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  1. Because there be Dragons. For a detailed set of instructions, see Firestorm Wiki - Backup Settings
  2. One person's not a big deal is another person's bee in the bonnet. 😉
  3. I believe it was Grumpity who mentioned on one of the other occasions there was a bug? Perhaps the bug hasn't been sorted yet. I'm feeling lazy to look it up as I don't recall if it was in a deploys thread, or a separate thread. Good to report it though. nods
  4. Hi Caith! The beta has not expired. We released a public beta in July. See this post Firestorm 6.4.5—EEP Public Beta! A new test cycle will begin as it always does when there is enough material ready for testing. We are waiting in particular for Love Me Render fixes to make its way through LL's QA and be released. Patience grasshopper. This has already been added to Firestorm for next release. See FIRE-29926 Add Crossfade option for EEP Settings Please don't take this thread off-topic. There are plenty of other threads related to this subject. Thank you!
  5. I mostly agree with this, except for the 1500 setting if you use a wireless or satellite connection, in which case, the Firestorm Wiki Speedtest referenced above is still recommended. There are even handy little notches in the viewer preference settings for this. Strangely, the official Second Life Viewer still allows users to ramp it all the way up to 10,000 kbps, which I suppose is good for the "moar is better" crowd.
  6. That specific option was removed from the viewer some time ago. It is said that the Vivox specifications only lists 2 positions. This, notwithstanding many users found the option worked as described. See explanation here "Hear voice from everyone equally" functions as "from Avatar position"
  7. The 26,000 or so currently logged would not necessarily agree with that. There's certainly a network problem though.
  8. Irrelevant? I've learned so much about booze from SL Release Notes that I wouldn't have otherwise. The more you know... Now if only to convince Whirly to add some spice and razzle dazzle to Firestorm release notes. 😉 Also, Grumpity used to write awesome release notes. I still miss those. They were intoxicating in a different way.
  9. Ahhhh the same announcement that came through press releases here https://www.lindenlab.com/releases/linden_research_to_be_acquired that, apparently, has yet to even be approved. Not to say that it won't, but these things tend to take time. As an aside, Firestorm is being blamed for fewer problems these days, thanks to this yet-to-be-completed acquisition. Most things are now the fault of the new board members. You just know they are in the servers and in your inventories messing around with things. 😉
  10. You missed it. Apparently it didn't hurt at all. Rolling Restarts Second Life Main Channel
  11. Will Boxy's rewards change? Gift card, long lunch or what's the other one? spa treatment? seem rather out of place for this one. 😉
  12. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-229220 Oh good. That was Friday. Give it time. They triage on certain days, and they don't triage on the weekend. 🙂
  13. Nope. Don't expect there's anything you can do to fix it either. The recent series of group maintenance seems to have left us with a new experience and it's debatable whether it's an improvement over what we had. The issue should really be reported on Linden Lab's bug tracker. https://jira.secondlife.com/secure/Dashboard.jspa
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