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Found 24 results

  1. My friend is having an issue with something in Firestorms settings. At first we thought it was lighting which I helped her reset back to default, along with most other lighting settings, but her game still has strange shadows showing up not only on her avatar, but graininess everywhere else as well. What could we be doing wrong? What setting is this?
  2. This is my friends avatar, (we're using Firestorm btw) and all of a sudden the lighting or whatever this could possibly even be got badly messed up. She was messing with Firestorm's lighting settings and even though I showed her mine to get it back to default, this is still how her lighting/avatar looks. What are we doing wrong here?
  3. Hello just bought a new pc and started to open up secondlife app only to give me an error message saying something about my graphics card is outdated, needs update or needs to reinstall. So this doesn't even open at all enough for a login option. Before I try and attempt to remedy this from any of the above suggestion, I want to make sure that the drive is good to run secondlife? Those that encounter similar situation that I am now, please tell me how did you resolve this? UPDATE: Contacted dell and I've updated everything that I need. And reinstall secondlife, only to come to the same error message. The only thing I could think of is, secondlife hasn't tested this for the series of graphic drives I'm using. Anyone else experienced this?? ================= Here's my computer specs: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM)i7-11700@2.50GHz, 16GB Memory AMD Radeon™ RX 6700 XT
  4. Hi, I have some technical issues these days. I found many of my clothings become pure grey stuff, they only have grey stuffs in their texture. For example, one of my mask should look like this : But now it looks like that : Can anyone please help me solve this problem ? Thank you so much.
  5. Whenever I log into SL on no matter viewer (I use Firestorm the most) , I can move for like 5 seconds and then it instantly freezes and that stupid (Not Responding) always appears in the upper left corner This has been going on for a few days, I have updated Firestorm and my laptop several times, cleared all the caches, the graphics are on the lowest setting but nothing works. It's so annoying! Is there anything I can do?
  6. I'm having trouble with my friends list going back to where everyone can see me online. One day I wanted to be alone and not be bothered by anyone so I went down my whole friends list and Un-Checked "can see when I'm online". Well now I want it back to where ALL my friends can see when I login. I re-applied the check mark next to every single name. But my friends tell me they still do not get notified and it still shows me offline. Even after rechecking each name, it doesn't save either. I log back in and all the names are unchecked again. This is becoming a hassle because friends cannot send me a teleport because I appear offline to them. And it's nice for friends to see when I login because I miss the "Hello" messages. I've checked in CTRL+P preferences... rechecked all the names, uninstalled Firestorm and reinstalled it. Downloaded BlackDragon to see if I could fix the settings in that viewer too.
  7. Hello guys! I've encountered a problem while trying to grant editing rights to my friend. Every time I select the option, the check mark appears but the name stays grey and the permission doesn't go through. It's been a few days now and it still doesn't work. I know very well how to use the permissions, I have used them plenty of times. I even tried granting this permission to other friends in case it was related to just one person but it's the same. It just gets stuck in grey forever. I tried changing it a couple of times for the past few days and nothing. Help ;c
  8. Hello, im a gamer and use Discord alot for everything i do and in the past i would stream discord on my own personal land to show my friends what im doing or some the things i like to do such as how you can watch movies in SL, stream music etc just so they understood more what its about. However a few updates ago (i assume from discord) i can no longer get audio to work with Second Life, say if im using the in-program web browser on SL to stream it into Discord, only the picture is working without sound but the actual land streams still push through just fine, i was wondering if anyone uses it enough or knows a fix as to why that is happening. pre thanks in advance for any help that can be provided. I should note im using Win 7 still and im not sure if that would make a diff or not but i do know in the past it was working. i dont have my laptop with me atm either otherwise i would test it cuz my laptop is running win 10. thankies! -Becca
  9. Hi! I have seen on the marketplace, a few moths ago, a special HUD who don't let other people zoom on you (clicking on you're nickname) or who block them when they try to trigger with you. But i can't find it anymore, anyone knows if there's something similar on the marketplace?
