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  1. Alright. I ended up sending another message, they sent me a message saying it was fixed, I checked it, and it's fixed! They did it!
  2. They sent me an email that said they fixed the problem. I log in only to find that it actually hasn't been fixed at all.
  3. I haven't gotten anything back from support yet. Not sure how long it'll take them to get to me.
  4. I put in a ticket. I, not sure why I had so much trouble finding where to put one in.
  5. I have been able to change it in the marketplace, but preferences and world search do not work. I also can't find a single way to contact support.
  6. I tried that already. It's greyed out on my viewer and won't let me change it.
  7. DigitalBrave3

    Adult Content

    Hello! I am 18 and used my real birthdate, yet I cannot access adult content. What is up with that?
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