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  1. Sure. That would seem plausible if the same happened with threads posted during Standard time, but it doesn't. Really though, I was just teasing Bugsly. vroom vroom 😉
  2. Also, why is the D in PDT always bolded?
  3. That's creative. What's in it for us? We'll give you [insert the treat you find the most difficult to resist].
  4. Hi Ajax, If you haven't already found the info yourself, I would suggest these pages as your guides: 1. Chat Transcripts https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_chat_transcripts 2. Backup Settings https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/backup_settings
  5. How did a thread announcing a release - something to be celebrated - turn into...into...into all this?
  6. I did so many chores and things-to-do on Wednesdays. It came to be rather convenient. 😉
  7. Regions come and go, and are moved from channel to channel. Not everyone is cut out to be testing guinea pigs, nor should they be required to. I fail to see how hurling anger-infested insults at fellow residents about how they choose to spend their Second Lives helps in any way. If Linden Lab has acknowledged a bug in the server code as the reason for rolling back, can we not take that out on our fellow residents, but thank the ones who brought it to LL's attention?
  8. No question, it can be disruptive at times. There's also no reason you or your guests need to suffer unreasonably during events. Just contact support to have the region moved to the main channel. You don't need a board meeting nor a majority consensus of all the parcel owners on the region. Particularly if they aren't even around during those times the region is being rolled. Most won't even notice or know the difference. Save yourself and your guests the aggravation.
  9. Thanks, Caleb. Not sure what's going on. FS 5.0.7. does not have AssetHttp implemented, yet I was able to fetch an alt's inventory even after a cache clear and logging in directly to Mesh Sandbox 3. I was expecting something different from logging in with our current release. I hope to catch up with you on Thursday.
  10. Scheduled for 2019-02-27 for RC Magnum Changes Internal fixes Code cleanup All asset fetching is now via HTTP If you are using Firestorm Version (only this version), this will affect your Second Life experience. No inventory, ergo avatar cloud. How to update Firestorm Viewer
  11. And miss an opportunity to also share what she _really_ thinks of the Firestorm team? You've missed some history, including the entitlement party she threw for herself in the support group before starting this thread.
  12. I find it difficult to believe that anyone attending a user group meeting and asking for the status of a particular bug report is getting "no response", unless you are saying "no response" means not the response they want. I've been to plenty of meetings and Lindens address pretty much each and every question put to them. How one chooses to characterize their response is another matter. Just ask Oz how many times I've brought up the server-side attachment issue. 😆 Also, when investigating an issue and considering the resources required to do that, the complexity, the time, the availability of engineers and others, other bugs and projects being worked on, I'm not sure that the entitlement of whether a player is major or minor is a factor. Admittedly I have no inside knowledge about this.
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