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  1. Wow, you guys really stink! 😛 No one even tried a cupcake bribe. I'm so disappointed. But guess what? Even without cupcakes, Firestorm's new release is now available with Share to Flickr. 🙂 Firestorm Update!
  2. Prefs - General - Start location: My last location; also check the box Show on login In what way is RLVa not working? All the setting does is enable it and make the menu available at the top of the viewer. The rest is up to you. P.S. Reinstalling the viewer doesn't have any effect on your settings.
  3. It was removed from LL's viewer since Version (last December), and capability to connect server side over a couple of server deploys (only recently). It won't be removed from Firestorm, as we will just use the code we used prior to LL's implementation of Share. For those interested, the next release of Firestorm, Flickr will connect again. (Don't ask me when; I cannot say. Not even for all the cupcakes in the world.)
  4. This particularly warning is based on what my maximum complexity threshold is set to. So if you and I happen to be in the same region, your avatar complexity is 100,000, but my maximum complexity is set to 50,000, then you won't fully render to me. You'll be a jellydoll to me. That's my option in how I adjust my settings. My settings are not within your control. Your own avatar complexity shouldn't fluctuate that wildly if you're not making any changes to your avatar. There have been reports of some fluctuations, but I don't think I've ever seen it that extreme. Perhaps screenshots of the outfits and showing the complexity numbers for each would be helpful.
  5. Hi Danraka! We love to give credit where credit is due. We also love a community that doesn't hesitate to give back and help others when they're able to. 🙂 However, in this instance, this page Firestorm Wiki - TP Fail was first written in February 2013 and updated a few times. And this page Firestorm Wiki - DNS Fail was first written in April 2012 and was last updated January 2019 to update an external link. You can check the revision history in the menu that runs down the side of the Wiki pages. 🙂 However, we still offer a free viewer, free updates, and free support. That's right. All free. But wait! There's more. Also for a limited time, you can get a free KittyCatS CareKitty. I hope you and others take advantage of this awesome gift made with love during these challenging times. 🙂 Free! KittyCatS CareKitty!
  6. Filed BUG-228800 Group Notices - attachment icons missing from proposed fix BUG-228696
  7. @Maestro Linden Thank you. Filed for tracking purposes. BUG-228800 Group Notices - attachment icons missing from proposed fix BUG-228696
  8. Unsure what you're referring to this time around, arabellajones, but thank you for your observation. It's been duly noted. The Firestorm Wiki is a large resource of information gleaned over many years of experience and observation, as well as user contribution. It is updated constantly in an attempt to keep up with the dynamic environment of Second Life. If any resident feels that useful information which could benefit other Firestorm users is missing, by all means we invite them (also you) to put that information on a notecard and send it to Anastasia Horngold. The information received is then reviewed with other team members and cross-platform users, as necessary, and the Wiki updated accordingly. Thank you!
  9. per Maestro: About 10% of the grid is on the 542403 RC right now; if you'd like to try the fix, these are a few example mainland regions on that version: Davis Gulf Portage Bay Falmouth Chishonganiro Bay City - Rollers Bouraq Sandbox Island Shamwari Hiltrude West Haven
  10. Details beyond "doesn't launch" are especially helpful. You may be running into an installer message? It's not clear. See this page as it may help Firestorm Wiki - macOS 10.15 Catalina Issues
  11. Possibly. Though it wasn't exactly urgent at the time it was reported. It was an annoyance with a relatively inconvenient workaround. Everyone thinks their bug report is important and high priority, and I do understand the need for prioritizing, probably better than many. My report was indeed marked as "minor", but I never anticipated that meant, LL would just let this one run wild on all channels. It's also not just the residents, it creates an unnecessary burden on the support lines, and that bothers me too, when it could have been avoided.
  12. But it was originally reported 2 weeks before that at BUG-228562 Group Notice Timestamps don't report accurately Server Channel 540369/ now 541440 when it only affected 1 RC Channel. Just felt the need to put that out there, 'cause I'm still grumpy about this. 😉
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