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  1. From my understanding, LL has done away with Magic Boxes. To list on the Marketplace, you must use the Direct Delivery System.
  2. You sure can. Here is what you do: 1. Click People 2. Go to blocked list 3. Remove said person from block list Explain to this person that this happened in error and ask for friendship again if you have removed them from your friends list. Simply blocking them does not remove them.
  3. I am going to suggest Oracul. It is located on the Kuso sim. Best value for the money in my opinion. Slurl; http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kuso/252/135/219
  4. wrong category Link to post: (Looking for a Modeling job, NO PAY NEEDED!) by Selina Queenstown http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Your-Avatar/Looking-for-a-Modeling-job-NO-PAY-NEEDED/m-p/1966843#M31893 <p>I'm looking for a modeling job on SL, NO pay is needed as long as I can keep the item I am modeling . I've been on SL since 2009. I have nice SL skin. I have alot of job experience. I've never modeled before on SL because I've never been able to find a legit modeling job on SL.. but I Iearn fast. Thanks, Just shoot me a PM. Selina Queenstown</p> This message has 4 replies
  5. Ctrl P or open preferences Privacy Tab AutoresponseTab Edit which one you need.
  6. In Firestorm: - Click Avatar >> Avatar Health - Reset Default Male/Female Character That should stop you from being a cloud. Relog and let your inventory fully load before wearing items again.
  7. Didn't they also mention that the SSB codebase made RLV incompatible? That is one big thing they are working on before Firestorm releases an update. Kudos goes to LL though for giving the TPV's a little time to get the code integrated into their viewers, especially those with RLV as so many people use it.
  8. You can't. What you can do though is through the menus...set the menu options itself for owner only. Then only you have permission to access it.
  9. If this bottle is an RLV trap and your friend is RLV enabled...that is why they are stuck. Always use a relay when you have RLV active. This tkPBA hud is nice and you can set it so any traps will ask for permission(which you can deny) as it tries to grab you. ETA: If you derendered something but want to rerender it, click World >> Asset Blacklist and remove it.
  10. Are they wearing an RLV relay like the tkPBA one? If so, is it set to hardcore? They can try logging into another region also after RLV is disabled or on a non supported RLV viewer.
  11. I think you are referring to avatar offset. That is a feature that is in the Phoenix/Firestorm and some other third party viewers. In Phoenix you will find this settings under Preferences, Phoenix, Avatar Tab on page 1. In Firestorm >> Preferences, Quick Preferences, Height Offset
  12. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: This has nothing to do with SL, other than monitoring if a SL resident is downloading files illegally outside of SL. The article is pretty clear about how the system works and the consequences. SL DJ's are required by law to have a license to stream music into SL. If this system picks up on the fact that a DJ is obtaining music illegally and they check to see if they are also streaming it without a license and they are caught, they can expect to pay heavily for not only downloading music illegally but streaming without a license. How much of this will actually happen is anyone's guess. If you want ot protect yourself, only download music from legal sites and obtain a streaming license. Licenses for streaming music are available and many SL DJ's have them. Google streaming license and you will get a number of companies that offer them. I can bet you that probably 95% of SL DJ's have no license. Next thing you know, the FCC will be in here busting caps on people and fining them because they are streaming over a private server.
  13. ETA: Sorry that I didn't see that you were going to be buying it for him. I suggest Zanzo. They have TONS of teen shapes and skins, probably some of the best that I have seen in SL. I would start there.
  14. You cannot wear multiple alpha layers in Phoenix. That viewer is no longer being developed and once server side baking happens, it will be rendered obsolete unless someone picks it up. For wearing multiple alphas, you will need a viewer that supports that function. Not sure if Singularity or CoolVL have that. I would recommend Firestorm though. It is a very stable viewer for most people. It is also the most popular viewer on SL and has the lowest crash rate that LL has ever seen.
  15. I saw those on the Mix n Mesh blog. The blogger made them look great though when I tried the demo, I was not impressed at all. The mesh pants that I have that I wear the most are from jpdsg.
  16. Ah, the good ole Mac. Either way, whether you run Windows, Mac, or Linux...ATI cards have been known to cause problems because of their inability to fully support the OpenGL platform that SL uses.
  17. Yes it can Ivy, sadly. The times that it has happened to me, I had to take off the mesh and relog. Mesh content is still in its infancy. It will get better. It really was not thought out all that well by LL when they decided to add mesh. They never thought about clothing creation, they only saw it in building tools.
  18. That does not sound like a problem with an alpha layer. I have actually had my eyes bulge from my head because of the mesh content itself. Since mesh is attaching to the avatar "skeleton" there is the possibility that the creator has make some bone structure move within their 3D creation program.
  19. Eww KalRau...home of the flat board backside and stupid looking shirt/jacket combos. I can't stand that store actually. I gave a bad review on a demo of his skinny jeans and got ripped apart. It's like...."Hello, do skinny jeans look like you took a crap in your pants, then sat down in the mess to make the jeans flat?" Skinny's to me are usually tight fitting. Entente is nice for some mesh, though the problem I am seeing from a lot of creators is that they never make the pant length long enough. I look at jeans that stop above my ankles and go "Ok, this looks like I am going to be walking in a flooded street." Please creators, start making jeans the length they should be. This hipster crap only looks good on some people. I have mesh jeans, though to this day, I still prefer to wear the plain old textured jeans with prims/sculpts because they actually fit me, and show off my wonderful butt
  20. Pamela Galli wrote I will think about it but with my computer and graphics card configuration if I find a Firestorm that does not crash every 20 min, I like not to take any chances by changing. I see the point you are trying to make, and I am in no way trying to be offensive. With each new version of Firestorm, there are bugs that are fixed, hundreds actually. The viewer becomes more and more streamlined. I admit that Firestorm for some is a royal pain in the hiney. A lot of problems I had were directly related to not having HTTP Textures disabled. My computer hated it. Turned it off, tweaked my Nvidia card in the Nvidia Control Panel to take work away from the viewer and my problems have disappeared. I can be online all day usually without an issue, that is, unless LL decides to deploy server upgrades that have not been thoroughly tested.... /me coughs
  21. Value wise...Oracul has hands down the best value for a full AO. They also offer a free hud. You can then buy single animations for L$10 each. To pay $100 for an animation after looking at Oracul to me is just a waste of money. Oracul does have some jumpy ao's as well. On the flip side, they do have posing animations, and ones that do not move around much at all. One of the key things for me is an AO that has animations that are not jumpy from one to the next. Like going from walking into a circle, then being snapped back to stand like a statue. That just irritates the hell out of me .
  22. Adding to the first two, both are correct. The thing with HTTP Textures is that some machines like it, others don't. You will need to find out what your machine likes. I currently have a low high performance computer that does not like HTTP Textures at all. Also, adjusting your bandwidth properly is essential. If you are running on a wireless connection, SL may be stable but is it not recommended. Bandwidth Adjustment
  23. You cannot hide yourself from the in world search, at all. I have actually asked this question in the Firestorm group support. LL does move names from database to database and search is probably not able to access them all. And again I will state Pamela...in order to use legacy search, you MUST install Firestorm Once that is done, log in and click CONTENT on the top title bar. Then click LEGACY SEARCH. Put the dot in whatever thing you are looking for and type away. Using legacy search this way is tons better as I have actually grown use to web search and only use legacy for other things.
  24. In Firestorm, click Content on the top...then Legacy Search. This was added in Firestorm If you do not have the current version, please update.
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