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  1. This. This is yet another oddity. What the heck is that about.
  2. There's no bug. If you want more texture memory, you need to use the 64-bit version.
  3. Firestorm Support English looks to be back in business. I was able to open Firestorm Support Deutsch without an error message.
  4. I have an assortment of groups all working fine. The ones not working and timing out with the error posted above, are groups with the UUID beginning with '3' such as Firestorm Support English, Blueberry Store VIP, and another clothing group. The group chat server needs to be rebooted again. Enough with the clear cache BS.
  5. The someone needs to clear their Notifications. They're in the little envelope https://gyazo.com/2a6d49444d9cbbf039c1e3d1693e1ffa
  6. My main channel region also hasn't restarted since February 9th, so there's something else going on as well, or more accurately, not going on. The grid status is already reporting maintenance is completed for today.
  7. So long Oz! Thanks for all your contributions and especially the efforts devoted to the third party community. You will indeed be missed. You seem far too young to retire so I hope you have lots of fun projects lined up. 😉
  8. You could be seeing this issue, as again, unsure if it has been addressed yet. BUG-229460 Accepted offline friendship requests revert after relog Hopefully, now that Uplift has been completed, there will be more time to focus on the bugs that have been piling up in the meantime. 😉
  9. This was reported on Linden Lab's bug tracker here Offline group invites not working As far as I know it hasn't been fixed.
  10. The data centre has changed. Why would that eliminate the need for release candidate regions?
  11. See https://twitter.com/LindenyApril/status/1329491824788996098
  12. Other workarounds: * TP to Debug1 region http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Debug1/128/148/23 * TP to Debug2 region http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Debug2/128/170/23
  13. Lower your UI Scaling to something like 0.95. Preferences - User Interface - 2D Overlay - first option UI Scaling. 0.95 should be enough to allow you to resize the window, then reset the UI Scaling again.
  14. It was said at the TPVM on Friday that regions to be uplifted would increase significantly, so it didn't seem like a mistake when I read it. See 2020 TPVD MEETING WEEK #44: SUMMARY WITH UPLIFT NEWS
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