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  1. paulinetaylor2015 wrote: ...they must think were all stupid or something. Not all. ...Dres
  2. magickspell wrote: I found out reading reviews. How about reading reviews first? ...Dres
  3. ZoeNordskov wrote: I feel forced into "reality" again. No one can be forced into anything in SL. If anyone makes you feel that way, you don't need them in your second life. Unless you choose to disclose such information, it's simply none of anyone's business who or what you are in RL. Let people know when you're uncomfortable revealing what they're asking you to reveal and, if they insist, simply tell them where to get off. And rest assured that there will be dozens upon dozens of other people with whom you'll be able to interact in SL who don't require an arm and a leg in order to say hello. ...Dres
  4. sirhc DeSantis wrote:  With sub 'Second Life discussions' Yeah, seems pretty much self explanatory. For more general roving/rambling vaguely related stuff head over the road. That simply states that SL discussion are welcome, not that non-SL discussions aren't. When this forum was created, Amanda, the Community Manager at the time, was asked if non-SL related discussions were allowed here and she said they were; to my knowledge, no one at LL has ever stated anything to the contrary. ...Dres
  5. HarrisonMcKenzie wrote: It sounds like LL is making a game engine FIFY ...Dres
  6. CallumYorkieLad wrote: If you haven't heard of Project Sansar it's basically Linden Labs next second life platform. I don't see many people discussing it and I'm pretty excited about it since seeing the new photos. Follow me on twitter @CallumYorkieLad or talk to me in SL same username https://twitter.com/CallumYorkieLad If your excitement is based upon Sansar being the "next second life platform", I'm afraid you'll be sorely disappointed. ...Dres
  7. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Dresden wrote: There was a time when, in prior versions of this forum, the lack of moderation allowed for deeply personal attacks and wholly inappropriate behavior. /me blinks innocently. [PS] I loved Sus! She had fire, that's for sure. I still love Sus, even though she hasn't burned me in quite a while. ...Dres
  8. Venus Petrov wrote: GD was supposed to be a 'dumping' place for discussion on both SL and RL topics but awhile back it seems someone removed the reference to 'real'. Bah. No, I think they removed the reference to "discussion". ...Dres
  9. Pamela Galli wrote: it has more than its share of twits Hey! I resemble that remark! ...Dres
  10. For once, I'm commenting before reading the whole thread. Sy Beck wrote: Well I'm guessing I'm throwing this question out because if I finish with "discuss", as I have in the past, some people get their panties in a twist. However, I'm pretty sure that a lot of us back in the day who campaigned to have this slot as a "General Discussion" slot so that people would have an area to espouse their views about anything that was either current or upon their mind,might have an area to do so, might now be sorely disappointed at where our efforts ended. This was supposed to be a place where free minds could argue, debate and, heaven forbid, disagree with each other. A place of comedic interaction, if necessary and a place of condemnation, if required. I was one of those who campaigned vigorously for this GD forum when its existence was called into question, because, the way I saw it, this GD forum was the very heart of the "community" that we'd built here. There was a time when, in prior versions of this forum, the lack of moderation allowed for deeply personal attacks and wholly inappropriate behavior. I don't wish for those times to return (because, heaven forbid a forum where Sus can run the ef over people willy-nilly like she used to). But ffs, allow some constructive, intelligent discussion. As far as I'm concerned, Sus was wonderful... even when she was going after me. The arguments we used to have here in the forum were nothing more than that... Sus understood that arguing with someone didn't mean that you hated them and certainly didn't mean that you or they were a "troll". Now, everyone is a troll or a bully or what have you, simply because they dare to state their obstinate point of view. This forum is not equivalent to SL itself, but I don't think for a second that the sort of "ef them, we'll do what the hell we want, regardless of what they think" mentality doesn't apply to SL at large. No, LL is not interested in those of us who have a reasonable opinion or who can manage to argue our opinions against those who don't agree. We are all stupid and deserve to be subjugated... fall in line or you're out. Oh, how I admire those who left never having submitted themselves to LL's stupidity (like I have). ...Dres (Pep is still my hero.)
