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  1. Well here we are January 2012 all the work and simm restarts and it is worse than ever. It has become obvious LL has no idea or solution. What a kick in the teeth to all of those aircraft builders and dealers. I have no choice but to save my Lindens and not waste them on aircraft I cannot use. It use to be hit or miss now you can be certain you are not gonna be able to fly very far at all. A friend has a property in the vicinity of Hollywood in the Blake sea and is frequently logging to find abandoned aircraft and boats stuck in her house or laying about the property. Usually with the props running. I don't know what its gonna take and apparently LL doesn't know either. Theres alot riding on this you would think if those in place now can't figure it out maybe new personel are needed who can. So for now my fun aircraft will remain tucked away in my inventory.
  2. Not sure what happened but flying seems to have improved. I actually made two successful flights from Hollywood to SLIA yesterday. I know there have been some server upgrades because I also race in the DWRL. The server upgrade there on Monday really messed up the scripts on the car chasis we use. I hope it's because Linden actually listened to us and it didn't improve just by chance. Now if we can police the sky junk or set and enforce some type of height limit. That seems like it would be much easier than fixing the simm crossings. I would be more than happy to report any simm with sky junk if I knew anyone would do something about it. The stuff I see up there is just ridiculous. What the heck can these people be thinking? I am really looking forward to getting out there again today and taking to the skies. I already started poking around some of the aircraft places. I would love to buy some new stuff if I was sure it would be usable in the future. Crossing my fingers that I didn't just hit by chance a good day out there. If this is by your hand Linden thank you. I did happen to notice alot more other craft up there too. I hate being critical but I am also the first to say thank you when a genuine positive effort has been made. So if thats the case thank you LL.
  3. Yeah learned that one in my early stages of flying. I haven't tried much fixed wing lately. Been using my Helo collection more and more. For some reason they don't seem to be as adversly effected. I just love that landing on Hollywood at Santa Cruz. I like to sit and watch the planes go all askew trying to cross that sim line and land successfully. Not really I find it kind of sad. Any suggestions about a certain aircraft or builder with lower lagg scripts? I hate to spend a fortune trying to find something that actually works. I have a pricy yacht in my inv that i can't steer after two or three simm crossings. And a real nice wake boat you can tow a skiier but again you can only use the ski with in a simm. It does make for alot of exciting turning hehehe. It's really a shame cause I would prob own 20 or 30 aircraft by now. I see alot that I would really like to own but nothing worse than buying something getting all excited about it and then not being able to use it properly. Although when you get stuck at the crossings it does make for great photo ops. If you want an in flight pic of your avie at the controls thats the time. Thanks for all the input. Linden hopefully will work on this soon. Really suprised these builders don't become more discouraged.
  4. Thanks for the info. I will give these suggestions a try.
  5. OK, So it's not just me. I will say I have a bit more success with a helo. Keeping the speed down to around 15 knots. Also higher altitudes give a little better results. But they really need to do something about the building in the sky. If you look at that map on the wall at SLIA in antilaghi theres many airfields. I just don't understand how Lindens can overlook such a big segment of their of their population. I almost made it to SLIA yesterday and got stuck on ban lines around a home in the sky at over 200 meters. Now thats something they can easily fix. If you want to own land out there you need to keep out of the sky. If not go live somewhere else. I have no problem reporting them if I knew LL would actually listen or do something about it. I just seems it falls on deaf ears. I am also into racing and nice cars. Like I said earlier try driving on the mainland sometime. You won;t believe how bad it is. These builders work hard you would think LL would give them a little more consideration. I bet the avaition segment would grow and builders would prosper if they could actually fly. So for now it's take off circle the field and land. I guess its good practice.
  6. I have recently developed and interest in aviation. I try flying in the Blake sea and the connected simms. Seems like Linden Labs could stand alot of improvement in this area. Most simm crossings are horrible. Time goes on and I do update after update and nothing ever improves. It seems alot of builders put time and effort into building aircraft. I am reluctant to purchase. I was under the impression simms in that area were not to have sky houses and other stuff in the air. It is almost impossible to fly from one airfield to another without encountering some problem with a crossing or sky crap that rezzes at the last minute. I have tried countless times to fly from SLIA on the antilaghi simm to the Hollywood air field at Santa Catalina. I think I have made the trip sucessfully maybe three times. I have prob tried 50 times. It gets real frustrating. I feel bad for the aircraft builders as I would prob invest alot more in aircraft if I was actually able to use them better. Although I will admit its better than trying to drive on the mainland roads. That is just rediculous. Maybe we need to work on improvements as it seems all these updates are just damage control.
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