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  1. I understand that this may come as to a shock to some, maybe even LL itself, but bear with me. Two years ago, I was asked to do a journo piece for the Alphaville Herald, looking at newly emerging SL gangs. What I discovered seemed more like RP groups - or, to put it less kindly, fantasists thinking that using the names of RL gangs like Hell's Angels and NYC's Wave Gang leant some substance to their rather minor-level SL machismo (and occasional griefing). However, I ended up following up some other leads that pointed towards something far more sinister. There is a huge copybotting ring here, which seems to be making thousands of RL dollars every week through their criminal activities. They don't use rogue viewers and they don't stand out from the crowd. These aren't people who copybot and then spam sandboxes for 'teh lulz'. In fact, they are highly active in ARing and taking down other/rival copybotters so they remain unchallenged. They even proactively hunt down and report griefers, who they consider a potential disruption to their business. I'm talking about a small group, some of whom have 300-500+ alts, all fairly 'integrated' in SL - including peacekeeper groups, store owners, club owners, prominent developers, creators and 'public' figures. This isn't, repeat, isn't some kids messing around and being naughty. This is a serious group which makes substantial money off the back of selling stolen items. I have a huge dossier on what's going on, though the Alphaville Herald has since closed and I doubt that the mainstream media, even the tech mags and blogs, would have much interest. I am wondering whether it's worth turning this info over to LL?
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