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  1. Thank you so much I had never seen that before and was so worried!!
  2. Alwin, I would rather think now I will never need you. I'm sure the Lindens would be happy if people gave advice without putting the person down for their feelings. All the people who have paid rent are vulnerable to the owners actions. No matter how we take it.
  3. No because of being under quarantine. Support is wonderful but for faster help I thought I'd go to the COMMUNITY (of bullies)
  4. With the way the world is today am I the only one who thinks about how fast people are losing everything? Please stop the ridicule. I read and I look up things and I have restarted my own sims in the past. People are not making the money worldwide that they had 6 months ago, so I have a right to pay attention and be alarmed! What the world including Second Life needs now is less bullying.
  5. Rolling restarts don't take over an hour. But I have just checked and it's back online. So thank you all for your help.
  6. I stated trying to teleport at 5 am my time its now 6:27 am
  7. I tried to teleport into my rented land this morning June 2 2020 and I could not. This is Lotus Island and I have 4 parcels that I have rented out for the next month. I looked on the map and it says invalid land and that the sim is offline. What happens if the sim is gone will I lose my lindens?
  8. Thank you Chin. I don’t really know why I thought 181 was linked to SL. But support was very kind in their responses to me. I enjoyed our exchange, they didn’t make me feel dumb.
  9. As a update, one of the artists that I wanted to suggest to the SL radio station Chloe 181, is Ane Brun and her song is called "Do you remember?". So Ane like so many artists, has made videos from home singing live. She liked my comment so I wrote her back telling her about Chloe and if she could try to get them to play her song, as I have failed. I even went to support for help and they were nice but no help. I really do hope that if she does try to contact them, they don't say something like who are you? How embarrassing!! You know it's like if I can fight thru technology to land on their Si
  10. Thank you both. I had already gone to the web site and they used to show a playlist of the songs they were playing. It has changed, no playlist and there was nothing to click on. So I will try thru support.
  11. Thank you I would like to know how to suggest songs to my favorite radio station 181. Can someone help me please?
  12. I went to a sim to see a house and everything was grey and my avi turned grey then the body and the head now, which are mesh will not show. I can see my avi only when I take the mesh off. Can someone please help. OK so I followed the graphic adjustment instructions, keep moving the level bar to the left. once I got a image and my mesh body alpha HUD was parcially visible I hit reset. Then I could see my mesh body. Each movement to the left, apply OK then relog. Then the head followed and that took a little longer to reset. But I kept
  13. Thanks for the lower price of land. Can my first purchase be a homestead? How many prims for that really good price?
  14. There is a difference between the Event calendar where you first open your dashboard near the bottom of that page, than the one you see when you click on Events in the top left hand corner of your dashboard. Why is that? One has more listings. And sometimes you schedule a event and they say its fine, but it doesn't show up on the day it should? Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
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