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  1. second the blogs suggestion iheartsl is one of the fashion blog aggregators can look at http://iheartsl.com/ + a lot of the blogs on there lead to other blogs in turn
  2. bebejee wrote: Thanks, will do that, by the way what does JIRA stand for? have a read here about what it is: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/What-is-a-JIRA/qaq-p/718335 + and Qie gave you the answer in the other thread for what the letters mean, which you seen already
  3. yes that used to happen quite a lot in the past the agent non-presence is not being updated on the sim server next time it happens take a snapshot of the avatar using your alt, time and place, and file a Jira about it for the LL engineers to have a look at. Seems is some kinda regression in the sim code if is now happening again
  4. Cathy Foil wrote: The second thing I keep hearing is Bento is somehow related to Sansar. This couldn't be father from the truth. None of the bones added or any of the decisions were made with Sansar in mind. The Bento skeleton has nothing to do with Sansar. The Bento skeleton has always been and is only for the benefit of SL. My hope would be that Sansar could upload custom skeletons. This would mean that the Bento Skeleton might be able to be used in Sansar. Don't get me wrong. This is not insider information. I am not in any Sansar project group. Nor have any of the Linden's giv
  5. that little snowperson looks pretty suspicious to me. Looks like could easy be a deer in disguise (:
  6. steph Arnott wrote: SL is not a bank. is computer programming how functions like xor actual work, and what we need to consider when using them in our own scripts, and what the issues are when the decoded outputs are not what our present understandings lead us to think they might be
  7. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Tell Santa to watch it. If his blood alcohol level gets too high, he'll become flammable. And that'll make him irresistable to me. or irresistant even (:
  8. is a number of reasons why we can get problems i just start with the basic one, by a way to begin. (it might not be this, I just use to start the convo) without seeing your algo then I think that the basic issue could be caused by the message and secret using different ranges of characters/symbols example message in range [0..3]. secret in range [0..1] message = 0. secret = 0. encode: 0 xor 0 mod 2 = 0. decode: 0 xor 0 mod 2 = 0 message = 1. secret = 0. encode: 1 xor 0 mod 2 = 1. decode: 1 xor 0 mod 2 = 1 message = 2. secret = 0. encode: 2 xor 0 mod 2 = 0. decode: 0 xor 0 mod 2 = 0.
  9. am not really getting your point FMeh to make something oldschool from scratch in SL then - use a 3rd party tool to create the textures - use a 3rd party tool to create sounds - use a 3rd party tool to create animations for avatars that will interact with the model - use the SL Code Editor to create effect scripts - use the SL Builder to create the model by torturing triangles then combine all to create the finished thing + to make something newschool from scratch in SL then - use a 3rd party tool to create the textures - use a 3rd party tool to create sounds - use a 3rd party tool
  10. Sassy Romano wrote: Darn it! I was just about to sell some sky hooks. i would buy them, but I cant bc am broke i just spent all my money on a long weight jejejeje (:
  11. mulana wrote: freebie game ??? where can i find them ??? http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Portal%20Park%201/125/113/23 is 2 LL free games there where can earn some little L$ money Linden Realms and PaleoQuest go thru the gates (each has own gate) and then at the end of the path go thru the portal to the arenas
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