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  1. You're absolutely right. When I realized that was when I decided it was time to pack the prims and move somewhere else.
  2. The post was not about what to do with the bots nor me abandoning the land. As I said, I already "solved" that problem by moving to another region. It was about me worrying about a stranger I shouldn't be worrying about in the first place, and figuring out if I should try to help somehow (that was me thinking the person might have a problem, when probably it isn't so). ...and: Those two comments gave me the information I was looking for, so thank you. ..etc. Yes, that's why I wrote the post: to seek some "fresh" opinion, and it indeed helped me see some perspectiv
  3. I guess you didn't read all the message? (it was indeed a long post). To clarify, I left the place just two weeks ago, after ARing the issue again in January. And yes, at first I was having a problem with the bot issue, hence why I put it on my profile (where I can add whatever I want) because after living in that region for 4 years (6 years counting 2 more years I spent there as a tenant), you can guess I did invest enough time and money to maintain several parcels. I liked those parcels a lot, and didn't think it fair having to move out just because someone else thought putting two dozen bot
  4. WIll try to make this as short as possible... Four years ago I bought a few parcels in a well-known --even privileged-- zone in Mainland. Before a month has passed someone built a platform in a 512 sq.m. parcel across the street. Shortly after that a persistent bot problem began. At first I didn't mind it that much because there weren't too many bots; I even thought it was a group of friends meeting up there regularly and having some fun. After all, the parcel is group-owned (ownership is associated with a group that isn't necessarily restricted to that particular mainland zone), so group
  5. Oh, don't worry people, I understand how the game works. I was a GoH player for a couple of weeks too, after figuring out what was going on (it didn't take too long). I was just trying to agree with @Chloe Dolores in terms of settling in+down to give regions the time to become stable and maybe form communities (as time zone differences permit), and giving more people their own chance to find their dream parcel.
  6. Me with an unpopular opinion, but what @Chloe Dolores is saying is so true in my case: I don't want to stay in a region that keeps changing parcels ownership constantly. I prefer when stability gives the impression that you know your neighbors (a --fake-- sense of community perhaps?). When I was looking for my own plot in Bellisseria (I decided to explore Belli quite late, in mid-December), frequently I would get a parcel in a region already full (probably a recent abandon), would look around and see the same names or groups everywhere I landed (a clear sign of the same people with month-
  7. Carcossa campers have being up since the 21st. There are still some available though.
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