  11. soxley wrote: , pedophilia, ect., etc...? Insanely rare to find this inworld unless you deliberately go to child AV places, and if you do encounter it, report it to the police. This alone confirms your ignorance (if not blatant stupidity). Ageplay is not illegal in every jurisdiction. But, even if it was, how would you know within which jurisdiction to report the person? Let me answer that for you... you wouldn't... but LL might. And because LL has oversight of the platform they created, they've the ability to police these sorts of things... not you, not sim owners, not fellow SL users, not even your local police have that ability. Your thesis here is based upon LL being unable to get rid of troublemakers... your resolution seems to be for everyone to fend for themselves. Why shouldn't LL be able to rid their own platform of trouble? Why shouldn't they get rid of someone that only causes harm to their users? Doesn't LL have an obligation to ensure the safety and well-being of their own user base? ...Dres
  12. If that was the rule I had to live by, I'd buy a plywood box from my sister for 150,000 linden, then hit her up for money when I wanted it later. ...Dres
  13. soxley wrote: Why so? Explain - or was that just a half-assed put down? What you're suggesting is that anyone should be able to do anything they wish in SL with little to no consequences. Therefore, enabling them to reek havok upon the general SL population which pays LLs bills... do you honestly think they'd continue paying to be part of a platform which would condone such anti-social actions as stalking, harassment, pedophilia, ect., etc...? What you're suggesting is the very downfall of SL itself. It's not my fault if you're too stupid to see that. ...Dres
  14. Soxley, sweety... you're obviously too stupid to understand the dire consequences of that which you so foolishly request. ...Dres
  15. The only thing you need to consider is which alt more adequately represents who you are or who you wish to be. It matters not what anyone thinks of you, wants of you or believes you should be. Being who you want to be in SL is the pro, being who you arbitrarily believe you should be is the con. Follow your heart. ...Dres
  16. Shhy wrote: You can rent a homestead and deed it to group just like mainland. On mainland under about land---> Covenant it has "nobody " as owner, even though you supposedly own it. Renting a homestead is the same will have you or group as owner under General tad, but true owner under Covenant tab. Oh, okay. I've never rented, so I didn't know. ...Dres
  17. Phil Deakins wrote: I haven't said this before but I'll say it now. I've never been on a roller coaster in my life, and intend it to stay that way PRUDE!!! ...Dres
  18. Shhy wrote: I had land under a different group but moved it because I had a privet homestead deeded with the same group as my mainland and tech support said it was making my land use over. Now that I change to a group with no other land deeded to it, my payment when from $25 to $ 40. I have the same land and same Donated amount. All this is so confusing to me. Please help. I find this very confusing. Firstly, this, "I had a privet homestead deeded with the same group as my mainland." As far as I know, you can't actually own a homestead (or land on a homestead) without first owning a full sim, which you obviously don't... therefore, how you could deed homestead land that you don't own to a group (any group), I've no idea. Perhaps you simply donated land to a group owned by the actual owner of the land, in which case, you'd just have to rescind your donation to that group. Secondly, this, "and tech support said it was making my land use over." If support told you that your land use was over before you even finagled with your group donations, then you had already set yourself to the next tier level... meaning that, at that point, the best you could hope for is to be able to reduce your tier level in the upcoming month. By the numbers you've supplied, your total holdings are 4981, which is 885 over the 4096 threshold for the $25 tier amount. If you haven't rescinded your donation to one group but donated to another group, that might be the issue. In which case, you need to figure out from where (which group and/or land) your donations need to be rescinded and do so by at least 885. Once you do that, you'll be able to go back to your land holdings and update your tier to a lower level. Please note that you must do this manually... it doesn't happen automatically. Also note that this lower tier will only take effect next month... there's no way to get out of paying the $40 tier for this month, now that you've inadvertently increased your tier level. Hope this helps ...Dres
  19. AdusayImamu wrote: All we are asking for is help. Your snarky remarks aren't helpful or amusing Neither is necroposting. ...Dres
