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  1. ok, so sorry, I thought it was a bom related problem, i should have tried other bodies before posting - my bad. Once again, sorry.
  2. update: belleza doesnt work with clothes alpha, i tried the blending and the masking - skin and tats apply fine, but alpha layers dont work. I tried exmachina BOM and slink redux, both work fine with the clothes alpha. Maybe something to do with the fact that belezza still have onions? My partner has the Signature bakes on mesh and clothes alpha doesnt apply either.
  3. Belleza Jake. It used to work, not working anymore ... cries.
  4. I cant get clothes alpha to work - i wear it, and nothing happens. It used to work fine. Help.
  5. DeeTaleZ skins is updating their skins with BOM - not all, but as I read, they are doing it little by little. Hopefully others will follow
  6. same here. I think that soon people will get used to BOM (again, cause bakes on mesh is what we used to have before mesh heads and bodies came), clothes will be sold with alpha maps again and everyone will forget alpha cuts ever existed.
  7. The only thing that bothers me in bakes on mesh is how the heads don´t match the SL uv map completelly, so I sit and wait for new heads to come out. But Bom is the best thing ever for me - lots of layers free of glitch, no more huds with alpha cuts, I can save outfits with the corresponding alpha, its like old SL, but better !
  8. Laq released a Bakes on mesh relay for their heads. You can get for free at their store.
  9. Lelutka posted on social media that they are working on a new line of heads for BOM, with new hud and animations.
  10. Akeruka updated his Male head Clay with a bakes on mesh version, you can get a redelivery if you already have it.
  11. What I would like to see is an updated version of the bodies and heads without the onion layers, not just a hud. I think it would reduce lag in Sl if they were updated like that.
  12. I spoke on Lelutka chat, the head isnt updated for the last changes of BOM.
  13. It says my head is updated, so I will follow your suggestion and send them a notecard.
  14. Lelutka bakes on mesh button doesnt work for me - what am I doing wrong? Exmachina ans slink were fine, do i need to purchase the omega hud so lelutka works?
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