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  1. I would not recommend begainers join serious military groups. However, If you can find a laid back group willing to teach you that would be ideal. Like a small group.
  2. The whole idea of pride month is to celebrate being different. Celebrating pride is about being who you are and being proud of it. For the longest time and even in current political and social times, being LGBT is considered a sin even though it is who we are. The right for LGBT to celebrate pride was earned.
  3. Same here. Seems like tips are down. I used to do fairly well at Trans Dimentions and Touch of pleasure but both seem to be slow tip wise even with a decent crowd.
  4. Problem with those places it hurts the reguler dancers at reguler clubs. Why tip a dancer or escort when you can go to one of those AFK places and get it for free. I do not see how any money can be made there. If people can get it for free, the do lol,
  5. Hello. I am M to F and have Domed a few subs in RL. I have a deep understanding of people and BDSM community. I treat ALL subs and people in general fairly. IM me inworld we can chat and go from there.
  6. I am newly separated/ divorced in sl and looking to see whats out there. I am Trans either looking for trans or female for relationship. Not looking to partner with anyone at least for now. Must enjoy driving, flying, and or sailing. Contact me inworld and we can chat.
  7. I like things instantanious. I hate having to rez a box to open a folder then opening the folder and rezzing the object.
  8. There is a hud but most clubs don't allow the use of them. The big thing with hosting is learning to emot after you been tipped and coming up with creative ways to promote the dj and events.
  9. I have found that gender in rl is not as it is in sl. There are guys that have female avis and girls that have male avis. It is also not uncommon for someone who is transgender in rl to take the role of their desired gender on sl ;).
  10. I have learned people of SL can be cruel to new people. Sadly true because people tend to forget they were the newbie at one time. Also I learned that people get overwhelmed with trying to keep up with eachothers inventories. Case in point, EVERYONE into urban rp HAS to drive pro street cars.
  11. Thanks guess i will just have to wait it out.
  12. This is one of those times SL is being a pain in the booty. Yesterday after flying I found my hair had disapered. No big deal normaly just re attach it. This time it didn't work. It wouldn't attach. I tried both firestorm and second life viewers niether worked. I even tried other hairs some worked some would attach then dissapere. Now I am trying to figure out why its doing that and how to solve it.
  13. I would have to say a radar hud. Radar huds are not needed. If you use mini map you can see who is around you without a hud telling you. Just sayin.
  14. This would explain the double restarts. It would also explain why I had to reset every kittycat I own because of scripting errors. Hopefully they get the bugs out and it helps in the long run.
  15. Hollywood is a bad spot to fly into or out of. Try some place like Honnah Lee field where it's less laggy and less crowded. You basicly can get to the same places as you would from Hollywood. Also if you stay ate 100 to 100 meters you souldn't run into any skyboxes. Finnaly, the less you are wearing the better. The more you wear the more likely you are to crash. Flying can be fun jus gotta get used to SLs quirks.
  16. When you refure to RL money as Lindens before catching yourself.
  17. LLs has certain public use places. Unfortunantly you can't rez on them. When I was new I would go to a sandbox and rez a house and hang out lol. Three hours later or so the house would be returned but hey it was home for 3 hours at a time.
  18. Being trans I try and keep an open mind on most things. However, being a former BDSM Mistress and seeing what goes on in the BDSM community both RL and SL and other online venues. I have come to the realisation that it's bad. Sure you have SOME self governed safety procceedures in place, HOWEVER, they are there only as unwritten rules more less. In addition, the fact that a sub or slave has little say in the matter and can have anything done to them the Dom or Domme chooses. Sure it can be fun if you get the right Domme/sub, I have seen it where things have gone wrong. Things get carried away and get too rough or not quite goes as planned. So for me I have gotten to not be so tolerant of BDSM.
  19. I have several fond memories. After a year of bragging up SL by a friend, I finnaly came on. When I did, my friend took me under their wing and introduced me to a marina/island near the blake sea. That ultimently got me into sailing and rping coast guard and eventualy learning to fly. That marina has sense gone now but I remember it well.
  20. Any places left for superheros anymore? There wasn't many when me and my ex were doing the Hero thing. I could always be Blackwidow and blow the hell out of you just so you can come up with a witty line lol.
  21. Gender bending in SL is fairly common. This holds especialy true in the transgender community. There are plenty of LGBT friendly sims and clubs to go to and be who you want to be.
  22. I was logged in and it crashed and still can't log back in. Glad I am not the only one. You know the saying "misery loves company". That tends to fit this lol.
  23. Can't explore but a small portion of it. Try to go outside a certain area and it says not aloud. Also several yellow fences. So can't realy explore to see if its worth it.
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