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  1. I have resolved to stretch, to the absolute limits, (non)conformity to the Terms of Service of every web property I frequent. ***Call me Legion
  2. Fear information and the development of fears during childhood: effects on implicit fear responses and behavioural avoidance. Field AP & Lawson J (2003) Children who were told about fictitious monsters by adults developed irrational fears and phobias which impacted their subsequent mental health. ***Call me if you want someone to check under your bed before you retire.
  3. Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: Qie Niangao wrote: Folks are taking this thing awfully seriously, compared to its real prospects of ever getting out of alpha.) So how many days to april? then we can close this chapter once and for all. It may be of interest that April 1st, All Fools Day, is the anniversary of Ebbe getting the push from Microsoft. ***Call me for a date; no, not that sort of date; nor that one.
  4. I could have sworn I read something similar in another recent thread. That makes it a load of balls. ***Call me Sir Plus
  5. It's about the same cost as a net bailer. ***Call me for different sort of help than you would get in the ANSWERS forum.
  6. Change the name of the group to ***bleep***theLindens, then report it. It will disappear quicker than you can say ***bleep***theLindens. ***Call me for original answers to complex issues; just don't do it in the ANSWERS forum
  7. I think you are confusing William Tell and an interfering Roman priest who was beheaded on February 14th who is the patron saint of Bubonic Plague and Epileptics, hence the connection with the lovesick. ***Call me after the massacre is over
  8. Actually, the software was named JIRA as a tribute to the only woman who has simultaneously held the title of Ugliest Canadian and Most Whiney Voice in Post-Folk Rock, Joni Mitchell (she came third in the North American mis-spellings of the diminutives of boring Victorian first names) who issued a collection of recorded songs (in that era when they were called albums, or long playing records) called HEJIRA, which is itself an erroneous transliteration of the Arabic word for journey. ***Call me if you want REALLY useless Irish facts, which are like real facts, but more interesting.
  9. You had probably ticked the Chrome Option box for "Protect me from wasting money on scams". ***Call me a browser expert, as long as it does not involve defective fruit
  10. LL is preparing you for the issues that you will encounter with the pre-beta SL V2 ***Call me Al . . . Teknik Al
  11. If you really want to feel included we could always broaden the discussion to include discrimination against those suffering from post-senile dementia. ***Call me a lay psychologist
  12. If you don't use it you won't get sick. If SL V2 never gets released the main reason to get sick will be the waste of $600 ***Call me Medica Leigh; doctor is only an honorary title
  13. Kelli May wrote: Happy New Year, you surly brass-stud. Glad to see you posting again. eta: also, LL's appalling censorship protocols continue, preventing me from referring to you by the name they allow you to use. Genius. Isn't LL's self-contradiction wonderful! It might make you wonder if they have even half a clue. ***Call me anything you like, but be warned you may be ***bleeped***
  14. Perhaps you might find some light is shone on your interest in SL politics by knowing that the participants have, as a whole, on average, approximately one testicle each. ***Call me Sir Prising-Leigh-Insightful
  15. The chronic problem with SL retention is that 99% of signups are use-limited alts of existing users, created for nefarious or otherwise purposes, or minors, who get bored very quickly when they see the stupid way in which sex is depicted in SL. LL has failed to realise that nobody is interested in anonymous virtual societies any more (other than the illegal ones) whatever "Welcome" they might try to offer. ***Call me on my fantasy football forum; it's much more interesting.
  16. Jesica Dragovar wrote: hmmmm this is the first I've heard on Project Bento (admittedly I don't pay much attention to the blogs or the forums) but it sounds interesting what I'd love to see come of it is ability for facial and hand mapping via a computer's camera or a kinect or a leap motionor the like ideally what I'd eventually like is an SL setup using an oculus rift, a virtuix omni and a leap motion for near full immersion eventually in the future I'd love to see more immersion haptics for scent and taste and touch plugins Is your real life SO BAD that you want to replace it completely with a fake simulation? ***Call me when they let you out; or not.
  17. I am abused persistently in these forums by those who can not express themselves well in English. They seem to insist on posting, not realising how badly they are expressing themselves, and become even more abusive when their shortcomings are pointed out to them. ***Call me Sir Percilious
  18. Aislin Ceawlin wrote: I know I'm a bit late, but I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday! What wonderful gifts did you all get? I finally got the pet rat I've wanted for so long, lol! He's a hybrid hairless- dumbo ear and his name is Touille!  My daughter asked for a rat for Christmas. The rest of us had turkey. ***Call me Scrooge's meaner older brother
  19. Someone in the pub offered to sell me eight legs of venison the other day. I didn't buy it; it was too dear. ***Call me if you didn't understand this, or better still ask your teacher.
  20. Your "story" explains a lot about your paranoia. Freudians would have a field day with it, and you. ***Don't call me.
  21. It's just you. And people like you. Or maybe they don't. ***Call me Sir, still
  22. HenryCrawford wrote: Is this a good start? No. you are confusing a party with the assassination of all attendees at a conference for "Lawyers in Information Technology" ***Call me if you want more ideas on what would constitute a "good start"
  23. Prokofy Neva wrote: None of this has any remote relationship to any reality Perhaps you should preface ALL of your posts with this remark? ***Call me if you want to know what real technocommunists are going to do to you when the revolution comes. [Hint: they already have a back door into your notecard server system.]
  24. If only Prok were so easily satisfied. ***Call me with a really difficult question and I will refer it upwards
  25. That's it, blame the bank like everyone else! Well, it is usually their fault. I once had a bank statement that didn't even add up correctly. It was an Irish bank, though. They asked me if I had checked it twice, to be sure, to be sure. ***Call me if you have heard it before
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