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  1. Hello KarraSue - FS Version 6.0.2. is not a beta viewer. It's a full animesh release from February 2019. In all likelihood you have installed the SL/OS version whereas FS Version 6.2.4. is for SL only (because they install to different "channels" folders). If you do not visit grids other than Second Life, it is safe to uninstall FS Version 6.0.2.
  2. Again, see above. If the devs hadn't come up with this clever workaround, those Intel GPUs would not have had access to SL at all for a few years now. It just doesn't work with the 64bit viewer. I noticed that too, but something has changed recently. I haven't been able to find anything specific though for HD 2500 and HD 4000, other than they are not digitally signing the drivers, meaning Intel is offering driver updates, but not tested by MS.
  3. As Whirly mentioned, this has been the case with Intel HD 2000 and 3000 for some time now. No driver support for the Win10 operating system. It may be this also now applies to Intel HD 2500 and 4000. See Supported Operating Systems for Intelยฎ Graphics Products last reviewed May 23, 2019 with a footnote for Intel HD 2500 and 4000 as the current drivers are not digitally signed.
  4. Hi Ehawee. I hope so too. Though they did come along and close that particular ticket as a duplicate, so you won't be able to add any additional information now. If you continue having this problem, I would suggest submitting your own ticket so you can add to it as needed. You'll find a blue CREATE button at the top of the page once you are logged into the the bug tracker.
  5. Hi there. You've certainly had a rough ride the past few days. ๐Ÿ˜ž The post by Mazidox Linden immediately before your first post on Friday indicated a bug report and logs would be the most helpful. ๐Ÿ™‚ Bug Tracker this way Finding log files
  6. I would suggest you check the settings in your OS, as I don't see any mention of that as part of your troubleshooting. Window Start - Settings - Sound - Sound Control Panel - Speakers. Start with Playback tab, Configure.
  7. To clarify your confusion, it is not Chaser's job to pass along your problems to LL. My suggestion was that you should do it and I even provided the link where you could do so in the event you were unable to find it in all this confusion.
  8. I'm not sure what "real fix" you are referring to, but the Second Life Viewer has the same basic scripts submenu options in the build menu that Firestorm Viewer has. Given that you are the one who is VERY UPSET with Linden Lab, I would suggest you submit any feature improvement requests on LL's bug tracker here https://jira.secondlife.com/
  9. Use Shift + Esc (twice) to reset the camera to default and Ctrl 9 to reset the zoom to default. For more help, see http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_camera Then explore both the Content and Help menus at the top of the Firestorm viewer screen for further links. Click the double lines to detach any menu.
  10. Correct, and already mentioned. It has worked this way for premium members who return to basic what? the past 4 years or so. Your suggestion to "just keep them" is simplistic. Again, as already mentioned, I frequently have to join a group to test something. Even without the need as part of my job, I may just want to take advantage of a bargain, or an incentive, or I may need product support for something. I may want information shared and communicated. The reasons will vary from person to person. I'm just planning ahead. I'm also mulling around options in my head for accounts which currently have 60 group slots, but will end up at basic with 35 slots. The challenge of 25 group slots on those accounts will be even more "fun" than the mere 7 group slots on this account.
  11. Hi Selene. Refresh won't work very well as my roles have evolved considerably in the five years you've been off the team. Even so, 7 Firestorm groups is far less than some team members have, and I don't think relevant to my question(s)? A couple of Firestorm groups did fall victim to shuffling on previous occasions. Regardless of the nature of the groups, I'm just curious about choices people will be making. Of course I don't have to remove any groups just yet. Until I need to join another one for whatever reason.
  12. If you are one of those faced with losing 7 group slots, how are you going to go about selecting which ones? Will it be a group with a fee who gives little or nothing in return? Will it be a group where notice delivery is unreliable, so what's the point anyway? Will it be a group you've held onto for sentimental reasons or because it's cool or has fun group tags? Will it be a Second Life related group because do any Lindens ever communicate via those groups anymore? Will it be a support group which is useful to have because you learn so much even from lurking? On my most active accounts (some are basic, some are premium), I'm almost maxed out on groups. I try to keep one spot open for when I need to do a quick test or something, but I'm often "shuffling" groups. It varies from account to account of course, but here's how one stands now: Firestorm related 7 Second Life related 3 Personal 3 Shops/products/support - no cost 9 Shops/products/support - cost 19 Total 41 For the longest time, many groups have been easy come, easy go. A few are aware that using one of your group slots really does have "value". With the pending availability of only 35 groups for basic members, the "value" of a group is changing again.
  13. Entirely speculation on my part, but given LL still has QA positions open, it may simply be a matter of how much those available team members can accomplish in any one day. And of course, how fast one can type. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We do have the channel version available to us, and any issues which we think might be server related, can still be reported even if we don't know what "logging improvements" were made or "internal fixes" were done. ๐Ÿ™‚ Create Issue
  14. If you mean the viewer, it's here https://secondlife.com/support/downloads/
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