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  1. I want a skyland or residential land where I can set up a group hangout spot for roughly 20 people to come visit. Need a large bit of land over 4096sq
  2. I'm opening up a hangout place made for people interested in gaming, tv shows and movies who can come and chat either typing or voice and I need to know where I can set this up that isn't too expensive. I'm wanting either a skybox or some private cut off land which can have up to 20 people visiting. Can anyone recommend anywhere?
  3. If you haven't heard of Project Sansar it's basically Linden Labs next second life platform. I don't see many people discussing it and I'm pretty excited about it since seeing the new photos. Follow me on twitter @CallumYorkieLad or talk to me in SL same username :) https://twitter.com/CallumYorkieLad
  4. I struggle finding a perfect spot of land to rent that has a good amount of prims, decent price and looks good so I really need to create my own. I'm looking for another 2 people to rent a homestead with which will be around 5,500L$ weekly, 3500 prims and a standard homestead size. which would work out around 2,000L$ weekly each depending on the homestead price, around 1,100 prims each and we would all have our own part of land to do what we want with. I have owned a homestead before and I can build a great platform for us then I will split the 3 parcels up. I can also place trees and decorate
  5. thanks man yeah I suppose a homestead is a bit too small for what I have in mind its just I couldnt afford the sim prices. All I want is to set up a decent sized world with rental homes and a decent town
  6. I recently made a sim called mooncap but unfortunatily I couldn't keep it running on my own. I am a decent builder and I am looking to make a part straight part gay sim which will be split into 2. The way we will make profit is by renting out ready made homes unfurnished or furnished and leave a decent amount of prims for the tenant to use on that home. The sim I was renting had full perm over 3,000 Prims and was around 5,000L to 7,000L a week which if we both split would be so much easier for me. Also I want to create a dozen hangout spots for the straight and gay 2 part sim. This will be a 5
  7. Hey I'm looking for work. Male Aesthetic mesh avatar. Username is CallumYorkieLad Here's some pics of my look  
  8. I have a homestead and I'm wanting to have a mountain part textured with rock and snow then a ground textured with grass and then have a nice beach leading into the water but the textures are all over the place. how do I do this?
  9. I'm wanting to spend around 3-4000L weekly for a nice bit of land that can be used to set up a club. IM me or reply on here thanks
  10. Thanks for replying. I'm not sure how much money I will need but I have a fair bit so I'm ok for that it's just trying to find a place to do all this stuff on. I'm wanting to set up this club to bring the community back together because most of the sims I used to go to have closed. Plus I dont want to give up on sl and this is a good way of making people have a reason to log on as I will be the kind of club owner who gets involved and improves the club as time goes by. I just need a helping hand on the way.
  11. I'm wanting to create a new club for the gay community but I'm not sure if I can do that on residential or commercial land. Do I need to buy a full sim? I'm wanting to make this club pretty popular and then go into partnership with someone to expand. Not sure what size land I want but I'd just need enough to place a large building and have enough prims for general and adult furniture without spending a fortune. Also how would be the best way to advertise this? Thanks
  12. its working now.. had to post a couple times thanks allot guys
  13. I have just bought a nice new log cabin which has got 2 extra empty rooms that you can either use as a bedroom and bathroom or whatever you like. I have land in Boystown (Adult) but if you knew a place which is better then I'd consider moving I am 24 male. british and easy to get on with. I'm mainly looking for someone to help with the rent and it gives you a place to rez or bring your friends over. Here is a pic of the home and my avatar and real life self. Send me an IM to CallumYorkieLad thanks 
  14. It doesnt let me upload a pic for my profile. It asks if I want to upload but nothing comes up
  15. It doesnt let me upload a pic for my profile. It asks if
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