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  1. I sometimes have a monologue and I sometimes don't articulate my thoughts, just experience them in abstract concepts. I've often wondered how the inner monologue works, since I know what words I'm going to use before I've used them. I often think of myself in the third person as a character in a story that I'm living through. I've been doing that since I was about four and met a friendly cat in the garden. In my head I was thinking: "Amina thought what a lovely cat it was, with such shiny black fur. It began to purr and rub against her..." I've experienced what seem to me to be high
  2. Finally got my first shot! Earlier than expected. A bit ill for a couple of days (and I don't know if it's my imagination or not, but it felt like a new kind of illness I hadn't experienced before; not like a normal cold or virus) and very tired, and my arm was sore for a bit longer than that, but now fine. Second jab booked for July. I made a bit of a twit of myself in the vaccination station. I was just so overcome that out of all the pandemics in human history, I'm in this one, where a vaccine was developed very quickly and then rolled out efficiently, thanks to the wonderful NHS that
  3. I know I've got no right to complain, because I also left for years and am hardly ever inworld these days, but yes, when I do get in nowadays there are generally very few people around. I'm part of the problem, of course. I guess that, like many others, my life has changed and I simply don't have the time or indeed the inclination to spend as long there as I used to. The lack of inclination is partly to do with the lack of people, so a bit of a vicious circle going on there. I see no evidence that SL is dying but it's certainly changed. Couldn't expect otherwise, of course, in all that ti
  4. Yes, the World Scout Jamboree. I'm told that doesn't count, though. (I was just terrified because I had to borrow a uniform from someone who had a first aid badge I hadn't earned. Spent the whole time thinking "please nobody keel over, I will be screwed!!")
  5. Any platform for holding meetings remotely needs to be very accessible and user friendly. Most people who use it aren't going to be technical. Even Zoom and Teams, for all their pandemic success, are well known for "CAN YOU HEAR ME?", "You're on mute!" and cat filters that can't be removed. Actually, Zoom really isn't very user friendly for setting up meetings, either. SL, bless it, just isn't very accessible, as previous posters have explained. It really does take a fair amount of time to get used to even the basics, if you come in completely new. What drives most SL activity and ec
  6. It looks to me like a clumsy reference to Avatar...
  7. Imagine having someone just materialise inside your house while you're there, doing anything at all. Yikes.
  8. I wouldn't put it past my current government, to be honest with you. But even if one does consider this, you just never know when the plot next to you might change hands and become something else.
  9. This never took off even when SL was new, exciting and popular and lots of places set up virtual offices there. It would be even less accessible now that the learning curve within SL is so much steeper, and to be honest it always did take a fair amount of time to learn to operate. And anyway, wouldn't most people prefer to keep using Zoom or Teams for this purpose? Why have a nooby cartoon representing yourself when you could actually just see everyone?
  10. FaceApp does some funny things to skin tone. When I used it to turn myself into a man or to gain weight, it changed my ethnicity.
  11. Oh heck, I don't want people seeing what I'm doing with my face in reality. I've been known to moon at the screen when talking to certain people.
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