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  1. hi, i left a comment on your other post but you don't seem to respond so i'm asking again: is the 100L adboard mandatory? i would love to join you guys but i'm very low on lindens and i can't afford the adboard at this moment.
  2. this is mine i just did it today, i'm very proud of it
  3. hi, i picked up an application form, is the 100L adboard mandatory?
  4. Hi, i'm doing a topic again because I lost the last one LOL. I got very many job possibilities but due to RL issues I couldn't see them all or do some of them I'm looking for a job in modelling, I always wanted to try to model here in SL, imo i think it is a fun experience and I would like to try it out. My avatar is polished, I own a Maitreya body and a Genus head (StrongGift001), but i can switch to Lelutka (Erin) or Catwa (Freya free head) if needed. I'm usually on SL everyday. If you have some gigs, let me know in a PM find me inworld floryandreea12
  5. bump (please leave me a notecard inworld if you want to contact me, im's get capped)
  6. you need to be at least 18 years old or older to work in SL.
  7. Hi, where i can download the black dragon viewer? i tried from the owner's site but google drive link shows nothing and the bitbucket link is outdaded....is there any possibility that I can download it? I heard is good for taking pics and I really want it
  8. Hello, I am trying once again (lol) I am looking for a job here in SL, it can be anything (i can learn if needed). My avi is 2 years old, i'm already polished with mesh head and body. I am a female irl (i can voice verify thru discord if needed), i am 23 years old. If you need help with something regarding your shop, I might help you with that~ I have a very big knowledge in Photoshop (i created on IMVU and now i create on SL), i love decorating, etc. IM me inworld: floryandreea12
  9. if you are not available just don't seek for jobs. some jobs may need you to be available everyday for a certain amount of hours. nobody does your shift, you have to do your own shift.
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