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  1. Spending some time with BFFs Lucas and Kettie at a sandbox.
  2. I bought it i have now a 16 MB ram Intel I5 with a Radeon RX 570 graphics card Compared to what I had - its paradise! No more black screens, or freezes. I ahve not tried it with other games yet. But its good for sl so far. Although some sims looks lag, i have no freezes or crashes.
  3. Bakes on Mesh is the best thing ever (I said teh same about animesh b4 😛 )
  4. Thanks guys - i wrote down the suggestions, on monday I go to the store with a good idea on what to get. ♥ I will build around your suggestions and my budget, that is like a medium budget.
  5. I´ve been reading some posts saying that the system requirements at LL page being outdated, so I need help with that, since I plan to buy a new computer next week. Wich are the system requirements to play second life in a nice decent way? Please help, the computer I am using might die at any moment
  6. then i think Bright Canopy happen. I say... brring back SLGO .
  7. I tried with an alt. After you create the speedlight account, you will be prompted to ad avatars to the viewer. you type the sl login and password there. The viewer is more like a chat viewer, took me few minutes to find out where everything was. I was kinda disapointed (very), cause the image I had of a web viewer was from one that we had years ago. This one gives you the top map where you are and you can chat to your friends and manage inventory - kinda like radegast viewer. But they just started, I hope they will do a 3d viewer. Thumbs up for them to try that. But I am still cautious, I used an alt.
  8. I just saw an ad of it on fb. And reading the comments, the free account only allows you to play for 15 minutes. I will try and see how it works.
  9. ok, so sorry, I thought it was a bom related problem, i should have tried other bodies before posting - my bad. Once again, sorry.
  10. update: belleza doesnt work with clothes alpha, i tried the blending and the masking - skin and tats apply fine, but alpha layers dont work. I tried exmachina BOM and slink redux, both work fine with the clothes alpha. Maybe something to do with the fact that belezza still have onions? My partner has the Signature bakes on mesh and clothes alpha doesnt apply either.
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