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  1. The two Shermerville sims have different sea levels at their sim border. That's pretty annoying and does not make any sense. But support has long gone. You don't get anything done here anymore.
  2. Can anyone help? Although activating voice, I can't get avatar lips to animate. The mic is all connected correctly, I can see the incoming signal in the prefs panael. But the avatar lips won't move. I desperately need this for machinima. Please, any suggestions may help! Thanks in advance!
  3. My Mini runs fine, unless I switch advanced lighting model on. Then framerate drops dramatically. But yours is a REAL graphics card! What machine do you have those compnents in?
  4. Thanks for your detailed replies, esp. Natales. I see much clearer now, why "memory" isn't everything about a graphics chip. That was the mssing information I needed to get a picture. I would have gone for a PC instead of a Mac, for Second Life only, if I had not got stuck with a blue screen every 3 days. That Window system is really tricky. But for what you pay you probably get a better deal hardware-wise.
  5. I'm trying to answer your questions as precisely as I can: The main load seems to be the advanced lighting setting itself. When I disable shadows, the frame rate gets a little bit better, say, from 6 to 10 fps. Still only a third from my 30fps without "advanced". I don't see how avatar shadows have an influence on the frame rate. When I disable them entirely, the framerate just stays where it was - no effect whatsoever. I'm trying to keep my framerate tests comparably. There are no other avatars around and the landscape is quite low prim. I always keep the same draw distance (128) to get com
  6. I've got a Mac Mini with a 2.3 GHz quad core Intel i7 processor, 8 GB RAM and an Intel HD 4000 graphic card with 1.5 GB memory. So not bad at all. It's running super-smooth as long as I don't enable shadows (advanced lighting model). I know, that for every graphics feature you add, there will be a certain slow-down of the framerate. But this is insane: without shadows I have a framerate 5 times (5x) (!) higher than with shadows. So, if I go with 30 fps, which is perfect, I drop to 6 fps, when enabling shadows. Can it be THAT dramatic? I can't believe it! Why is that? A friend who plays SL on a
  7. Not sure what the issue really is, but what happened to me is, that objects I rezzed inside a mesh house simply disappeared. They weren't where I rezzed them and they weren't in my inventory. Only after a relog they reappeared in the inventory. What I do is rezzing them outside the house and dragging them in, works. Strange issue though, but not lethal.
  8. I got a driver recommendation from 3Dconnexion for the use under Yosemite - and it worked. Those who said, they had problems with it under El C I don't know from what version they had upgraded; i.e. if they had made it working under Yosemite at all. I'm currently having quite a few issues with SL, lots of crashes, but everybody keeps telling me I should upgrade to El C.
  9. Firestorm crashes when taking a snapshot, or even when I try to make photo settings. I'm on a Mac. Does anyone perhaps know a workaround or solution?
  10. I can't confirm that. "Dropping the internet connection"? I haven't even heard about it. I'm pretty sure, that, if you experience that, it must have other reasons. I used Snow Leopard until 3 months ago and my experiences are, that Yosemite is faster with the graphics. Of course there are many other settings that you can toggle with, so without knowing your exact computer configuration it is hard to tell. Snow Leopard is quite old now and doesn't support some things anymore. F.i. I always had problems with playing Flash videos on 10.6.8. So if you don't have any specific reason to stay w
  11. I have been using Firestorm for a good while now. It's the perfect viewer for me, mainly because I can still run it in 1.0 mode, like the Second Life viewer was in the early days. It still makes more sense to me than all following viewers by SL. Just one example: With the old viewer you can toggle audio and video inworld content seperately, in the SL viewer you can't! Isn't that ridiculous? But there's much more to Firefox that you can do. You should check it out.
  12. I don't think you could say that. On this particular school, that focuses on technology, stage design is not considered a school subject, but an additional curriculum, educated especially for the touch down presentations at the end of the studies.
  13. I have been teaching stage design at the University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Austria. In 2008 I decided to include Second Life in the student's experience as a developer tool. So I asked them to all join, which they gladly did. They had no difficulties learning how to use it within less than a day. My idea was to develop a stage design based on objects built with cardboard covered with printed surfaces, which I thought would offer a good way to combine Second Life and the real stage later. For starters I built a model of the actual hall, where the stage would be built in real life, a
  14. My problems have been solved meanwhile, but I don't know what happened. I didn't really change anything. So either the upgrade of Yosemite did it or this thing about Yosemite is true, that it is a really delicate system, reacting unpredictably. In general I'd say that Yosemite is good for your graphics. Things are much faster. But I played on 10.6.8 before, so not sure if the differences will be that great if you come from a newer system.
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