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  1. Hey guys, I am just coming back to SL after a pause. I will re-open my store but will work only making HD custom skins and tattoos. My skills are: - Expert in Photoshop (image editing) - Expert in Illustrator (creation of textures and digital art) - Free-hand drawing. I create the applicator for any head and for Omega. I will accept orders at a low initial price until I build my portfolio, but then I will increase as the demand increases. Those who are interested or want more information just send a note inworld. (adriana.himanez) Thank you, and hugs !! Drika
  2. They were very enlightening points of view, on the one hand it was clear that there is no fixed basis, I believe that there is common sense in most cases. I've seen a lot of complaints about the price a creator charges, so I wondered what would be a "fair price" because if it is to do at the level of the jobs I do in RL the cost really is high but because jobs are always high quality. I will start the activities here and try to reach a good term as to the cost benefit and from there test the market in SL. Guys, I appreciate a lot for your time, always good have a line to follow when you
  3. Thanks Kyrah!! Very similar to how I do in RL jobs, but have a fixed minimum wage to SL or designers simple calculate with base on their level of expertise? And have any differecnce when you charge a object than a clothe for exemple? ? Xo
  4. Hello everyone, I am learning a lot from the forum, I have found a lot of information and tips to create meshes. My question is a bit more commercial. How to calculate a custom mesh job? Is there any kind of price base that should follow, a "how to charge" move, some standard or does it vary a lot from designer to designer? I would love to hear from you. Thanks a lot!! ?
  5. IM me if you dont had it done yet. ?
  6. IM me if you still need it!
  7. Do you have the art or need to develope all?
  8. For most of bodies when you grab the Dev Kit always come with instructions easy to follow like this one above, most are very similar to make the applier. Easy to do in few steps: 1. Design your image using the template like #Fionalein said 2. Upload your Image to SL 3. Follow the instructions that you will find in Dev Kits The SL WIKI is plent of details and you also can find tutorial on youtube (some step-by-step).
  9. Hi everyone, anyone needing a design for textures? I have RL experience as a web designer and graphic designer (UX / UI), I work with several tools but I have advanced knowledge in Photoshop and Illustrator. I am part of SL a few years but I will start now with creation because I lost my job in RL so I will develop content for SL and other online platforms (fulltime). If someone is interested in hiring a designer just send an IM (adriana.himanez), let's talk !! ? Hugs
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