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  1. To be sure those are things that need to be confidential, but as the <expletive deleted> misgovernment (in my case the British Uncivil Dis-service) knows them already, and is the leakiest place for data in the known universe, that's a lost cause. They couldn't even keep the names of their Afghan interpreters from being sent to the Taliban...
  2. This is good advice. I especially like Protonmail because they are domiciled in Switzerland. Swiss secrecy laws are very strict. It is possible for the UK GuvThugs to get my IP address, but they have to prove they already have evidence of an offence in Swiss law to the Swiss court. Since I am not breaking the law this would take malicious intent on the part of the GovThugs. The few times the Swiss courts have told Proton to release information to Interpol et al, it was for terrorism-related stuff. And I only eat dead politicians.
  3. Well this IS fun! I have 2FA on everything I can, I use Authy because it's backed up. Glad SL joined the club. I use a different password for each account everywhere, and store them in Bitwarden. They are random-generated and as long as I can make them, often 60+ characters or so, including upper and lower case and numbers and special characters, except where idiots don't allow them. Now my master password for bitwarden is actually a passphrase of some 40+ characters that I can type blindingly fast. My email is Protonmail, because I want end-to-end anti-misgovernment encyption. And my email address is different for each account everywhere too. I use anonaddy.com. That way when I get a spam I know just what cretin sold my credentials, which is one reason I operate a google-free and microsoft-free zone (to the extent that is possible given the pseudo-monopoly status) Do I feel safe? No. And to be honest, I have nothing to hide.
  4. I didn't realise we were discussing activity in contravention of their rules. I withdraw my remarks where Flickr is concerned. I still think Social Platforms gain monopoly status however. And I still think the Western Misgovernments are in league with them.
  5. They are if they are social platforms and all your peers are on them and you can't afford, or are not allowed, to be. Then again some of them are because although everyone is allowed on them, there is no way to escape them (Google).
  6. We are beginning to see why monopoly power is evil. Facebook, Google, and now it seems Flickr - social platforms with de facto monopolies because of their market dominance. The Misgovernments of the Waste (used to be West) are in league with the monopolists, even though their Founding Parents (was Founding Fathers, but I'm a Woke Feminist) specifically designed their constitutions to prevent this - and seemingly failed. I sympathize with the OP, but regret nothing short of bloody revolution is likely to effect any change. Most people seem to find nothing wrong in treating non-direct-paying users of essential services as second-class - whereas in reality these service providers are mainly rewarded by advertizing revenues, not the direct payments of the elite, anyway.
  7. There is also the Roth body on MP. It is about 10L. The Ruth version for 2021 comes with a Bento BoM head, so I expect the Roth does too. Edit: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Mesh-Roth-2G-Bento-Hands-Head-Body-Alpha-HUD/16280056
  8. I suggested (on Discord) to Maitreya that they include a cut-free version of the body in the next release, so far it's been ignored. However, I did get a Red-Heart Emoji for a link to this thread - so maybe there is hope... I think it's important for transition that people get the choice, <expletive deleted> can have their alpha-cuts, and the intelligentsia can use alpha layers to sort lag. Making alpha layers is fun too.
  9. Nothing, absolutely nothing, that comes from or via Microsoft can be in any way even remotely good. Microsoft is a poison stain on the fabric of the Universe. There is only one hope, that he learned there how NOT to do things. But heck he was there longer than a month and didn't learn it.
  10. No you are not missing anything. It's one of the reasons we'd like all the mesh bodies to be mod. Tattoos have to be 'painted' onto the UV-map of the body. For almost all bodies that is the good old SL body UV-map. Unfortunately that UV-map does not have a part for the part you mention. It might be possible for an add-on part maker to map a little bit the body UV-map onto it so that BoM tattoos would be seen, but I'm not clever enough to know how.
  11. Well I'm in, but the only thing I can do is go for a walk... Which is okay, but I live on a little island.
  12. I'm not paranoid, they ARE out to get me.
  13. "Cannot create requested inventory" No idea what this means.
  14. I go to bed, and overnight .... Sheesh! The puritans are on the march world-wide, not just winning the war in Agfanistan. We need an Onion-addressed Bitcoin-only SL replacement in the Dark Web now!
  15. You guys do not want to know how much I have spent in RL on sports bras to control this sort of thing. And now these ejits think I'm going to spend lindens to make it actually happen in SL? Sheesh!
  16. Anyone over 100,000 is just a blob to me.... Good job I don't like gorillas (aka males in SL) much anyway (take offence if you want to...). My theory is that male avatars almost all have very complex scripted mesh objects attached to them that female avatars don't need.
  17. Please don't look like a gorilla. Don't get me wrong Adult Male Greyback Gorillas are handsome chaps, but only for lady gorillas. The human avatars with Gorilloid proportions all get the <noun recused> too big too.
  18. In most jurisdictions, ignorance of the law is never a defence. But ya. My guess is that some law enforcer said 'the fine will go up by 1000x if you don't stop it pronto',
  19. I finally got back into Aditi today. But I am an orange cloud. My inventory is synched, but I can't take anything off without replacing, for example mesh hair. I vaguely remember having to reset the avatar by some magical means. But 'Avatar reset default' doesn't appear to do anything. Can some kind soul point me at the Reset Avatar help please? And tell me how to stop being an Orange Cloud again?
  20. @Prokofy Neva @Lindal Kidd I never knew! I thought you guys just had fun, like me. Sad.
  21. Just tried to log in to Aditi and got the 'despite our best efforts...' Maybe everyone is doin' the same thing....
  22. I usually join the Flickr groups of Clothes designers I like, Blueberry and the rest, I find it easier to look at the high-resolution pictures in Flickr, than try to get my camera lined up in the walls of stores. Also I can grab a screenshot for my CTS Wardrobe....
  23. You know, we are going to be answering this very question until hell freezes over...
  24. I always wanted a combination of 'Attach to' and 'Wear', Perhaps 'Replace, and set attachment point to', that sets the attachment point, removes the existing attached items, and attaches the new. I have a strict list of what sort of thing attaches where, and I assume that creators are idiots (in this respect).
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