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  1. I hope you are right Karen. I too used a packet sniffer to check this out, otherwise I would have no base for my claims other than that notice in the KB article. Perhaps it is because I am using an outdated LL viewer released in April, 2015. But chat is indeed un-encrypted in my viewer.  Thanks for testing it out in the newest viewer! Give my thanks to your daughter as well! ^^
  2. Hello Everyone, I just checked, and messages you send in SL are sent across the internet as plain-text. I think this a huge privacy concern and should be dealt with as soon as possible. What does this mean for you? Well, you should just be very careful about what you share online. To reach a destination, messages on the internet pass through many checkpoints. For example, if you are playing SL on a Windows laptop, the message will go from your viewer, to your network adapter. Between these two checkpoints, any program on your computer has the opportunity to pick up plain-text in a message
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