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  1. From the article: "Bailenson took a group of second graders deep into the ocean in VR and weeks later, half of them had false memories of visiting an aquarium." ***Call me if you want more ways for teachers to ***bleep*** with the minds of impressionable kids
  2. CheriColette wrote: "There have only been two true planets discovered since ancient times, and this would be a third," one researcher said. Wow! How many years do you think that astronomy researcher spent in advanced mathematical classes to be able to work that out? ***Call me when you can count up to four, eh?
  3. A very successful British comedian used to wonder why parents took their children to supermarkets just to smack them, and in the same way, I was wondering why so many people joined SL just so that they could post in the forums to demonstrate in public how stupid they were. Go on, prove me right!
  4. I hate clowns, but it's completely understandable, as my aunt was murdered by John Wayne Gacy. ***Call me when you have worked out that this thread was brought to you by the letters F and O
  5. I reckon it will soon be yet another LL CEO making gaffes. ***Call me when you have a free tee time, Ebbe
  6. There are others desperate for Pep's attentions, too. **Call me via the BBC helpline
  7. LordTristem wrote: I apologize in advance if this question upsets anyone, but I have been toying with the notion of giving Second Life another go, but I've been reluctant to do so due to the games age. Specifically I can't help, but wonder how much longer Second Life's gonna last before it gets axed (It is afterall almost 13 years old), and replaced by something else. So I guess the question I'm asking is is it worth coming back to? Are there any plans of it being shut down or replaced in the near future or am I just being a worry wart so to speak? Short answer: No Long answer: Definitely not ***Call me Dee Sysieve
  8. ChinRey wrote Every single "new" idea and invention mankind has ever come up with has been based on something from the past. No, lots of new and original ideas have actually resulted from cockups and incompetents getting things completely wrong. ***Call me when you get the Jethro Tull reference
  9. Aethelwine wrote: A friend had to cancel their wedding because they couldn't get the wedding dress on and most of the guests were clouds. It sounds like you have discovered the infamous missing fifth verse of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" Or is it just an out-take from Macarthur Park? ***Call me Mister Memory Man
  10. Damn! I came to this thread hoping that I would find explicit pictures of my my old friend Treasure's torso. ***Call me Naimh
  11. The problem is that nobody wants to sign the Non Disclosure Agreement. Because it states that you must not disclose that the product does not actually exist. ***Call me Percy K Spashus
  12. JessicaPaige1 wrote: How will I now get an app for SL mobile? iDontcare ***Call me Flip Ant
  13. I heard he logged on to the Beta of SL V2 and couldn't find his way out again. ***Call me Sir Donic, with a drawl
  14. Wot, no screeches of "It's not a game!" Where have all the flowers gone? ***Call me for historic intertextual references
  15. He was a narcissistic chancer, desperate for fame of the "Look at me!" kind, and very good at it, too, once he had got "The Laughing Gnome" and his Anthony Newley impressions out of his system. ***Call me when you have listened to Hotel California one more time
  16. It's threads like this that are the reason there is nobody bothering with these forums any more. This, and ones about things that people claim to have discovered because even though they can't actually see them, they believe they are there because of the effects they seem to have. - a bit like moderators, I suppose. ***Call me when you have something interesting to say
  17. Luddites! ***Call me when you have stopped living in the past
  18. cosplayjones wrote: last nite i had a dream about sl an av called nelson shelter rose up, he was great and fearful, he waged a war in sl he destroyed many furries and vampires and sieze control of sl he won much land and glory but blazed hellfire i wonder if this was just a dream or premoniton Can you hear Martin Luther King turning in his grave? Actually, he stole the idea from someone else as well, like he did his doctoral dissertation. ***Call me Sir Tun of Playjerisum
  19. tiffaani wrote: Im amazed how people can come in this forum, ask a question, then have a bunch of oppinionated people replying with unhelpful statments and personal attacks. Next time i post a question, ill have to add that stupid, opionionated non answers are welcome. I am amazed that LL allows individuals with a literacy level of less than 16 to sign up for SL.. ***Call me Pete Antik
  20. Perrie Juran wrote: DejaHo wrote: Seriously? It is so obvious I didn't think the question needed to be asked anymore. PS It is certainly Madelaine's forum now. I'm not sure about that. It seems to me that Pep's family does an excellent job of keeping things under control here. Funny you should say that; the man himself was asking whether it was worth generating another identity, but I told him that he would be better off annoying the statistics freaks who populate the fantasy football forum he is currently frequenting. Apparently, he hasn't really got time for that though, because he has wagered a friend that he can obtain compensation from an insurance company with whom he does not actually have a policy, because he thinks they definitely employ the most stupid of all "Customer Care" staff. Current lurkers excepted, of course. ***Call his name and he shall come
  21. The workaround is not to have any friends. ***Call me Sol Itarree
  22. I had half a mind to work for Linden Lab. ***Call me overqualified
  23. Sassy Romano wrote: Isn't it ironic . . . No, no it isn't. ***Call me if you can't find the correct usage of the word somewhere on the 'net..
  24. bebejee wrote: We are all not native english speakers you know. And your point is what, exactly? ***Call me when you can find the shift key appropriately
  25. Sassy Romano wrote: Mine is to leave SL this year and quit posting in the forums You do realise that you may not have any choice in the matter? ***Call me Harry Allist in the land of rainbows and pink unicorns
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