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  1. Getting straight to the point i would like something handled. I would like to access the Skill gaming region to earn lindens but my state has been banned and i don't really have a full reason why? The game i'm trying to access is " No devil " , that's all i ever play. I don't KNOW anything else. Why am i being punished because of where i live?
  2. Firstly i wanna thank you guys for helping me with https://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Degenerate-Triangles/m-p/3103573/highlight/false#M236690 but now theres a new issue? The item comes in without textures? I don't wanna wear a non-textured hair lol. Is there any way to fix this?
  3. Omfg TY this fixed it all!! Ty both c: the upload fee is 67$
  4. Yeah hi. I'm trying to import a anime-styled hair/Mesh that i made using pmx editor and converted it into blender and exported it as dae. The anime community has some really pricy stuff when it comes to anime-syled avatars specifically so i decided "Screw this,i'll make my own." well thats apparently a problem because when i tried to upload it in SL it told me the upload had failed because of "Degenerate triangles". Wtf? What does that even mean and how can i fix this? Look i don't have the money to keep buying Lindens and if it's that serious i wanna import my own wares and wear them. Just why?
  5. I work with alot of 3D and 3D-related software so i'm no noob to this kind of stuff BUT i am having trouble actually importing meshes into SL? I want to import a mesh-head and a top i made with a software called PMX and i imported it into blender and exported it as an obj so now what? Is there a guide on this?
  6. It's super annoying. I want my avatar to look...normal. I have an animation but it doesn't affact the head which is quite unfortunate and its the only one that i have really. Any solutions?
  7. So...i can't shop in the MP anymore?I got this message when i went to retrieve what i ordered.I just want to know where my order is so i can at LEAST get a refund.
  8. Nvm , Went back to rez location and the most odd thing happened .
  9. I don't get it and i'm so MAD about it . None of my vista animation avatars work anymore . One of them is off and i can't trurn back on . I've tried everyhing and its hopeless . Will NOT be buying from vista EVER AGAIN . I would like a refund , I didn't pay for a trial avatar . I would also like some different reconmendations for avatars for my avatar thank you loves .
  10. I got it resolved . The problem was finding the cash - in place but thank you .
  11. Was thinking of one around my current time (9:00) Reason: I live by 3 Airports and they are very VERY close so the internet signal is not good earlier in the day , and i'm actually too poor to upgrade my service . I woud like one that is very simple that even a brainless Moron couldn't louse it up . Don't care for the pay amount .
  12. Thank you all very much \o/ I'm such a noob but learning quickly No rooms ? I see :0 , There is no lag like i thought it would be , A job ? How do you subit items btw ? I wanna sell a shape i made .
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