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  1. I meant the new bento heads and bodies - I doubt some will update for BOM - but as I got from the explanations above, if it's not made for BOM, the appliers will work fine.
  2. What will happen with the bodies that don´t use SL UV maps and the bodies and heads that won´t be updated to BOM? Will they still be usable? I mean, will we be able to use the appliers we have on it?
  3. Unfortunately, if you are not wearing mesh, people think you are an ALT.
  4. When they sold everything for 500 and gave all clothes for free, I really thought they were leaving SL. And besides, with bakes on mesh coming, I am not sure if they will update for it.
  5. I don't think you are an idiot, SL is to have fun! Go, girl! I am still intrigued by this deformer, the deformers I have seen so far, deform the clothes as well, I never heard of one that kinda mimics other bodies.
  6. 5K is a lot of money! At least for me.
  7. I still don't understand what this deformer is - is it a script? Or is it a different body inside the other? My friend thinks its a body with different shape inside the other, so when you have to wear other clothing the first onion layer disappears and the body inside appears (I do hope I make any sense here). I am very curious, so If anyone can explain what is it to me, please do. And what is the complexity of the body? Is it high? Low? Thank you.
  8. I am stopping buying gacha from MP, I got deceived more than once (and yet did not learn my lesson). MP is a comfortable way to shop, but for gacha is better to inspect the box at a yard sale.
  9. Well, I am just thinking about the tips
  10. I am anxious as well, I am happy I did not get rid of my classic skins, and the ability to add multiple layers without a glitch as we used to is awesome!
  11. I come to this forum almost every day looking for updates, I hope it is out soon!
  12. I don't see that way, sorry, I am not Italian and I use it. I started to use it when went to FB jail. <3 But its your opinion and i respect that <3
  13. And what appeal does Facebook have? to me it's the same, you create your account and post and ad friends. The difference is that you have an option to have a virtual account.
  14. If I can't post this here, please tell me, but Wiply accepts Second Life avatars and other virtual accounts (I won't post a link cause I am not sure I can) - the creator of wiply plays second life and allows virtual accounts on his platform.
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