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  1. And the answer to the obvious follow up question is "yes". And the answer to the subsequent one is "yes, it still counts as masturbation". ***Call me and I will get straight to the point.
  2. I have been using these forums for criminal purposes for years, according to numerous commentators possessing greater or lesser degrees of authority, which they are unable to apply in practice. ***Call me a recidivist, although if you do mistakenly believe you have authority in these forums you probably don't know what the word means.
  3. This discussion holds little personal interest, as I have a man to do this sort of thing for me. I do, however, insists that he folds rather than scrunches, which approach I believe less sophisticated individuals are habituated to employ.. ***Call me indolent, if you're not too lazy to look up what it means.
  4. It's OK, I have worked it out. Don't worry about replying. ***Call me Sir, again.
  5. There seem to be a growing number of threads in this forum which only have two posts, one asking a question and the next one, from the same person, saying not to bother to respond. Does anybody know why this is happening? ***Call me Sir
  6. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: We cannot recommend stores here in answers. We are here to only answer questions about SL itself. Is this the first recorded instance of a question being posed in Answers and then being moved to a forum? If that transfer is possible, then surely it should be feasible to move all the questions inappropriately posed in forums such as General Discussions to Answers! ***Call me innovative; I don't care.
  7. Sassy Romano wrote: Yes language is fluid but let's not resort to neologisms due to not knowing better or mimicking someone else who knows no better. Did you know that there was no such word as "neologism" until somebody invented it. ***Call me Etty Mologee
  8. Christin73 wrote: The past few days everytime I click home SL crashes. If I click the LM for my home it works fine but clicking the home button crashes. Has anyone else expierienced this issue? I believe that numerous others have reported the problem over in the Answers forum, and had it resolved extremely promptly. ***Call me consideration personified
  9. I used to enjoy sending my female alt topless to one of those supposedly romantic meat market dance places, and persuading the hostess that my blouse was just slow to rez, while walking around treading on the tongues of the desperate single men hanging around. ***Call me Sir Rendah-Munkeh
  10. Fritter Enzyme wrote: I got a used laptop, Asus i7, Nvidia Geforce gt 550m, went from win7 to 10. All seemed good with SL. Nvidia updated, and added Nvidia Experience. Things seemed slow and different. Not better. Then I got a 10 update that took away my start button and any connetivity to the internet. I rolled back the update and things went back the way they were. Took the update again, and the same thing happened. I went back to factory settings, and SL is way too slow, teleportation fails often. I don't move when I try or stop when I want. All this with the latested Firestorm. Tried earlier versions of that and Singularity. Low graphic settings help but it isn't worth being on like this. Any ideas? Thanks Fritter Yes. Post your question in the Technical Forum rather than cluttering up this General Discussions one. ***Call me compassionate to those who deserve it
  11. Bobbie Faulds wrote: The nVidia GeForce cards work beautifully with minimal problems Would you use a parachute that the salesman said had "minimal" problems? ***Call me Sir Nicol
  12. irihapeti wrote: if we take off your name and my name then with only 26 letters (given no digits bc englishy) to choose from for a name of length 2 to length 31 and we want a name which is englishy looking then by Shannon measurement is only about 8,963,090,534,496,190,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 names left for everyone else. Minus the 50 or so something million used already so probably run out by about lunchtime I think q; (: + more serious tho some more thoughts when most people say that all names are taken then what they usually mean is all common english firstnames Sophia, Jack, Sam, Hannah, Mary, Thomas, etc even when we had lastnames the common firstnames (in all human languages) were snapped up pretty quickly each time new lastnames were added to the list + also I just add on some tldr about what if i still dont get why a single space char cant be included in a new SL name. Is no technical reason that I can see. A space is just a char is pretty trivial to make a signup validation rule for this. like for example: 1) there can only be 1 space (to be consistent with the old naming rule) 2) the space cant be in the first or last position (to avoid display confusion. leading/trailing spaces can be hard to spot) 3) there must be at least 2 contiguous non-space chars before and after a space (to be consistent with the old naming rule) 4) therefore a space when included must be in the 1s-based range [3..length(name)-2] 5) that names minus the space must be unique when case is applied (to avoid display confusion. eg. "mr smith" "mrs mith") 6) therefore examples: (case applied) " maryjean", "m aryjean", "maryjea n", "maryjean " = invalid "ma ryjean", "mar yjean", "mary jean", "maryj ean", "maryje an" = maryjean (resolve