändern
  6. Holger Gilruth

    Debit Cards

    Skrill is Debit card and this works perfectly for me
  7. Holger Gilruth

    Linden home question

    Do you mean with enter, use the door ?
  8. Holger Gilruth

    fallo reiterado

    Try reinstall the rest i dont understand
  9. Holger Gilruth

    Why some shape creators don t like to make Demo?

    even dont understand why someone should buy a shape, creation is really simple also for newbies and the prices are ugly
  10. Hi all i sell my parcel mainland, its located directly on the Mainlandroute 9 The Size is 100% for Group owned land price 22 US$ per month 5120sqm donated http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brolga/210/25/47
  11. Holger Gilruth

    Premium account - Looking for 1024 parcel

    of course there are mainlands for sale, just use the map, the prices for 1024 are in the millions then
  12. Holger Gilruth

    purchase land owned by an inactive user

    That looks terrible but in fact thats a user to user problem at all. You can try but you have buyed it and known about this, maybe because of that the price was so low?
  13. Holger Gilruth

    15% less tier where are they?

    I am really wondering when i look at marketplace and inworld. The prices for Homestead are still the same in L$ then before the bis 15% price change. Do i miss something or do you think that will change in the future?
  14. Holger Gilruth

    Probleme mit Skybox

    Danke für die Blumen Suh Oh