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  1. I wonder what age it is. Is there an article about it? Thanks!
  2. I do like having a last name besides resident! What do you mean by my basic non premium stipend?
  3. I have looked and looked to no avail at finding a group in secondlife geared towards helping those who love fashion with outfit ideas. (ex: Which shoes look best with this dress?) Any groups I have found that are related have long since been abandoned.
  4. Hello! First time posting! I've been in SecondLife for about 8 years. I have been on a newer alt. I have been thinking about switching back to using my veteran alt. Can you help me with this decision? What would you say are some pros and cons to using a veteran character (a really old character you had towards the beginning of joining SL) versus using a new one, excluding inventory? Thanks so much!!
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