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  1. hello i dont know how to export from substanc epainter for SL usage, im using it for metals, fabrics, latex and more... please fi you have an export set up let me know how its set up, i ahve also seen many posts about this and poeple comment about other programs, i would like to keep this about substance paint exportings please! im paying for it i dont want to be suggested to try another app that i also have to pay for D:
  2. hello im commenting for a friend please contact her xcutiemoox resident, i couldnt find you in world to send to my friend. She is after logo and marketplace branding and some other stuff.
  3. im looking for a graphic designer for a friends shop she wants HQ stuff to seem a bit more professional and she wants a cute theme (lace'n what not),we did find someone but they are closed till December New logo HQ Hud texture Designs with logo and theme Banners and a um marketplace listing pic psd..something to make the marketplace listings match the theme and i can add photos of the products to it and edit Please contact me in world VIA A NOTE-CARD for more info and discussion of cost please. Ooshie Pancake
  4. not if someone is going to charge 5K an hr to rezz stuff on my land. So maybe look into my reasons on "cheapskate" , i also have a planner with me so i know how i want it so it would be less time for the hired person ^^ (PS id like to see someones work before payments discussed too, some say they do it and have a tree, small house on a 1/4th region!)
  5. Serious offers i need a full Region up do, make sure to contact me with more then basic essentials available to you or able to suggest some links in ims. Please also contact me more about LESS being paid i know i said id pay if it came to it but the first messages about "How much is the pay im interested" Isnt the best thing to see, id rather use my Ls for purchasing more products for the decorations and buildings! Dont be greedy be helpful~ ;3
  6. hello i need Desperate help decorating my Region i have no furniture or trees, forage or homes to use myself so id like to seek out a SL creating pretty regions Person!, i can map out an area or explain what i need where, id love a Woodland Type look BUT always open to suggestions! What i am doing is DFS Farming and making a home for a couple people for RP Purposes...it is currently in use so we have time to plan before i Empty the land! id need a More modern style "farm and dairy" set up with a 1/4th market in one corner and a Pub/Bar in the market area, id like the milking Machines like this for the DFS cows make it look more fun, a Modern barn for other cows ect. like a fun famring experience with Gardens homes and fun things like fishing ponds ect...seems like alot but again im up for suggestions contact me in world > Copy paste secondlife:///app/agent/e6a3b41a-a824-467d-8087-830f43b58e77/inspect
  7. i need images Taken and edited for 2 accounts both with Teegle Avs, please contact in world with a notecard WITH PRICE ,packages & Some work to show how you do your photography. Can't wait to hear from you! Copy this and past in SL world to get a profile link to Send me a Notecard > secondlife:///app/agent/e6a3b41a-a824-467d-8087-830f43b58e77/inspect < Xameiiax resident If you do not Send a notecard WITH PRICE ,packages & Some work to show how you do your photography i will not Take "your word" on your work, i have been scammed and ripped off, So understand why i have requested this. It is also PHOTOGRAPHY WITH EDITING not just a image with basic lighting, Thank you
  8. some basc things wont take long to do if anyone could IM prices in a NOTECARD that would be great. ( xameiiax resident im looking for a mesh force feeding mask(Possibly with bento open mouth anim cow like nose/Mask), breast pumps (And if enough Ls more items will be requested IM to know more)
  9. hello IM me in world wit a NOTECARD on price and detail on how you can do this for me, i cant seem to get the Lockguard thing to work... i want to linke 2 wearable items on avatar to a single prim object. (needs full perm version)
  10. its hard to explain online or in general, its best if you see the product but the image is not moderate content (Adult prop), IM in world to see a screenshot on what it is to understand the texture that is needed xameiiax resident > Adult, milking, hucow, Adult, Prop, Animation
  11. there is no need for this post, do not respond
  12. hello im in need of getting avatar images done, i dont have much Ls but i know many people if i could get a discount rate i will advertise everywhere to everyone your great work. IM in world with a notecard on rates and package deals please in need ASAP > xameiiax resident
  13. She has been found, do not contact me.
  14. Co-owner needed ASAP! hello, thank you for reading this, i am in need of a co-owner of my MArket sim, its not paid work its half ownership so you will have responsibilities to half rental payments, if you no longer want to read this because of the payments then stop reading now, Im not after time wasters as i had been shafted really bad on the spot with no notice on her leaving she just up and left, SO for all the interested people this next part is most info needed, But to be clear there is 4 groups to join they are made for specific markets to advertise their stalls freely without all market rentals combined into one group for confusion Thanks for continuing, here ill list responsibilities first is a 1 week trial see how you go with it so you don't need to pay upfront yet!. 1) First off is Management! - Managing the place is a must, you MUST be respectful to everyone who comes in and asks most stupid questions or simple one, not everyone knows things you do! 2) Help on paying half the rental amount (Will be disclosed privately) - Co-owner or not you will be needed to add some input into the Parcel, it is adult and commercial 3) Advertising and bringing in renters. - right now its a 2Week bonus on a 2week rental purchase, So thats a good starter! 4) INFO! - Fill notecards of issues and or complaints people tell you about, or that you see on Sim, Whether it's a rental issue or some random floating prim. 5) BEING ON LAND - I know bummer! but you do need to have your presence on sim incase of issues. and not just bludging it off it might be boring but over time it will be a flourishing market in no time if i receive help! 6) YOU DO GET A CUT - All rentals will be cut into half ( %50 ) each rental is paid via a mesh rental casper meter only and you will not have access to that system for (Linden reasons) You payments are direct straight away whether im online or not, casper is pretty good for rentals. 7) MIGHT MOVE TO CHEAPER LOCATION - We may be moving rental locations as the location of the market is...odd i know but it is in the making for a 10K prim location That ends up rather the amount i was recently paying for the parcel and an extra private parcel! 8) RENTALS - they are DFS/G&S, :Mused: and Battlebeast breedable market (Dragons/Kitsunebi) , all are separate in their own square but the landing point is is in the middle 9) IT WOULD BE NICE IF - IF you had experience in the selected market ideas, if not its not too hard knowing what they are. 10) HAVE TIME FOR YOURSELF -YES, the market is #1 but you can also have time for yourself, me right now cant really as i try to pay for the rental and deco it myself!, It's not fun sometimes alone but so far i have few renters that like the place. For all other enquiries contact Xameiiax resident Via Notecard in world. If you want to see the land a LM will be listed for you here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chura Beach/190/183/21
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