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  1. Do you like it better when a product comes in a box or no? And why?
  2. IRL I keep accidentally writing my timezone as "SLT" by accident.
  3. Want to be a grandma? A grandma who looks like an older woman, you know. Not one of those 20 year old grandmas! You will be my mother, and I might even have you live in my home with me, if you want and if things work out that way. I will have my own children that you will be a grandmother too, and you can spend time with them as well as me. The family will be on the smaller side, but very close if things work out the way I want. I'm looking for honest, kind and loving people only. I'm an honest girl myself, friendly and enjoy talking. I like to spend time at home or going p
  4. I want skin that looks like a middle aged woman. I found a few that might be able to pass, but I want to see if you guys can lend me a hand so I have more options. please no links to wrinkles I can add to other skins. I was also looking for a skin for a woman 60+, but there are hardly options. I might have to make that one myself...
  5. "Catwa", "Belleza" etc are names of companies selling mesh products. If you go to Catwa, for example, you can get a "Catwa" mesh head; the reason you see these names on skins is because they work for those heads only. Be careful about that! if you want HQ, simple, friendly classic system skin, try: JM Glam affair Lara Hurley VCO All but the first have switched to making new skins as mesh appliers only I believe, so if you go to the stores you may have to do some digging. Make sure you try demos.
  6. I am looking at the suggestions, and Vato Loko has male clothes too! Tell him to check that out! Ducknipple as well.
  7. Thank you very much for the suggestions, everyone.
  8. Hey guys, my avatar is a teen: 16 years old. I'm looking for clothes that are suitable for a teenager. For now, a lot of my clothes comes from imbue. I know that teens can wear anything, clearly they could. But I'm looking for something that just shouts "teen"! Does anyone have any stores or items of clothing they would recommend for me?
  9. My sister (Alina) and I (Noelia) are looking for a parent or parents! Any parent combo that includes a mom is welcome. We are looking to form a family little by little, finding people who can get along with us and want to stay. We would prefer to meet people who have little or no family established at the moment. :) ***********Alina is a young adult, and Noelia is a tween. We are both: > Girls :') > Laid-back, and friendly. > Easygoing, not looking for any trouble/drama. > Looking to grow a tight-knit family that can live together! > Very casual about RP, placing it at an impor
  10. I'll have to try the NOT thing, if it really works. I'm also tired of the mix between big kid and toddler clothes!
  11. I'm Hina! Timezone EST. My avatar is a young teen. RL I am a young adult (18+) art student. I get along great with anyone who has "geeky" hobbies, anyone who likes to draw or is into any sort of artistic thing, people who game, or people who are into cartoons/anime. Other than this, in SL I like to shop, take lots of pictures, visit fun places, play CAH or pictionary, watch videos/movies, chat lots and just relax a bunch at home. I'm really girly, and like the color pink. I am easy-going and open-minded, and hope to meet someone who is the same! I use Skype, if you're into that. :p
  12. Hahaha! Great one! :smileyvery-happy:
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