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  1. ObviousAltIsObvious wrote: press the Cancel button at the bottom, that gets you back to a choice of save options. it doesn't do what anybody expects. Then it should be relabelled the Spanish Inquisition button! ***Call me SirLeigh; I am.
  2. "Tell me why" "I don't like Mondays" Another argument for gun control and the abolition of Mondays. ***Are you surprised I am SirLeigh?
  3. adfeminarum wrote: wow! Thank you for answer and feedBACK... I don't agree at all but that is the beauty of democracy, every opinion is important. No, the point of modern democracy is to make those whose opinions are unimportant feel that they have a say in the process of power and associated corruption, while limiting them to mundane necessities such as polishing silver, cleaning toilets and vaccuuming while their husbands watch sport. ***Call me Sir; what you term "rights" are merely privileges I temporarily bestow upon you
  4. DejaHo wrote: SirLeighBastard wrote: When I have an identity crisis I check in the mirror and it's usually me. Usually yes, however It's the moments when it isn't is when I unusually stumble. Talking of which, I am delighted to say that my local Waitrose supermarket now stocks Hudson Manhattan Rye . ***It is me, of course
  5. Even if you restricted yourself to ten character names there are 10**36 combinations. That is 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 different potential names with the surname Resident. Even with bots and alts and Linden Lab hyperbolic mendacity, there are not that many SL participants. ***Yes, I am THE SirLeighBastard
  6. If someone says "So" to me, I respond "Doff" ***That would be me, SirLeighB
  7. When I have an identity crisis I check in the mirror and it's usually me. ***Yes, that's right, SirLeighB
  8. Parhelion Palou wrote: Garrett Latzo wrote: Hello again, Do these even get answered ? I also wanted to know if there may be an application process to propose ideas ? Danke, Garrett Latzo The last replies by Linden Lab or Ebbe were in mid-July (3 months ago). It seems they've lost interest in this forum in particular and this version of Second Life in general. FIFY! ***Yes, that SirLeighB
  9. Life is a game. Second Life is a subset of Life. Therefore Second Life is a game. In fact, so is everything. Except death. ***My title is Sir; you are entitled to call me it
  10. You only have one avatar to express divese aspects of your character? How unimaginative and restrictive! The first thing I did when I joined this club was to make another avatar, a female one, called Joy. I have been beside myself with joy ever since. ***SirB
  11. You're only as old as the woman you feel. ***Call me Sir, because I won't call you
  12. NekoDatingService wrote: Will Sansar or SL2.0 allow us to have surnames back or choose two names? Much more important, will we be able to insist upon being addressed by the correct title? ***Call me Sir
  13. I don't believe in equality, I think that the environment can jolly well look after itself, as it has been doing for the last millenia or twelve, and I buy my justice by the case, but I do appreciate a good rear.  That's the sort of art I appreciate!
  14. The title of this thread reminded me of the time Lady B stitched a steering wheel into my best boxers. She's driving me nuts. ***SirLeigh
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