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  1. @Pyewacket Bellman You can use the "Personal Lighting" floater if you just want to make minor adjustments to an environment for filming or photography and these will be reflected immediately in your viewer. If you want to make grander changes that you can save and apply to yourself or your parcel, there are several hundred skies in the library, provided by FS, that you can use as starting places to create your own.
  2. Ah. Ok, that sounds like the validation issue (I'm surprised I don't send back a "Hey! Don't Do That" error.) We validate ranges pretty aggressively. Hopefully that will be taken care of on the next set of simulator rolls. We've been re adding some of the fixes that got dropped during the great Teleport Calamity of 2019.
  3. I think I understand what you are saying now. Are you getting an error when you click apply or just incorrect conversions? There were a number of server side changes that were rolled back while we were addressing the teleport issue. (This caused a couple of bug to resurface.) Hopefully the next set of simulator rolls should put those things right. About the naming. If you submit a legacy windlight using a legacy viewer the simulator will assign the translated settings a name. If memory serves that name is the region plus a hash of the the EEP settings. (I considered calling calling them "Bob"... because more things should be named "Bob"... but that didn't seem very informative.)
  4. Yes. There are still a number of issues that we are working through with the shaders. If you see something please enter a JIRA and describe the issue so that it gets into the queue of things to be fixed.
  5. Open the region manager, select "Use Inventory" and pick the environment from your picker. No need to click apply, the change is done immediately. Alternately, you can drag and drop the environment from either the My Environments window or from your inventory. Bit of trivia. In the windlight system, every one of the windlights in your windlight directory was loaded at startup and kept in memory.
  6. I am unsure what you mean by "the regular method". Open the Region/Estate floater and go to the Environments tab. The "Use Inventory" button will open a picker that allows you to select any setting from your inventory and apply it to the entire region. You may also drag a setting from your inventory and drop it directly onto the elevation that you would like to apply it to. The "Customize" button will open the editor an allow you to make any fine tuning adjustments you like and either apply them immediately of save them to your inventory for later. The "Use Default Settings" will remove any environments that you have set and apply the system default day cycle to the entire region.
  7. I am aware that the UI is large and takes up much of the screen when it is being used. My personal inclination is towards controls that are easily seen and targeted at a glance. I was also aiming for "familiarity"; keep the layout as similar to the legacy Windlight UI as possible to lower the learning curve. I fully expect (and encourage) any TPV developers to refine the UI to their own tastes and the tastes of their users. Firestorm, I believe, did this with their Phototools rewrite of the Windlight UI. I am very curious to see how the marketplace shakes out. Even before EEP, there were a couple of vendors on the marketplace selling skies and cloud textures. Thank you, we try...
  8. I would like to know what settings I missed in the floater that photographers are likely to want to change for a photography session. @Inara Pey has opened a feature request JIRA so that we can track what needs to be added. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-226769
  9. I think we have an open JIRA on that one and it should be fixed in an upcoming RC. But just to be sure, please, open a JIRA on that issue.
  10. This EEP RC includes a new Personal Lighting floater. When you open this floater it will snap an image of the current shared environment wherever you are standing. You are presented with a number of controls that allow you to make quick modifications to the environment, including sun and moon position, ambient lighting, and more! These changes will persist until you log out or select “Use Shared Environment” from the World>Environment menu, so you can close the floater to get it out of your way.
  11. It is actually from the World menu. World > Environment > My Environments... It behaves a lot like the "Places" floater for landmarks.
  12. I would have serious questions about a chair that insists on where the sun is... I would suggest that it is perhaps overstepping its function. (The exception being a chair designed be H.G.Wells)
  13. Your tenants (as long as they have rights to modify the parcel) may select the environment from their inventory, right click it and select "Apply to Parcel" to immediately apply that environment to the parcel. They may also go to "About Land"/"Environment to make more granular adjustments (timezone, length of day, environments at altitude, etc)
  14. llReplaceAgentEnvironment works only in the context of an active experience. So it is much more the exception than the rule.
  15. Hi there Linnerate, Here is the caveat on that that I'm going to give you. You are looking at the sunset from a legacy viewer, and time does not progress linearly on legacy Windlight. In the legacy system time slows down as you approach noon and speeds up as it gets closer to midnight. The impact of this is that on legacy windlight viewers 6PM occurs closer to what would be 9PM and 6AM is shifted towards 3AM. The EEP viewer respects linear time, it takes the same amount of time to go from noon to 18:00 as it does to go from 18:00 to midnight. So to an EEP observer your lights will come on well after nightfall and go off before dawn. We use linear time progression in EEP so that creators can lay out entire day cycles without having to calculate an unevenly stretched timeline.
  16. I don't think there is a wiki addressing just those settings yet. In brief: Moisture Level is the strength of rainbow Ice Level is the strength of 22 deg halo around sun Droplet Radius is a physical parameter affecting the shape and distribution of colors in the rainbow
  17. No. There will be some disagreement about when the sun rises and sets between legacy windlight and EEP, but this should become less and common as EEP viewers become more prevalent. If you are interested in the technical reason for the discrepancy: Windlight time did not advance at a constant rate, it would speed up as you approached midnight and slow down when it was noon. Another way to say this would be it took longer to go from noon to 6pm than it did to go from 6pm to midnight. EEP maintains a constant rate of time across the entire day cycle, this has the advantage that when you create a day cycle you can know that the time to go from 0% to 25% will be the same as the time it takes to go from 25% to 50%. The black stars are a side effect of translating from Windlight to EEP and then back to Windlight. They do not appear in EEP viewers.
  18. Interesting. I'm on the walkway outside the parcel and I see what you mean. There is a slight variance between the Region's moon rotation and the parcel's moon rotation. Even when the two should be absolutely in sync. I will open a JIRA for that...
  19. I'm unsure what you mean. You can look at the current settings for a parcel from the "About Land>environment tab" and for a Region from "Region/Estate>Environment".
  20. The way time is calculated has changed between the old windlight system and the new environments. Rather than checking the current time I recommend calling llGetSunPosition and checking if the z component of the returned vector is < 0 or very small (If z is negative the sun is below the horizon.) This method will work no matter what Environment is applied to your parcel.
  21. You may be seeing BUG-226545 or one of its brethren. This should be addressed in the next RC. If not please open a JIRA so that we can make sure to get a fix in.
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