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  1. If the shoe fits, wear it. To all you rape & torture supporters: Go and seek psychological help. You have lost yourself in a morally corrupted dreamworld. Out yourselves in the real world and you will see how wrong and distraught you are. First I was angry at you but now I only feel pity for you. Don't bother answering this thread. I will not follow it anymore. I will rather forget all you sorry people...
  2. Hi Phil, I use the normal inworld inworld search button. Everytime you use it something different can appear. That is why not everybody gets the same images the same time. You need to push it more than once from time to time. Then you will see all I saw in the last months. Sometimes you see different things. Sexist things and other things. Sometimes you can flip through 9 sexist images that are shown on the search site. Let me take a look: ok - first is: an image of white female on their hand and knees. A coloured man sits/rides on a woman. Two man standing in the backroundl. The text shows:
  3. Grey Mars asked: "What is a "**bleep**" and why is it easy? It's okay, my head will not expload if you use a grown up word." Grey Mars: What I wrote was: Play your own *S-L-U-T* and the forum put in a bleep for that. Lol! Oh my! What a bad word! And you all think I am prude? Look at this forum...! What is easy is for a man to play it's own slave (or the S-L...word) and no real woman is involved but everybody thinks that a real woman is involved who wants to be degraded. Ever thought about why LL has forbidden Age Play (Child Pornography Roleplay) in SL? No real child is harmed if two
  4. Bradford Mint said: "Hint to OP: I think you meant to say "adverts degrading women", changes the whole context you see?" Yes, Bradford. I apologize. That is exactly what I meant. I made a grammatical error because I am not a native English speaker. I am sorry you did not understand it right away. I'm glad the others did. If you can speak German we can discuss it far more properly without grammatical errors, ok?   Steph Arnott said: "Then you never understood the OPs comments in the first place." Yes, you are right. Wait, maybe it's more like they did not WANT to understand. Thanks for your
  5. Yes, Imnotgoing sideways, you are absolutely right! This is exactly what I think! It is all about money. Misogynist men are ruling SL and we will not be able to do a thing about it! But, I will not stop to point out to these sick men. As I am a person and I am paying real money to SL.
  6. Again: You say: "Some of the choices for stock imagery suck, sure". - Yeah that is my point! LL should do something about it. Everytime I try to exite someone for SL I hear the same: Nah - this is only for kinks. Just pornographic stuff. Women who want to be degraded... Yes there are some, maybe even many.. but have you ever thought why they want it? Please go into the subject and find out about these women who were abused in childhood or live and now go through degration again and again.... And at least, do you really think my agenda is fun? So you think it is fun if abused women go through
  7. I am in second life for 5 years. About transactional arrangement: If about 80 % of the female avatars wanting to be degraded are men in real life then your assessment is wrong. And whenever you hear about statistics it is stated that a great number of female avatars are male in real life. Play your own **bleep**. It's so easy. About the real women that want to be degraded in SL it is known that they are having a psychologically problem. So many abused women on SL. You should know that or go on dreaming... You say: "Some of the choices for stock imagery suck, sure". - Yeah that is my point!
  8. Why are almost all of the advertisements in the adult search women degrading? Sex is sex. Men and women having fun. Sex is not degrading women! I don't accept: "Then don't tick the adult box in search". Degration of women has nothing to do with adult or whatever. It is simply wrong! And if I search for some ordinary shop that is located on an adult land I have to tick the adult box and have to suffer this women degrading stuff. I am so tired looking at open pussies and male boots pressing down a naked woman's head!
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