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  1. I've had this issue for months now. Still have the same problems where I crash every third to fourth teleport. And I don't get the option to cancel the teleport either, just a black screen as it slowly crashed me.....
  2. Every second or third teleport now I get kicked off. Any word on this being fixed yet? It's been going on too long! >.<
  3. The cancel bar doesn't come up for me. And honestly it's around 1 in 4 teleports for me at the moment. So frustrating >.<
  4. This is still happening to me EVERY day. Usually a few times....
  5. We are a ropeplay sim. People from our sim and other RP sims are welcome to come together for this event. People's characters are whatever they have created for themselves. Not asking people to specifically make a character for this, just inviting all characters from RP sims to come. And yes, wear a costume. To a masquerade ball. I assumed people would get that it's a mask and gown/suit due to the event type. Next time I will be more specific :p
  6. Masquerade Ball March 15 @ 1pmSLT Hiding amongst the bills and letters in your mailbox is a vibrant gold envelope. No name. No return address. Just a date. Upon opening the envelope a sturdy card can be seen. On it is a date, a time and a place. An unknown heiress by the name of Anya has invited you and yours to her Masquerade Ball. (This is an IC RP event & everyone is welcome to join us in Redwood Springs! Costume and mask required. We hope to RP with you soon!) https://www.flickr.com/photos/186621206@N02 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Misty Ridge/172/23/29
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