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  1. I have the now out dated Oculus Rift Dev Kit 1, the original model that was to the new VR hype. Especially when I learned SL began tinkering around with the whole VR compatibility in a beta viewer. Evetually the Second Edition Dev Kit was released along with a load of new features. And Linden Labs responded with a new viewer that now supports that second edition. However, the older viewer seems to have been left in the dust. I downloaded the DK 2 beta viewer in hopes it had some sort of ability to still be able to read the Oculus Rift DK1.Sadly that failed. So what I want to know is: Is the older DK1 viewer still out there for us older Oculus Rift users or is there a way to make the new one backwards compatible? I'd really love to see SL in the whole VR perspective as I have enjoyed what demos I've used with it.
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