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  1. WilliamHolms wrote: from my own personal experence. i hate to say this but in general a vast majority of "abuse reports" get ignored. STOP THE PRESSES!!! ***Call me when you have a real scoop, eh?
  2. I have been happily married for more than four years. Just not to this wife. ***Call me Miss Ann d'Ryst if you are not very good at gender studies
  3. WilliamHolms wrote: SL often has the worst TP issues that are never fixed. i dont know how many people i lost to "oblvion land" by having them TP to me. crash and never get back on lol. so frustrating as hell. I used to deliberately give people I didn't like tp co-ordinates that landed them in "oblivion land". Every cloud has a silver lining. ***Call me Auntie Sochull
  4. Please remove this thread from General Discussions. All money laundering and copyright infringement threads should be initiated in the Russian language subforum. ***Call me Ivan Tooberic
  5. It's not twerking. ***Call me if you get it
  6. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: Alex, You have an interesting post but that said you've made some assertions that are not exactly correct as well; In general, yes anyone who values privacy should not be using SecondLife FIFY! The rest is boring and redundant. Except the bit about curtains, which made me want to advise you to pull yourself together. ***Call me when you're sober
  7. Richardus Raymaker wrote: You can use the same name and the same Linden Dollars from SecondLife in Sansar. You reckon? I don't. How are they going to accomplish the validation? Look at the disastrous abortive attempt to validate ages. It's gonna be a Thieves' Charter. I bet someone is at this moment coding a scam to pick up all the unused Linden Dollars in abandoned accounts, and someone else is working on blackware to intercept SLV1 to SLV2 communication. Richardus Raymaker wrote: It is pretty impossible technical and by law to use the same assets in Sansar. I have heard some nonsense talked about SL V2 but this takes the biscuit. Are you perhaps employed by LL in their so-called "Global Communications" department? That might also explain your inability to construct a grammatically coherent sentence. ***Call me . . . no, don't!
  8. It's extremely hush-hush at the moment, but rumours are spreading that the existing version of Second Life is to be subject to a massive rebranding exercise in the run-up to the announcement and failure of Second Life V2. It's going to be renamed ZombieWorld. ***Call me and soon a bot will answer
  9. There is going to be a new tagline to SL V2: "Your world - you're on your own" ***Call me Greg Erius, not Herm Itlych
  10. 323starlight wrote: That means I won't have to shell out the cash to get an Oculus Rift when it comes out. Or ever perhaps. ***Call me when it's outta gamma.
  11. I not be interested in de tails. Mebbe a girlie in Answers got somethin for ya. ***Call me Sir Castic if you are from North Wales and talk through your nose
  12. Why not provide facilities for free? Why not promise all sorts of things and not deliver them? Why not refuse to provide any sort of credible timeline? Why not alienate your customer base by not permitting migration? ***Call me if you can't work out the answers to these questions yourself; I will provide the same response as LL - nothing.
  13. What do we know about Sansar? Not much, but it's more than we care. ***Call me Sir Donic, if you have a Belfast accent
  14. irihapeti wrote: i thought about what you said Chin. Turns out I am way faster by heaps on my other hand Response time is a function of proximity of the physical motor action to the part of the body that processes the stimulus. ***Call me perceptive, but that means you might find you could improve your speed if you sat on the keyboard.
  15. Prokofy Neva wrote: Is this an Uncanny Valley problem? They make them more realistic but it end sup making them seem creepy. Hey, Prok, what's sup? ***Call me when you see what I did there.
  16. Prokofy Neva wrote: You clearly haven't tried these new avatars if you persist in making this statement. You fail to realize that these are all mesh, which is one reason they don't have parts you can take out, they are welded together. I'm specifically talking about the hair and tie on one avatar I'm actually wearing both of which cannot be removed unless you take the entire hat and hair off with it, etc. Again, newbies shouldn't be forced to have this. As for the female avatars, if they work better, that's great, but I'm talking about the males. People have trouble accepting the truth, and the bearers of the message, they think they are ignorant, unsophisticated, "don't know how SL works" blah blah. I've been in Sl 11 years. Call me when a) you have tried all the male avatars b) mixed and matched every single element of their outfits. Bye! Sorry, Prok, you talking about male avatars has as much credibility as me recommending types of tampon. ***Call me when you know who Gary Lightbody is; he looks exactly like the one you think is really ugly,
  17. irihapeti wrote: SirLeighBastard wrote: Congratulations! You win thanks !!! i dedicate my win to world peace Currently that dedication appears a big fail. ***Call me, if ISIS ever discovers where New Zealand is. Or cares.
  18. I am sure your suggestion is so good that LL is even now putting it to the top of the SL V1 suggestions list. Just underneath the note saying: "No resources are available to enhance this version of the software, and if there were, what would be the point, as we are going to abandon it as soon as we can work out how to monetise SL V2." ***Call me realistic
  19. OichiKazama wrote: It's super annoying. I want my avatar to look...normal. I have an animation but it doesn't affact the head which is quite unfortunate and its the only one that i have really. Any solutions? You're normal: most avatars only have one head. ***Call me normal, not Norma.
  20. Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean you aren't being watched. ***Call me, I'm watching the phone.
  21. Congratulations! You have several years of pointlessly wasting your time with pre-release software before LL eventually gives up. Enjoy! ***Call me Sir Nicholl
  22. Perhaps you might also try posting in the role play forum, as there may be a sim that enjoys re-enacting the simple pleasures of community spirit in the westward colonisation of what would subsequently become the USA, since I have seen numerous movies starring the likes of John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart where a central part of the plotline seems to be a barn-raising, ***Call me old-fashoned, but I like it when you can identify the bad guy because he is wearing a black hat.
  23. MicahStellar wrote: Wow, really. ... troll much? You yourself actually fulfil the definition of a troll, posting inappropriate content in the wrong place where it is likely to engender spirited responses from those who habitually inhabit the forum in a generally civilised manner. ***Call me lacking in compassion, but your Ignorance is no defence either.
  24. You voluntarily transferred L$ to an account that was not registered in your name, and now you have asked for that account to be put on hold. If LL takes any action it is likely to be punitive upon whatever account you used to request the account action, which has absolutely no justification, and which should be seen as abuse of the owner of that account. ***Call me whatever you like, it won't help your statusas a vexatious litigant
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