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  1. I wondered if it was to try to stop that OP from claiming censorship, since it is still visible. Or maybe they just figured that you have a right to embarrass yourself by being mean-spirited and disingenuous if you want to, even if they decide not to allow the potentially very hurtful and offensive bunfight that you're trying to start.
  2. While we're at it, unicorns are lovely but really bad partners for playing leapfrog.
  3. Me too. I was all fired up with comments about Gorean sexual encounters.
  4. The Unicorn is how I've been cutting my hair since March.
  5. A long time ago, I sometimes tried to pose as a different nationality online but I could never get away with it. My vocabulary is too littered with absolute Britspeak. People have commented on it here too. I would use phrases I didn't realise were British, like "I reckon". It's ok. If I can't describe things as being "a load of old cobblers" then there's no point speaking at all.
  6. You know I normally never miss a chance (I recently wished that picture of a jagged Lego brick to be John Nobhead's next poo), but I am not feeding this one. It's my belief that this thread is nothing to do with having an Intellectual Discussion and everything to do with trying to upset people. Given the fact that we have several minority posters including Jewish people, this is distasteful to say the least, and informs my opinion of the OP still further. I expect it'll remain up because it is technically within the letter of the forum law (though arguably not within its spirit), but I do
  7. That's internalised misogyny for you. I do find it a bit funny that the Karen stereotype shouldn't be offensive, but criticising it for drawing on misogyny apparently is... I'm a **** at times too. We all are. I used to do a variation of "I'm not like other girls" when I was younger, until I rethought it and realised what was wrong with it. That's what we as thinking beings should do: analyse ourselves and rethink. I hugely prefer it if, when we are criticising someone, we don't weaponise things like sexist or racist stereotypes. I have screamed some red hot abuse at Priti Patel's image o
  8. Never seen it or heard it. Never seen a meme, never seen a clickbait along the lines of "ENTITLED CHAD GETS WHAT HE DESERVES, ASIDE FROM BEING GIVEN A NAME LIKE CHAD, OBVIOUSLY". I've never seen it being used as an insult, but obviously now that I've said that, someone will dig up a Reddit page TO PROVE ME WRONG or whatever. I don't believe it shares the reach of Karen. I am irritated that I feel a need to clarify this, because one always seems to have to, but pointing out that a term or behaviour is misogynistic does not mean you are accusing every person who has ever done it of being a
  9. I try not to hold women to a higher standard than men. I dislike it in women just as much, but with them it's usually a variation of "I'm not like other girls", ie jumping in with the misogyny so that it won't get directed at them. I also disagree with the idea that women as a class treat women worse than men as a class do, but I haven't got the energy to go into that one today either.
  10. "Based on the gender aspect", as if one objects to sexism on any other grounds. I am trying to decide if I've got the energy today to spend hours arguing with men online that a feminine stereotype with a feminine name that's used to insult women as the OP did in this very thread is universally misogynistic as a concept (because that's the argument, you see - not "just because" I object to it, thank you very much), and I have decided that I haven't. In answer to your question: yes. Yes, it is. EVEN WHEN women do it too, generally to avoid getting hit with it themselves. Yes, it is. I
  11. Internalised misogyny isn't new either. "I'm not like other girls"...
  12. Let's see...modern version of "nag", "don't be dramatic", "don't act like a victim", "you're the sexist because you see my sexism" and "low self esteem". Not quite full bingo, but we're getting there. One has to wonder why you can't just think, "actually yeah, maybe next time I'll criticise the behaviour rather than invoke a nasty gendered stereotype". Shouldn't be hard for someone who apparently likes women so much. But so few of these people do...
  13. If it had nothing to do with gender, there would be an equivalent term for a male name. You don't get to weaponise a feminine name and stereotype and claim "OH THEY CAN BE MEN TOO" to try to scuttle out of it. You also don't get to attempt to turn your own sexist insult into an attack on me for "acting like a victim" and being "dramatic", at least not without me seeing exactly what you are doing. Those tactics are just as old and overdone as the "nag, shrew, Karen" thing, but obviously you don't understand that. But if I behave myself, I get to be a "princess", I suppose.
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