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  1. Hey guys! There's a lot of great input and ideas here. But I will admit, I don't have time to read it all right at this moment. I will bookmark this and return to read more. For those who don't know, I am one of the two people trying to reconfigure and keep LEA going... along with a lot folks supporting us and our efforts, of course. We could not do it without the support. I want everyone to understand that Tansee and I want everything to be as transparent as possible. I have not been at LEA for all that long so I have not seen or experienced a lot of what you guys have, but I am certainly not the status quo. I can be direct and to the point... but I always do my best to see things from all possible perspectives and understand even those I disagree with. And I will admit, probably my best experience with art consisted of finger painting the walls of our house when I was growing up. My parents were not impressed to say the least, but I gradually went on and painted happy little trees and rocks with Bob Ross a few times too. However, my best art has been in photography in real life and sl. My professional background is primarily in the computer industry... teaching and software development primarily. So, I do have a lot to learn regarding the art aspect of things. I will say that since coming to LEA, my art has dramatically improved. I have studied a lot of great work done by many different people and I have given a lot of consideration to it's meaning. I will not pretend that I know even half of what you guys know though... and I do need your help. One thing you can count on, I will listen and I will always do the very best that I can for everyone at LEA as a community. I would welcome your support in this endeavor no matter where it leads. Please feel free to contact me inworld any time, even if it's just to say "Hi". Take care!
  2. I am working with a similar situation, but with animesh. This is what I have experienced so far, please chime in if I am wrong. With animesh all of the objects attached have to be rigged mesh or they will not animate. Attaching even a regular mesh prim to the rigged mesh, as root or not... the mesh object does not move (animate) with the animesh character (because it doesn't attach to the bones). I believe that may just be a limitation on animesh though and should not affect your attachment to an actual avatar. (Disclaimer: I am not a raw mesh creator so I only know a bit about the inner workings of mesh) As a work around, I have considered making a simple rigged mesh object that will be slightly larger than the animesh character itself. But if, indeed, rigged mesh can not register the touch event normally, that will not solve my issue. But it might work for you if none of the other suggestions work. Is just a thought.
  3. I've been in sl for over 8 years now. It's not a noob issue. I'm missing around 10,000 items. All one folder. It took the links for those items from other folders too. For me, it happened early, early, Monday morning. I cleared cache, relogged in sl viewer... etc. Nothing. I was doing nothing with the folder. Just chilling. And I just happened to notice it was gone. But there was some major lag going on.
  4. Yes, I did make sure I was using the right one. It is fixed now... was my viewer. But thanks for your suggestion.
  5. Oh wow! So, I was searching for the answer, came across a blurb for my viewer, Firestorm. Tried everything they suggested, nothing worked. For grins and giggles I downloaded SL's default viewer and it worked then. So I switched back to Firestorm and it works fine now. I do thank you for all of your help!
  6. So, I searched and found another demo to try... and got this result...
  7. Same thing... I had just tried attaching the one before to a different spot after it didn't work on the default.
  8. It's rezzed. It's just that the arms stand straight out... not forming at all. Edit: I did try on another sim. Same thing.
  9. I'm another one that has been away for a few years... now I'm back and lost! LOL! I got the mesh head (Catwa Bento) and a mesh body (Maitreya Lara). I got a mesh outfit (this one: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Nina-Nerys-Rock-Star-outfit-Black-Maitreya-Belleza-Slink/13307542). I'm using the Maitreya one... my expression in the image is real! LOL... I'm embarrassed because I am (or was) a creator and for the life of me I can't figure this out. I'm sure there is just one little thing I'm missing. Thanks for the help!
  10. I'm having the same problem. For the previous few days I am unable to purchase Lindens using my PayPal account... which has more than enough money to cover it. As well... I have word from the Second Life Beta group that others are having the same problem. Doesn't solve your problem... but at least you know where the problem is. Take care, Riannah
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