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  1. Okay....this is kind of a sensitive subject. When I first meet men, right off, they want proof I'm female. And they want me to Skype or use voice for sex -before I even get to know them. I'm very uncomfortable using Skype, to me, it would make me feel very inhibited. And I need to get to know someone before cyber sex. Am I odd for feeling that way? It just seems like ,"Hello, do you Skype and use voice when you have sex?" Then, they want me to prove I'm female if I won't do these things. I send a picture. No, that won't do. They want me to talk. But the truth is that in RL I'm de
  2. Ask me what you need to know. I have a Not a body that is supposed to be compatible with Matreiya and Slim. My she's are mesh, as are my clothes. What would you need to know?
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