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  1. Yes i need everything i want to change all if i start change because the old one is not meshed .. so yes i need all hair tattoo mesh body, mesh head. Buged is around 4500-5000 L$. about the land i dont know yet all detalis but i think he will provide everything we need..
  2. verry true what you write here... but i think in this case we use only muscle:)
  3. Hello all and Happy Hollidays. One of my SL friend tell me today he want to open a sim with gladiator arena and some army fields. So i need to update my old avatar, but i dont know what mesh body to use, what mesh head, so i need some sugestion and some help. The avatar must look like a gladiator but also like as a trained soldier. my budget is a bit limited.Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. thank you verry much.
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