  10. I run second life on the firestorm viewer but am having issues now where I am having textures rez up, but then blur out and re rezz and are doing this repeadtly on there and is causing me to suffer with lag while sl is rendering the texture it just rendered again and has made the experience quite unenjoyable. I just tried a full uninstall of the setup and tried a fresh install and its not fixing the issues and am wondering how to fix this as I have been stuck at my home now in sl for last five days as can't enjoy clubs or other sims due to the problem.
  11. rathouse

    Only General?

    Hello! I'm new; for some reason it doesn't allow me to select the Moderate checkbox in my preferences? I'm not old enough for Adult, but supposedly it allows everyone to do Moderate. Anything I can do to fix it? I already redownloaded the viewer to make sure it was from the official site & reopened it. How it looks is attached.
  12. So, when Im driving and go through a sim crossing, my keys for driving begin to control my cam instead of my car and its making things really difficult to get done as I have to get out and get back into my car through EVERY sim crossing and this is a nusance on an 11 sim community. Thanks!
  13. I use firestorm, and just earlier today when I opened up Firestorm, my computer crashed with a Bad_Pool_Header error code. Now when I restarted my pc I updated my graphics driver, but now my Second Life is running a lot worse than before. I used to get 60fps + with full strength shadows (level 4) but now am only getting around 20 for the same area. And in places I usually visit such as Chronicles of Lynnea, and am used to having a smooth performance, it is now almost unbearable. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I am sure it's related to what happened earlier, but I've never had that error before and I didn't think that Firestorm would cause something like this. There was 0 indication of something being wrong before I opened firestorm this morning, and now I have these problems since then. Any suggestions? I'd appreciate any help I can get
  14. So it seems that a few of my friends and I were Hit Last night October 27th with voice communication problems. This was right after the first Grid Crash. Has anyone else had any problems with hearing Voice since then and were you able to resolve? We have tried everything to no avail. All troubleshooting was done and came back clean. Clean reinstall was done and still nothing. The only time I had any difference was using a different computer. Please don't say it is the computer because that is highly unlikely to be the case with as many reported voice problems as I have seen today, plus the troubleshooting didn't work either. ***Serious Responses only NO TROLLS*** Thank you, Davina
  15. What would be the best/decent laptop for someone who spends up to 5 hrs on SL, sim hop to events constantly (uses mid settings), who does photos and/or videos (uses high settings). Also that can run games like World of Warcraft or Sims 4 etc. Preferably able to change components for later upgrades if that's possible? And within $500-$1000 price range. I am not tech savvy so any advice is greatly appreciated!
  16. Hi, I'm currently running SecondLife on a MacBook that uses OSX 10.13.4. With each subsequent login, the graphics get progressively worse. Below is an example of what I currently see. In many areas, textures are just big, blurred lines, and at times everything is obscured by big, boxy shapes. How do I resolve this>
  17. Until recently if I was on Marketplace and clicked an URL for the inworld store it would open a landmark and I could tp right over while I was inworld. I use Firestorm as my main viewer. I recently looked at the Cool SL Viewer as a back-up viewer and since then it wont open an URL. (I deleted the Cool SL Viewer from my desktop computer) now the link says "Need an app to open this link" grrrr what do I do to get it back to working? It is very inconvenient to have to copy link into local chat to get a landmark to store.
  18. Hola, necesito su ayuda. Me acabo de crear una cuenta y descargue el visor oficial para linux. Me loguo (login) y hasta ahi todo bien, pero en la pantalla de carga dice conectando region y se cierra. Dejo un fragmento de lo que se lee en la consola: 2017-12-08T02:56:55Z INFO: print: *************** END OF LL CALL STACKS *************** 2017-12-08T02:56:55Z INFO: handleViewerCrash: Created crash marker file /home/abraham/.secondlife/logs/SecondLife.error_marker 2017-12-08T02:56:55Z INFO: writeDebugInfo: Opening debug file /home/abraham/.secondlife/logs/dump-76e39617-a589-409b-a712-485ca525d991//dynamic_debug_info.log ./secondlife: línea 138: 1845 Violación de segmento $LL_WRAPPER bin/do-not-directly-run-secondlife-bin "${ARGS[@]}" *** Bad shutdown ($LL_RUN_ERR). *** ******************************************************* This is a BETA release of the Second Life linux client. Thank you for testing! Please see README-linux.txt before reporting problems.