to) typically a person would choose "Mary Jean" or maybe "Mr Smith" or maybe even "Witch Evah" "like yanno" (: the inclusion of the space dont actual change the number of available names with this kinda resolution/validation rule applied. And it avoids display confusion + also as well. if/when have this kinda rule then it can be applied retrospective to all .Resident names for those who want it a "Space My Name One Time" app can be written for inclusion on the account page for existing names. We get one go at it and thats it. The app disappears off our account page for existing .resident accounts once used. And never appears for old style names (bc they already got a lastname not resident). Or for new accounts bc they already had a choice on signup would make lots of existing people pretty happy this I think basically what this rule does is that if I am already "MaryJean Resident" then nobody can snaffle "Mary Jean" off me in any changeover + is a issue with some of the older scripted inworld objects that might be impacted adversely by this. Which could mean breakage of existing content however I think this could be resolved by changing the way the names are served up to the inworld script. example: pos = (space in firstname); if (pos && lastname == "resident") { return to script ( (firstname = (firstname, 1, pos-1); lastname = (firstname, pos+1, length(firstname)) ); }; a alternative to this (and the way I would do it for efficiency) is to add datafields to the account record, and just return those a flag field [0] to denote a no space name (which also flag the old style names) a [1] to denote a space name. With the spacenames added to the record so something like [0] [Mary] [smith] [0] [MaryJean] [Resident] [1] [MaryBrown] [Resident] [Mary] [brown] if (flag) { return to script [Mary] [brown] }; else { return to script [MaryJean] [Resident]; [Mary] [smith] }; + ok next this might break existing scripts tho where a name like "MaryBrown Resident" is hardcoded in the script itself so if this is a issue (and given LL aversion to breaking existing content which relies on existing documentation which the name.resident does rely on) then a alternative for new scripts is a new LSL function: llGetNewName(). which dont break the older scripts llGetName = "Mary Smith" llGetNewName = "Mary Smith" llGetName = "MaryJean Resident" llGetNewName = "MaryJean Resident" llGetName = "MaryBrown Resident" llGetNewName = "Mary Brown" in the LL viewer then: Mary Smith MaryJean Mary Brown Congratulations! You win November's prize for wasting the most of your own time and that of everyone who read your post. ***Call me Sir Endipitous
  13. rockrollchick500 wrote: if i end up not needing this second account how do i file a ticket to have it deleted. You could always just use it to ask questions in General Discussions that you should be asking in the Answers forum, and eventually you might get banned, which would achieve your aim. ***Call me Sir, and salute when you do so.
  14. There are rumours that LL is testing a new facility in some sims which only allows entry if your IQ exceeds moron level. ***I know because I started them
  15. Kelli May wrote: SirLeighBastard wrote: I find it extremely amusing to tell people that their clothes have not rezzed and that they are appearing nude to everyone else. ***Call me Miss Cheevus If you're extremely persuasive, you can suggest they take their clothes off and put them back on again a few times to force them to rez. So you remember that time in the Forum Hangout then, Kelli . . . ***A rose by any other name would smell as sweet
  16. There's a Chinese couturier that might suit you; his name is Wun Hung Lo. ***My old yellow corduroys do me fine, although they are worn around the crotch.
  17. OldmanGean wrote: I am in great desire to have my avatar look a certain way in SL. One that is neither mucular or young. Am I to be punished for this choice and never allowed to have mesh in my life? Are their any mesh designers/creators out there that can help a fat old man be in mesh? You would be better off joining a naturist club. ***Don't expect me to hang out there with you
  18. mulana wrote: what is it ??? ^^ I use my devilisly raffish natural animal magnetism, actually. Rrrrrarrgh. ***Don't call me miLord; that would be so wrong
  19. Iyoba Tarantal wrote: People want the ads, just the way our mothers love those coupon circulars the supermarkets send out. Speak for your own mother. The Dowager Lady Holmely-Vissitch has her butler shoot leaflet delivery-persons who have the temerity to stuff unrequested invitations to bog off through the portico. ***Call me upper class, because at least I have some class
  20. Be more organised before you start. Why should software wait around for you to find something? ***Call me impatient, but do it quick, Leigh
  21. Moni Duettmann wrote: Firestorm crashes when taking a snapshot, or even when I try to make photo settings. I'm on a Mac. Does anyone perhaps know a workaround or solution? Use a proper computer. ***Call me Sir "Prising" Leigh
  22. Flymecheap wrote: I can get the folder open but it just keeps opening windows media player ,what do i do Use windows media player. ***Call me Sir Uptishus
  23. I find it extremely amusing to tell people that their clothes have not rezzed and that they are appearing nude to everyone else. ***Call me Miss Cheevus
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