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  1. If you're going to suggest people start ripping the viewer apart and removing random bits to improve whatever, please be sure to cover everything those random bits do. Watching "TV" in SL is but one of the services the dullahan plugin provides. Websearch is broken. I come across a profile with a link to their Marketplace store, and I decide to take a peek. My built-in browser is broken. Splash screen when the viewer is launched is gone. The splash screen provides access to lots of useful and relevant information. Web profiles (and some viewer skins and modes do) won't load. Media based HUDs won't work. Avatar Menu - Choose an Avatar won't load. Destination Guide won't load. Wiki help pages (when clicking the ? in a floater) won't load. Potential for unexpected viewer crashes due to missing files. Hmmm did I forget anything? Random reader follows your advice. Does random reader make the connection?
  2. See https://secondlife.com/my/support/system-requirements/ My wild guess would be driver related. If I recall, I believe the minimum OpenGL Version needed is 2.0.
  3. Better to submit the request to LL, then all viewers could benefit. OP can login to the official bug tracker here and press the Create button https://jira.secondlife.com/projects/BUG/summary
  4. LL is always interested in code contributions, but that's up to the developer. What would you suggest when the source code isn't public?
  5. I submitted this issue to LL here https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-227623 given it's a "safety" issue.
  6. Why are you still so obsessed with Firestorm? Surely after all this time, you could find another obsession? Or is it Ansa you pine for? ( I get that. I really do.) 'Cause you know Jess loves you lots.
  7. The thing is, every time someone asks, the date gets pushed back a little more. Also the assumptions and speculations about how our team works during a release cycle, can be, shall we say, entertaining? amusing?
  8. Hmmm I'm thinking, nope. Whirly articulated it more uhh...colorfully than I will attempt to. 😉
  9. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_BlueSteel/19# So much excitement this week!
  10. As it turns out, you and I have a very different understanding of the word "cooperation". 😉
  11. As the region owner, LL doesn't need to ask your permission. It goes with the territory. However, requesting the region be moved to the main channel is an option which has been pointed out at least a few times. Particularly as you've indicated in the past that the scheduled times are an inconvenience for the Euro community.
  12. If you're going to insist on keeping the region on an RC channel, learn to roll with the rolls. 😉
  13. "years" is a wee bit of an exaggeration given the 64bit version has only been an option since January of 2018. Any choice being made over the "years" would have been platform.
  14. Hello KarraSue - FS Version 6.0.2. is not a beta viewer. It's a full animesh release from February 2019. In all likelihood you have installed the SL/OS version whereas FS Version 6.2.4. is for SL only (because they install to different "channels" folders). If you do not visit grids other than Second Life, it is safe to uninstall FS Version 6.0.2.
  15. Again, see above. If the devs hadn't come up with this clever workaround, those Intel GPUs would not have had access to SL at all for a few years now. It just doesn't work with the 64bit viewer. I noticed that too, but something has changed recently. I haven't been able to find anything specific though for HD 2500 and HD 4000, other than they are not digitally signing the drivers, meaning Intel is offering driver updates, but not tested by MS.
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