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  1. I'd find it hard to muddle words when singing. I have a southern standard accent and it doesn't really lend itself to slurring or messing up words. Except for when I'm drunk, obviously.
  2. Is that related to this phenomenon? When I close my eyes and try to block my mind so I'm not thinking of either word, I get "brainstorm".
  3. The lyrics I found when I looked them up weren't obscene at all, just about sailing a ship and missing a girl. But I found an article saying that the Kingsmen had recorded it with bad technique (instruments loud, singer not close enough to the mic), resulting in the absolute gibberish I heard in that one, and since then many people had heard much dirtier words in it. But surely the Kingsmen would have performed it live sometimes, they couldn't keep that up? I didn't spend too long on it, tbf.
  4. Ok, so ironically, I can't quite tell all the words from the Sondra Prill video I posted upthread, which is itself a gloriously dreadful rendition of Janet Jackson's Nasty Boys, with one particularly badly mistaken line about gentlemen and not being turned on. I think she might be singing "I'm not a fool" instead of "I'm not a prude". And I haven't the foggiest what she's screaming when she gets to the bit that would normally be "It's Janet, Miss Jackson if you're nasty". Prill did a few of these and they're all wonderful. It's a shame she was too early for YouTube, though I guess public
  5. Yeah, or possibly sharing food. I think Musical Youth did a more family-friendly version of an original where the line was "what do you do when you got no green/herb". I might be wrong.
  6. My understanding is that it's either a drug reference, or a dutchie is also a sort of pot used for cooking, so it's about sharing either food or substances.
  7. I'd never really thought about it. Richard Berry is quite clear. The Kingsmen, can't understand a word. "Louie Louie, oh, reggaeton...?" Was he drunk? The real lyrics look pretty tame. Google suggests it's people hearing other things in the incomprehensible Kingsmen version...?
  8. Madonna, La Isla Bonita. I spent a long time thinking the line was "young girl with eyes like pesetas", which isn't so silly when you consider the peseta was the currency of Spain when that song came out. I thought she was saying that the girl's eyes were bright and sparkling like the coins of her motherland. Apparently it's common to mishear Michael Stipes as singing "Calling Jamaica" instead of "Call me when you try to wake her". Which also makes sense because I love REM, but that line has never scanned properly.
  9. It was quite a head spinner to realise I hadn't ever misheard any of the lyrics to I Am The Walrus.
  10. "A bathtub of gentlemen only turns me off." (Should be: "Better be a gentleman or else you'll turn me off.")
  11. I don't know if you knew this person in SL or RL, Gopi...as you're posting about her here, I'm going to assume SL, and that she was mentally haggard. Obviously this post will read differently if I'm wrong. She's a person, Gopi...SL really isn't the real world and truly living as a woman is much more complex and multifaceted, and frequently rather boring, than anyone could ever really experience via a digital computer world. Same for men too, I'm very sure. Doing the school run and the weekly shop are main realities of life for many women (some men too, of course, but mostly women). Women
  12. I was heavily pregnant over Halloween. Put devil horns and a lot of fake blood over the bump. Women thought it was hilarious, men recoiled. I would have expected it to be the other way round.
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