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  1. Intermittent Freezing

    As for Firestorm, I'm not sure where the "10g" amount comes from, so I wanted to clarify this setting found in Preferences - Graphics - Hardware Settings - Viewer Texture Memory Buffer (MB) 64bit versions only. This setting is hard limited based on the VRAM available with your graphics card. It is recommended you increase the slider to use the maximum available to prevent texture thrashing. (from our Wiki) GPU 1GB = up to 768MB GPU 2GB = up to 1024MB GPU 4GB+ = up to 2048MB Both viewers have a viewer cache limit of 9984MB.
  2. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-06-11

    Do these plans include Cruller? Rose Petal French Crullers
  3. Plans for the Week of 2018-05-21

    Sorry, I'm still confused about what you need. You might be further ahead to contact those viewer projects directly to ask what plans they have, if any, regarding AssetHTTP. You can find some contact information on the TPV Directory here http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/TPVD Otherwise, perhaps search for an inworld group for the viewer you're interested in.
  4. Plans for the Week of 2018-05-21

    I know what it is. My question is, where on the series of grid status posts you just referred to, does it state that UDP fetching is being turned off.
  5. Plans for the Week of 2018-05-21

    1. Pardon? Where specifically does it say UDP fetching will be shut off? @Oz Linden has repeatedly said there will be advance notice (via blog announcement presumably) when this is about to occur. 2. Why would you be using a viewer that doesn't support AssetHTTP?
  6. Plans for the Week of 2018-05-21

    You could save yourself what seems to be a fair amount of angst some weeks by requesting that the region be moved to the main channel. There's no shame in it. RC regions aren't for everyone. You'd have more time to mentally prepare for what's coming to the main channel and when, if it's needed.
  7. How can Linden Lab encourage better content?

    I'm taking exception to this comment. If by "grouchy" you mean you can't manipulate them, too bad. You don't run the team, so your demands of when things will be done, or suggestions that things need to be done next, or to suit your personal needs, do not carry any weight. No one is forcing you to deal with Firestorm developers. Willow (who can become grouchy when entitled users make a lot of noise)
  8. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-05-07

    I can't really speculate as to what might cause that to happen, that'd be more of an operations question, sorry! If you own either of the regions in question I would recommend reaching out to our wonderful support team at https://support.secondlife.com I still see this periodically as well. Could be BUG-134297 Issue with region restarting then restarting again with version change.
  9. Breast Deforming

    Hi MzLiv - This has been reported on Firestorm's JIRA here FIRE-22390 Avatar Physics breast pulled to right bug out after lang period of viewer being minimized.
  10. Web Team Springs some Deploys on you

    That's a shame. This was another hidden gem of sorts. I used it a few times and passed it along as well, though it's been a while 'cause maybe I forgot about it. The best thing about it of course was it was not as cumbersome as a feature request. Can I ask, are we kissing it goodbye because of lack of use? Yippee!
  11. Did you test using the LL Viewer as I've suggested twice now on your support ticket? That would be helpful if you could do that, and report back on your support ticket. Thanks.
  12. Last names question.

    Many questions were addressed on this thread And Inara Pey did a nice summary of an inworld discussion last month THE RETURN OF SECOND LIFE LAST NAMES – UPDATE WITH AUDIO
  13. Firestorm download

    I recommend attitude wipes.
  14. A PC reformat is a pretty significant change. I could ask you a lot of questions, which would be the same ones I'd ask if you submitted a support ticket on the Firestorm JIRA. Would you mind doing that please? Use this link as your guide Submit a Support Ticket to Firestorm JIRA Are you able to run the official Second Life Viewer? You can download that here Second Life Viewer This would be helpful to get your full system info for your support ticket. As an aside, the "Intel Fix" is geared towards Windows 10 and specific legacy graphics cards, and doesn't apply to Windows 7.