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  1. I know a store will release a slim body for guys.
  2. Ever since i joined sl, most guys i see are very tall, there was a RP sim that had a measurement scale, like amusing parks I saw in movies, demanding you to be over some height, otherwise they consider you a child / teen avatar . I noticed that the last mesh heads are smaller in size, so i think what happened is that people kept their body proportions, but since the head size only goes to 100, the head lends up non proportional. I help some ,ale friends when they go mesh and some new guys, and they mostly want to be as tall as the others - so the head ends up being tiny in comparission.
  3. I think that it will confuse people. Imagine being a new account and purchasing a body from a brand you saw on the video - just to realise that the new releases are not created for that brand anymore. Second Life is always changing. I am very anxious about the nux avatar, I think the tutorial should be made for it when it was released, and not for brands. Once you are in second life, you can check what you like.
  4. Very sad news, I can´t thank him enough for everything he did for us. Sending my love to all of his family, friends and co-workers.
  5. I did not read all posts, sorry if someone said something like this - but in my opinion, I think SL needs to update, even if it means we lose some content. Also, optimize things - since its an online game and not a 3d render application. Not to mention, better starter avatars.
  6. I am playing Krafties http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Krafties/191/99/21
  7. Wow, a lot of difference. I wonder if the upcoming new legacy one, the legacy -X , will have more or less complexity than the classic and regular legacy one.
  8. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/q0rm976cfdgz
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