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  1. I think it's my rez day next month, some time in November....might be wrong. It doesn't mean a thing to me, though.
  2. I was off work sick the other week. It occurred to me to use the time to get inworld but I just wanted to lie down in a dark room with my eyes closed and imagine Tom Hardy was feeding me Lemsip and swearing that he couldn't live if I didn't recover.
  3. You could make it even if they're not...
  4. "I have to see this play. I have to be seen seeing this play. If I'm not seen seeing this play, you see...." - Niles Crane.
  5. Oh, sorry. Although I just sniffed my own cardigan, and actually I think that's sweet chilli sauce, so obviously I am better than you. In RL, I'm actually about to hit the Buy button on a purchase at John Lewis, don't yew know. It would be enough to buy me two memberships of whatever this prat's paradise is called (assuming my avatar passed muster, and to be fair she wouldn't because she looks like crap right now), so on one level it's killing me, but on the other, I really need some new pyjamas. Then I can just fray them a bit, dip them in the condiment cupboard and I'm ready to join the beautiful digital people.
  6. A club like that is clearly nothing to do with the experience of being there, and everything to do with the feeling of superiority. You can spend the entire time there just sitting in the bog, it doesn't matter. The point is just to be seen going in there. 11,000L is about £27, or $35. Stupid amount for entering a virtual club that has nothing you couldn't find for free anywhere else, but you generally need far, far more than that to enter a glittering RL paradise of designer clothes, Mayfair clubs and Harley Street liposuction. If all you want is to fulfil your fantasy of being richer and more beautiful than everyone else, it's a pretty cheap price. Especially since everyone knows you're just sitting at a laptop at home with no makeup and unwashed hair, wearing a cardigan with ketchup on it like everybody else. You get to pretend you're a cut above, the hoi polloi get to laugh at you. Win win.
  7. There's a house on sale near where I live. It's not a very nice house and it's not in a very nice area. The sellers are asking for about £25k more than other similar houses. It's been on the market for months.
  8. I don't know, but a couple of hobbits just ran in and threw a ring at us.
  9. Have you checked behind the sofa? When I'm looking for something, it's usually there.
  10. Not a pick up line, but I just saw a headline on the BBC website, 'Mysterious brainless blob that can learn and eat', and I assumed they'd discovered Goreans.
  11. I don't like eating at the computer. I like drinking vanilla chai tea. I haven't got much of a caffeine tolerance.
  12. Peter Crouch endeared himself to the nation forever when a reporter asked him what he'd have been if he hadn't become a footballer and he replied, "A virgin."
  13. But if you're far away from Canada, like me or the Americans who live on Avenue Q, it's impossible to verify their existence. What if you are just a figment of someone's imagination?
  14. Yes. Home also of Schadenfreude, It Sucks To Be Me and, of course, the song of SL: The Internet Is For Porn.
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