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  1. Generally I feel the same way, with the exception of the chat service. We had to wait 2 months to find out the uplift is the cause of the current chat problems. It's been that long since reports started. It's broken and it will continue to be broken until we don't know when because that fix in the pipeline may or may not address the problem. I just seethe when I think about how much time and energy and frustration has been put into this one issue over the course of the past two months and everyone has been kept in the dark. Our team for example has lost one very good and active support member
  2. I think you'd need a play-by-play or colour commentator for what you want. I just don't see that happening. A follow-up summary after the event is over and they've had an opportunity to assess what happened, what went wrong, how it was addressed, blah blah blah, is probably the best we can hope for. Oh and timely grid status updates are always helpful.
  3. Bake Services Maintenance Rolling Restarts Second Life RC Channels
  4. It's curious how some are affected by this bug, while others are not. If you use the Show in Main View option from the Worn tab of Inventory (instead of Appearance), does that work for you?
  5. Would you submit a bug report for this please? https://jira.secondlife.com/
  6. Assuming Firestorm, go to Preferences - Notifications - Alerts. Check the "Never Show" section. Select anything you may not want there and use the ^ to move it to the "Always Show" section.
  7. Go for uplift! Come on. Take a walk on the wild side.
  8. They are referred to as "hover tips". In addition to the shortcut you were given, settings for those can be found in Preferences - User Interface - 3D World.
  9. I created a bug report concerning this here https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-229432 Maestro looked into it and thinks it's a parsing issue. I kinda realized this myself when it seemed I was getting different results. The reply seems to be at the beginning of the message, instead of at the end after where it says "wrote:" where you might expect it. If you have any further or additional information, I suggest you add it to that bug report. 🙂
  10. Regions are being restarted. Try a different one if you haven't already. Hippo Hollow Ruth's Retreat Cyclops Valda Sandra
  11. Annnnnnnnnd and I just did another offline IM test, and the reply was successfully delivered.
  12. I have to say I am curious why it's going to take a bit of time before the fix is implemented. It's now been a month or so since the cause has supposedly been identified. That suggests the fix is dependent upon something else happening as well. Or first. Hmm... Otherwise agreed. It's certainly another adventure in borked, borked and more borked.
  13. Thinking this might be a new blip in the current round of chat problems, I just did a very quick and simple test with an IM to an offline alt, and it did not work. I use gmail. The only limit I'm aware of is you need to respond within 5 days of receiving the IM offline. SL Wiki - Limits > Communication Edited my post to say it did not work. I goofed and was blinded by all the gibberish and didn't notice that the message part was indeed missing.
  14. FS Support has seen this reported a few times, and it turned out to be excessive glow in the DOF/Glow section of settings. I would look for something similar in the Black Dragon viewer perhaps.
  15. You can't jellydoll your own avatar using complexity settings.
  16. Try the suggestions listed on this page Firestorm Wiki - Slurl
  17. There is an issue for some premium users. Report it here on this ticket https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-229221
  18. It's correct, I never said there will be another beta, but there will always be a next test cycle. Development doesn't stop, and we don't release without a QA cycle. If you read our blog release, you know why we released an EEP beta.
  19. It used to take up to an hour for the server to reject the character(s). A recent change will now reject it within seconds. Avoid the Unicode spaghetti when using Display Names. 😉 See BUG-11555 Setting certain characters in Display Name results in DN changing twice within minutes and resulting DN changes
  20. I didn't have rolls. I had a bagel. I would rather have had a lemon scone. You know the ones with the poppy seeds? I like those. Or the cranberry lemon ones are nice too. Ayesha, you might be losing it. Or this new forum update might have thrown you for a loop-de-loop. 😉
  21. Difficult to tell with so little information, but possibly a broken inventory cache. See here for help with that if using Firestorm Viewer https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_missing_inventory
  22. If you're asking for assistance, you might want to contact Support. How to contact Firestorm Support
  23. Because there be Dragons. For a detailed set of instructions, see Firestorm Wiki - Backup Settings
  24. One person's not a big deal is another person's bee in the bonnet. 😉
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