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  1. Willow Wilder

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2019-02-11

    This will make Rider happy. 😉
  2. Willow Wilder

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2019-02-11

    [2019/02/13 07:23:48] Rider Linden: Oh! A heads up for your support. We are adding LeTigra to the mix of EEP regions. There may be a few reports along the lines of "My lights don't sync with the day cycle anymore... but it worked for years with no problem" [2019/02/13 07:24:22] Rider Linden: The other is "When I cross the region the time of day seems to change" [2019/02/13 07:24:40] Willow Wilder: Thanks Rider. [2019/02/13 07:25:52] Hope Dreier: On behalf of the support team, we thank you. The transition may be a bit uncomfortable.
  3. Willow Wilder

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2019-02-04

    It must have slipped my mind that the amount of money one chooses to spend in SL is directly proportional to the level of rudeness one can express.
  4. Willow Wilder

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2019-02-04

    There is just so much wrong with this post, I can't even begin, except to say, please do not speak for everyone. I'm fairly confident you are not official spokesperson. If you are so desperate to have EEP on your region, and are unable to wait out the normal process, then contact Support and request (politely if you can manage that) to have your region moved to the BlueSteel channel. It's not that difficult.
  5. Willow Wilder

    WUT? I have text scrolling on my screen of all my SL activity

    Close the Developer Menu (Ctrl+Alt+Q) and you won't inadvertently toggle something "disturbing" from that menu. 😉
  6. Willow Wilder

    Cant access profile

    See the Grid Status where it was posted two days ago https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ You can access this through the viewer Help Menu, or by dragging a toolbar button to your toolbar which flashes when there is an update. Very handy. 🙂
  7. Willow Wilder

    Animesh in Firestorm - how soon?

    Correct. This was not an appropriate troubleshooting step in this instance. It will be reviewed with team members along with other post-release matters. Thanks!
  8. Willow Wilder

    most advance viewer for sl ?

    While opinions may be somewhat helpful, your own experience will be what's best for you, and your system. Features are subjective to the user. What is useful to me may not be useful to you. If I decided one day for whatever reason to stop using Firestorm, I know which viewer I'd turn to, because I've used them all to some extent, and know what each is capable of, and what the developers put into their projects. Best wishes finding the viewer that suits your needs. 🙂
  9. I'm not sure why lookat would be causing you trouble (is it only available in one viewer?), but it is one of the few things I agree with you about. I'd love to see it ripped out of Firestorm and shredded to bits.
  10. Willow Wilder

    Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    Let me help with your confusion. I'm the "nobody" who approves (or not) Firestorm beta tester applications. You're welcome.
  11. Willow Wilder

    Firestorm vs the LL Viewer

    You can save yourself the bother of applying. Thanks.
  12. Willow Wilder

    Is the Grid down!

    Does anyone reading along use Twitter? It would be nice to see some acknowledgement the login problem is being worked on. Live Chat isn't open yet. https://twitter.com/SLGridStatus https://twitter.com/SecondLife
  13. Willow Wilder

    Is the Grid down!

    Yeah, but no graph. Graphs are where it's at. Just look at those claw marks! Also, the link is censored. ha!
  14. Willow Wilder

    Is the Grid down!

    So it would seem. There's a nasty drop showing up here https://e*****up.com/slstats/