  19. Hello! First of all thank you for taking time to read my problem. I cannot log into Second Life AT ALL. Each time I try, I get this. https://gyazo.com/06996addb7a0e4e701b717bd5c974703 Now I have cleared my cache. I have restarted my modem. The internet works, 100% or I wouldnt be typing this now lol. Anything to do with Second Life, just doesnt work! Webpage MarketPlace I get this - https://gyazo.com/16c61fb959cb6dc7321ddb405f7fe606 I cant even submit a ticket. I get the same FAILED to load webpage. So I'm pretty stuck. And yes I have completely and utterly turned off ALL firewall and protection stuff + checked grid status and all that. Can anyone tell me what I can do? Because I am stumped and its been like this for 2 days. Thank you again for your time and effort. (Loaded the pictures bellow incase Gyazo links dont work. ty ty)
  20. I used to DJ in OpenSim, so I have some knowledge on how to DJ in virtual worlds. But need some refreshing! What software do most use for streaming music? Where do you all get your servers? Do people usually talk on air in their events in SL like in OpenSim? Do many people use stage names? I apologize if this is the wrong category.
  21. Okay, so, I just set the name I wanted to go by. It stayed for a while, but, now I have to wait ANOTHER 7 days to change it again, because it disappeared, again. I tried to set it last week, and it did the same thing. I don't know what is happening, but it is getting annoying, in all honesty. I don't see why it keeps disappearing, because I make sure it works. Why does this keep happening ;-;?
  22. So, to break down what I've done: Relogged, multiple times. Tried different accounts. Rebooted modem, multiple times. Clean install of the viewer. Different regions. Triple Checked driver updates. Re-installed OS (unrelated to this particular issue, though still relevant) Re-checked drivers. Rebooted modem, again. I continue to be disconnected within 2-3 minutes after logging in; I can spin in a circle, type in local chat and still use buttons/menus, though soon after my mini-map turns red and I'm disconnected, without fail. My system specs are: Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (build 15063), 64-bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz RAM 8.0 GB Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Chipset GeForce GTX 960 Dedicated Memory 2.0 GB Total Memory 4.0 GB Driver Version If more info is needed, let me know, I'm just tired of treading water, considering it was working fine last night without so much as a hiccup. Help please!
  23. Hello, I recently came back to Second Life around 5 days ago after a break of a year or so. I've never had any issues in Second Life when I used to play with where I used to go or do it would all work fine. I came back and downloaded the SL Viewer from the Second Life website and when going to locations such as Big Daddy's 80's Club, I noticed I would crash if I moved or moved my camera. I went through making changes in the settings from turning my settings form ultra to high and changing VBO to disabled and more and still the same. I have tried the following viewers - SL Viewer, Firestorm, Cool, Singularity and now using Catznip as it seems to be a little more stable at times. I do not have issues with my setup or speeds of my connection as I will place this below. Download Speed - 350MBps Upload Speed - 50MBps Ram - 64GB Graphics Card - Gefroce GTX 1080 CPU - i7-3960X HardDrives 4 x 500GB SSD's - I am running second life on a SSD Motherboard - Rampage IV Extreme I have checked my firewall and network and see no issues with anything causing blocks within my setup and just looking for some guidance. I have also attached an image of my settings - Please note I have made multiple changes to them all and it still has issues.
  24. Hello, i have strange issue when taking photos. When turn on ultra, and of course shadows and AO, inworld and in snapshot window i can see shadows and all, but when save photo on my drive shadows are gone, also ambient oclusion. My saved photos look like they are taken on mid settings but in high resolution, while inworld all looks fine. My computers specs: CPU: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor (3515.9 MHz) Memory: 16367 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 64-bit (Build 7601) Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc. Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series Windows Graphics Driver Version: 8.17.0010.1429 Would really appreciate if someone could help me with this
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