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  1. Yes it’s set to is largest resolution already (1366x768). So makes no sense to try and resolutions when they only go tinier; I reallly want to be able to just modify the text like you said I got so far lmaoooo. Why is is that it tells me I can’t modify it since you seem to be able to??
  2. I’ve gotten all the way up to the coding page. I simply don’t know how to modify it ? trying to click on it in any way simply makes it become less text or return to the longer coding.
  3. It doesn’t resize at all Though I see the double sided arrow and move them
  4. Its enlarged to its max height wise , and the window can’t be pulled above the top tool bar to reveal the resizing corner I can move the tab all around but not high or small enough to see that needed edge
  5. So my window at some point was made large enough to go below the toolbar buttons. And the only option for resizing is on that hidden bottom right corner as you can see in the attached pic it means I see NOWHERES teleport option and have been entering coordinates for days. Someone pleaseeee help me ❤️ Fhttps://www.flickr.com/gp/190599212@N05/c8mtqY
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