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  1. LuminousElf wrote: were is my cache In a banque? ***Call me helpfool
  2. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Celestiall Nightfire wrote: Now for "real democracy".....just NO. That's a terrible idea. Democracy is mob rule. You can't seriously want that?! That means the villagers rally with pitch-forks and torches. It means rule by rabble. We in the USA created a Republic so we wouldn't have mob rule. Sheesh. I have three pitchforks (two short handle hay, one long handle spading) and three torches (one oxy-acetylene, one propane, one kerosene). Does that mean I get six votes? I have twelve inches, but I don't use it as a rule. ***Call me dang Leigh
  3. The inhabitants of the Isle of Man claim to have Welsh blood inside them. They were cannibals. ***Call me Dai d'Laffin
  4. IP bans are almost entirely pointless and ineffective. ***Call me via TOR
  5. Kelli May wrote: I think a lot of existing residents won't realise they exist Or care. ***Call me old-fashioned
  6. MrEmerik2000SL wrote: My Laurentian Bank debit card didn't work and i can't buy linden dollars. :matte-motes-frown: Monopoly money isn't any good either. ***Call me an Old Boot
  7. zantsuken wrote: Is Sansar planned to make SL obsolete? SL is already obsolete ***Don't call me SL
  8. Kelli May wrote: Rusty Sciavo wrote: We are married in RL, will be married 4 years November the 7th, 2015. Who has been married longer? Rusty Sciavo You both been married the same length of time. Is this a trick question? Lady B raced me to say "I will". Then she got me to make a will. ***Call me cautious, but I have a Las Vegas bank account she doesn't know about
  9. I am sure that if you ask the nice people over in the Answers forum they will be able to arrange an appointment with an optician, or explain how to change a light bulb, or whatever else is necessary so you can see your clothing layers. ***Call me Sir
  10. Kelli May wrote: SirLeighBastard wrote: Kelli May wrote If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them. Walk. ***Call me SirLeigh I'm too lazy. I know the feeling. My middle names are Archibald Zepheniah. ***Call me L A Z B
  11. Aislin Ceawlin wrote: Can I claim lack of sleep as a defense? Only if you are American. Otherwise it would be a putative defence. ***Claim rejected anyway.
  12. I am surprised you can't find one. Everywhere I go there seems to be a Starbucks on the street corner. ***Yes, I am SirLeigh
  13. Kelli May wrote If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them. Walk. ***Call me SirLeigh
  14. I have only been married a month, but it feels like a lifetime already. And not in a good way. ***Call me SirLeigh; my wife does
  15. What do you have to hide then, sweetie? Oh, that's right, I could look myself. But it probably isn't worth it. ***Call me . . . actually, don't bother.
  16. Oh, it's only Facebook. I am extremely relieved. I thought they might be rising again, early. ***Call me SirLeigh. I am.
  17. Wendi Faith wrote: Pay it no mind Nalytha, he saw the thread title and felt this is where his comments belong....... Is that what attracted you to it, Wendi? Or was it the bit about being ignorant? ***Call me SirLeigh. I am.
  18. darklotus Dagger wrote: i have tons of spam groups i belong to to help promote my buisness but soes any one even pay attention to these groups and what is posted have you ever followed a link into one of these Of course everybody notices these things. In fact, I could offer you a great deal to advertise your business on the Brooklyn Bridge. ***Call me Sir
  19. Nalytha wrote: That's one way to discourage the ignorant. You're just a bundle of joy, aren't you? One way, yes, but I have lots more., and as I have pointed out in another thread, I have made a female alt called Joy. So I am usually beside myself with Joy. ***Call me Sir, but don't call me to have the above remark explained.
  20. Ohjiro Watanabe wrote: She is making herself into your doppelganger. I would be running down the road with sparks coming from my shoes! Are you that excited about the prospect of troilism with twins then, Ohjiro? ***I have presumed that you intend running towards the source of the potential action
  21. This thread is brought to you as a joint venture between those who don't know what the Answers forum is for, and those who do, but seem disinclined to discourage the ignorant. ***Call me Sir; better still, don't call me.
  22. Aislin Ceawlin wrote: Ahhhhh, Thursday. My favorite day this week Thursday? I am. I believe I shall have a pint or two of Brains SA. ***Excuse me, I have been called to the bar.
  23. irihapeti wrote: if apply Shannon Entropy Theorem to the issue of real names, meaning A-Z and no digits (0-9) then That discriminates against h4ck3r5! ***Call me 51r if you must.
  24. And this thread has been posted in the Role Play forum because . . . ? I can only think that you are pretending to be pro-democracy and are actually an anarchist agitator attempting to identify your potential opponents here. Explain or be removed, in an unilaterally undemocratic and authoritatively arbitrary fashion.. ***Sir will do
  25. I have tried extremely hard, but I am really struggling to work out what this thread is doing in the "Make Friends" forum. Would anybody care to offer a coherent explanation? ***Call me Sir!
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