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  1. A PC reformat is a pretty significant change. I could ask you a lot of questions, which would be the same ones I'd ask if you submitted a support ticket on the Firestorm JIRA. Would you mind doing that please? Use this link as your guide Submit a Support Ticket to Firestorm JIRA Are you able to run the official Second Life Viewer? You can download that here Second Life Viewer This would be helpful to get your full system info for your support ticket. As an aside, the "Intel Fix" is geared towards Windows 10 and specific legacy graphics cards, and doesn't apply to Windows 7.
  2. got logged off, can't log back on

    Yes. Grid Status Grid Status via Twitter
  3. That's an interesting link. Thanks!
  4. I'm saying I now have at my disposal a little tool that quickly and easily let's me know where the physics is so I know where to rez and where not to. And it wasn't about the JIRA, just my own little comment. Prok wouldn't be caught dead using a TPV. ;-) I agree the message is misleading, but it's hardly the only one, and I just so happen to be not interested in that particular debate.
  5. Meanwhile, as the rage and the debate continues, I sing a happy tune and marvel at the drop in my blood pressure, thanks to a certain favorite redhead for one of her latest, neatest FS viewer features for this very annoyance. Thank you Beq. Why can't I rez on my mesh table/floor/bed La la la, La la la
  6. TV issues

    Flash Player, not browser. CEF is Chromium Embedded Framework. See http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_media#flash Note to avoid the sneaky additional downloads from Adobe.
  7. Why Did the Postcards from SL top Working?

    You're an angel, and yet you get clobbered for it far too often. Time for a treat!
  8. Online friends not displaying correctly

    It's more than a glitch, and it's just as Whirly Fizzle already posted. It's a region issue. You can easily verify that by going to another region (we tend to suggest Hippo Hollow as we have a support parcel there, and it's generally healthy), relogging and seeing that your friends list is populated. This comes up numerous times a day in the Firestorm support groups and tickets. I'd love to see this addressed by the server gurus as the frequency of occurrences has really escalated over the past several months. It's nothing major, but it is yet another nuisance. *looks around for who I can bug about this bug again*
  9. Today I learned ...

    Always, always, always, have puppy (or kitty or other adorable critter) eye bleach available.
  10. A Dictionary of Second Life terminology

    JIRAgraphic Memory : Whirly Fizzle (attribution Lassie) Askhole : Someone who frequently asks for your advice, yet always does the opposite.
  11. Yes, my graphics card has 1GB VRAM as well and the extra 256MB makes a lot of difference when using Firestorm. I rarely experience any texture thrashing. I haven't really noticed it with the 64bit SL Viewer yet, but I also don't run it for any length of time, usually just long enough to test something and switch back and forth. I imagine it's on the roadmap but perhaps wasn't a priority. Getting the new SL Launcher to behave has been and continues to be a challenge. Just as a general comment, one thing that most certainly helps to cut back on texture thrashing is less HUDs. Particularly mesh body HUDs. Certain brands *coughs* use a horrendous amount of oversized textures. If using Firestorm, go to the Developer Menu (Ctrl Alt Q to open) - Render Metadata - Texture Size. If you're seeing a lot of 1024x1024 and even 512x512 sized textures on tiny little buttons, just imagine all those eating up your memory and holding on to it until you logout.

    Whether the reply was flippant or ill-informed, I didn't see it as helpful for the OP, hence my response. Avatar Complexity has turned out to be more difficult to comprehend than I believe most people anticipated, which in turn, has caused a fair amount of frustration and a lack of understanding. I think that's unfortunate as it does have benefits for helping to cut down on lag. People are always screaming for methods to help cut down on lag, and when methods are introduced, some will just scream more if they have to take some time to understand it.

    Just don't call me and you'll be fine.

    You're welcome. ACI stands for Avatar Complexity Information. That number you mentioned you were seeing over heads. ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) is the old terminology using the old method.

    Here's a complete list of Firestorm settings along with a short video by Torley Linden explaining the feature which should help you understand Avatar Complexity better http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_avatar_complexity_settings Not really. It's entirely dependant on the user's settings which are within their control. My ACI is currently 36,132 which I consider quite reasonable, but I would be a jellydoll to someone with their complexity set to default low of 35,000. I see no reason for anyone to contact me to tell me I'm making them laggy when all of their settings are within their control, including derender if they want to. This is one of the reasons those ARC detectors that eject you from venues are rather silly.