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  1. Just goes to show how we all have differently strengths and weaknesses
  2. Just looked it up. It means making the process of making a game a little easier and available for everyone.
  3. I agree with you Gaia Kitten. Though with how Project Sansar has been promoted, the whole thing about democratizing the process of making a gaming experience, I kinda thought that ment the content creation system in Project Sansar would be easier to use and understand than it was in Second Life. At least... When it comes to making the physical appearance of the content. Its the programming part of content creation that will always be difficult.
  4. Darrius Gothly wrote: Okay, assuming we start there and call the scenario I laid out "speculation", let's further frame it as "cautionary speculation". On the order of "if you set the bar here, bad things will come to pass." Agreed? Agreed.
  5. Well, let's take a single example: Today I can use Paint Shop Pro (a very old but familiar image editing program) to create Textures, use Prims and editing tools to make shapes, and write programs in a simplified and fairly flexible language called LSL. If I want to extend into Mesh, I can use Blender (a fairly obtuse but freely available 3D modeling program). Sansar will require Maya to create shapes and objects. Programming will be done in C# (a much more dense and formalized programming language). I can throw a convex hull prim into a crowd and hit 100 people that can use GIMP and write in LSL. But I'd be lucky to hit one that had Maya on their computer (legally) and knew C# well enough to make a lamp light upon user touch. No, I don't think it's a matter of us adapting to meet the inevitable growth in complexity. Rather I think it's a case of them setting a high bar in hopes that the result will be high quality products with high prices and thus high margins from which to extract higher fees. You may be right. But right now, its just speculation. Until Linden Labs decides to release a video showcasing how content creation works in Project Sansar, all we can do is speculate.
  6. Darrius Gothly wrote: ChinRey wrote: I get this feeling LL would rather not have Sansar flooded with content created by happy amateurs so there may well be restrictions who is allowed to upload too. And THERE is the death knell. The total failure to recognize what made Second Life grow, and what makes it thrive today. User created content. Look at the gaming community. The games that fail to recognize the power and technical contributions of the Modding Community are failing overall .. rapidly. Those that allow modding, essentially user-created content, are growing in massive leaps. Look at the history and current situation in Second Life? What is the source of 99% of all things in SL? Lab-built things? Or User Created Content? So Sansar will do away with "content created by happy amateurs". And replace it with .. what? Content created by underpaid interns with no experience in-world? They are going to wratchet up the technical requirements so high that only those with thousands of dollars in real-world money, hundreds of hours of experience and skills honed over years of OJT will be able to create content. Something I just realized when looking back at Second Life. If you recall the tools provided for content creation were way to complex, even the scripting and HUD programming is complex. In short what you guys described is how content creation was during Second Life's early days. And now look, content creators adapted. Assuming Linden Labs has learned from its mistakes, its likely the content creation tools that will be provided in Project Sansar will not only be a lot easier to use than in Second Life, but will also allow content creators to create better functioning, and better looking content. As long as the content creators actually put effort into it.
  7. While doing some research I came across some interesting stuff; First, theres a news post by Road to VR showcasing 2 screenshots in Project Sansar. I'll put the link here. http://www.roadtovr.com/project-sansar-screenshots-linden-lab-virtual-world-next-gen-second-life/ Secondly, I came across another VR program being headed by a former member of Linden Labs called High Fidelity. From the looks of it, the program finds a way around the need to have monthly payments (likely used in SL to keep the servers running) by having your personal domain be maintained by your own computer's server. Its an interesting work around. The VR program hasn't been around for very long so the amount of content in the marketplace is very limited. But if you have the chance, go check it out. https://metaverse.highfidelity.com
  8. I'm admittedly baffled at how deep the chat has been getting. I'm interested to see where it all goes.
  9. I get the feeling you're mocking me.
  10. I hope thats true. Its the kind of Sandbox experience that I've been searching for.
  11. I remember reading somewhere about how users will still have to pay monthly in order to own and customize their own sim (only less that what was required in SL) so heres my question. (More of a suggestion but still a question) Why not make a software program separate from (but still connected to) Project Sansar that gives users a personal virtual sandbox of their own? Allowing them the freedom to build whatever they want, and invite friends and other users to visit. And instead of a monthly payment, the users would have to pay in order to expand the size of their sandbox. And pay to transfer other user created content into the sandbox. About 10% more if they don't already have it, and 10% of the original price if they do already have it. And heck, why not have an offline mode where users can still enjoy it without needing a wifi connection? (Will probably require user to download the sandbox world beforehand) I'm asking this because I don't know if this feature is going to be included in Project Sansar, or if it'll be added later after launch, or if not at all. So will something like what I described above be available in Project Sansar? Is it something you never considered until now? Or am I just hoping for something that might never happen?
  12. First time reading about Project sansar, I expected it to be like Second Life. In that players can create items, avatars, worlds, etc, only being able to make a world (or sim as they're called on SL) would be free and not require a monthly subscription. Sadly that hope seems to have been crushed when I came upon some later information. Short message to Linden Labs; Why not make a software program separate (but somewhat connected to) from Project Sansar that gives users a personal virtual sandbox of their own? Allowing them the freedom to build whatever they want. And instead of a monthly payment, the users would have to pay in order to expand the size of their sandbox. And pay to transfer other user created content into the sandbox. About 10% more if they don't already have it, and 10% of the original price if they do already have it. Just a short suggestion to Linden Labs. With all that said, I have a question to everyone on the forums. What all do we know about Project Sansar? [I'm intending this thread to be a way for everyone to stay in the know about the information Linden Labs is releasing on Project Sansar] So far, all we know is that it; - makes the process of creating a game easier and less expensive - will be on PC but may come to mobile later in life - Does not require a VR headset (from what I heard) and -like SL, allows users to make content other than games. What else is there that we don't already know?
  13. It is? I actually thought it was required... Cool. That means I won't have to shell out the cash to get an Oculus Rift when it comes out. (And a computer that can handle the Oculus.)
  14. I see. I do wish that Linden Labs would make a sandbox program that allows players to create their own world. Only instead of paying monthly, players have to pay to get land expansions, and pay extra to bring any user created content from Project Sansar (or second life) into their little sandbox. Thats actually how I was hoping Project Sansar would be like.
  15. One thing I'm having mixed feelings about is the part where you "create your own experience". Is this basically the same as when you make a sim on SL or is it similar in style? Another thing that bothers me is this, on one news site, it stated that you won't have to pay money to create your own experience, but in another article, it says that it won't cost as much as it would in SL. Which is it? Is making your own sim/experience free in project Sansar or not?
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