  20. If that's their objective, they're doing a spectacularly poor job of it. ...Dres
  21. steph Arnott wrote: Your bigotry hides just under your skin, constantly pokeing its foul stentch into the world, Who the feck do you think you are? Your a nobody that hangs around this forum like a leech with no home, you are and never will be GOD here. Your constant insults belay your true character as in "i know all and all must accept it" pfft. Go away olld man, the world is not your small world. Also you can shove that lot thru the "spell checker as the rest of us are too stupid to earn $2 miilon a year. I honestly had to go back and see what I'd written to you that would require such a bizarre tirade, because nothing that you've said here made any sense. After doing so, it still makes no sense. I can only imagine that you've got some very deep-seated emotional issues that should probably be seen to by a professional. ...Dres
  22. Dillon Levenque wrote: steph Arnott wrote: your correct as in inflexible and fixed in a mindset without even thinking of the OPs upbringing, country or personal beliefs, Its call tolarance of others, a fundemental social skill of 50,000 years in development. I have found Second Life as a world, including Second Life's residents, to be the most tolerant place I've ever seen or heard about, let alone been a part of. Seriously. I'm a male biologically but there is such a strong female component in my psyche that I feel compelled to dress as and behave as a woman. It's impossible to explain how that works so I won't, I'll just state the fact. Do you have even a tiny idea of the intolerance someone like me faces in Real LIfe? Any? For the record, I never came out; I made sure I was places I could be comfortable when I dressed, but many are braver. And I live in California, widely regarded as a very liberal and tolerant place. In a town not fifty miles from my house, a 17-year-old girl who was still pre-op, but a committed TG, was BEATEN TO DEATH WITH A SHOVEL in the kitchen of her apartment because a boy who she'd given oral sex at a party had learned she was really a male. He brought along two of his buddies to help out, and they did. How's that for intolerance, Steph? That's RL. I started out in SL staying entirely within the TG community because I assumed SL would resemble RL. I eventually learned, mostly from the casual behavior of guys who were neighbors or acquaintances or even people on this forum, that tolerance here is for the most part a given. Who you are (as in your race, creed, gender (well....maybe not that last but I don't want to step on Laskya's toes), sexual preference) matters not to most of us. Political inclination does, but not nearly as much as it does in RL. Attitude does for sure, because we're people. But as a group one thing we do have, and I know this personally from my experience, is tolerance. To everyone but Steph, pardon the rant. I got off on a bit of a tangent and got carried away. I won't worry in Steph's case because she probably pegged me as old (correctly, I might add: 30 was a long time ago) so I'm sure she didn't bother reading. So, just for you, Steph. In this thread and in several others, you have come across as one of the most intolerant people I've ever seen. And one thing the forumites as a group generally do NOT tolerate is intellectual intolerance. You're the one who needs to learn other views have as much merit as yours, and thus if you want to disagree do so with logic, not with age-based bullbleep. Thank you for this. ...Dres *hugs*
  23. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Because it's borked? It works for me on IE10 and Firefox but it tends to move the cursor around in the edit box so I am never sure where the pasted selection will wind up. It works for me on IE10 <-- Ctrl V pasted test Yeah, this is really aggravating. Lately, when I paste anything using ctrl-v, the cursor is sent to the top of the post. This is obviously not expected behavior and needs to be fixed. ...Dres
  24. Obviously, something about your behavior sent the owner off on a tangent. It could be as simple as her being offended that, instead of asking her about the appropriateness of your photo shoot in private, you talked about it in her group and with her employees, thereby causing her to have to deal with other people's feelings about the matter when it was none of there business from the start. Without knowing what set her off, I couldn't say whether her reaction was warranted or not. Of course, it sounds overblown when described from your perspective, but I have a feeling that if the owner was here to tell her side of the story, you probably wouldn't come off as sympathetic a victim as you make yourself out to be. Either way, you do yourself no favors by rolling out this misplaced, hyperbolic accusation of cyberbullying. ...Dres
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