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  1. Any plan to boost LSL scripting possibilities, please ? It would be a real benefit for the whole SL if scripters could code bigger and smarter projects. Right now there are many limits (like 64K maximum per script, no permanent data storage...) or cumbersome ways to do what could be done with a single new LSL function (llNameToKey() for instance...). Half of my time is wasted by struggling with these limits instead of working on new products. Often we need 2 or 3 scripts with heavy inter-communication to do what could be done in 1 script with a smarter LSL. The JIRA is full of old LS
  2. Very possible, it is what I did (ticket with urls) The original urls are in Merchant Home everywhere you can see your product name: Orders / Transaction history / View order, or Reports / Top selling products. Then right click on a product name, "Copy link", that's the urls ending with the ID number
  3. @Pamela Galli I got a comment on my ticket saying in short: "review all your settings for your product before relisting", but no such detail. Then I saw in viewer that folders were duplicated, however with a slightly different name (not counting the ID number). Now I wonder if the delisting didn't happen to items on which I had modified the name in past, for instance changing initial "Door script" to "Door roleplay script" and at some point the servers have messed old and new names. That's just a supposition. Maybe it was something else and others people may find their original folder directly
  4. I just got my items restored too. First I went on viewer, Avatar / Marketplace listings. There were new empty folders with a number like "Kool stuff (1185278)" aside the unlisted folder "Kool stuff" without number but containing the object to sell. I dragged the object from folder without number to folder with number (the folder just restored by LL I suppose). Then clicked Activate on this folder. Only after that I went to the web page to Manage listings, clicked List, and the page was restored with everything, including the reviews and stars ! Later I returned to viewer and deleted the now e
  5. Same situation here, half of my items are still unlisted after 12 days. My ticket was closed saying to watch the grid status but this doesn't state much. I tried to re-associate a couple of items with their ID, no luck, it says the IDs are not found anymore. We really need back these items with years of reviews
  6. Does it really need to be called a bug and fixed ? As Nalates said, encroching objects can be returned so where is the risk ? I know some people are already genuily using this "new" rule for big builds.
  7. LSLForge + Eclipse for anything that require multiple scripts. It becomes easy to manage projects, use common library, refactor, etc. And it's uptodate ! By enabling preprocessing on Phoenix, my inworld script is only 1 line like: #include "C:\SL\Script\MyScript1.lsl", getting directly the forged script without copy&paste. Adding the Antenna plugin to Eclipse allows to use #ifdef directives aswell. http://code.google.com/p/lslforge/ http://antenna.sourceforge.net/wtkpreprocess.php
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